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Climate crisis

Former President/founder of Greenpeace
interviewed in a podcast.
1hour and 36mins.
Take a look. This man is educated in this field.
And he care about the planet for certain, not a shadow of a doubt regarding that.
His values didn't disappear.
In the beginning of the video he talks about his background.

Basically he debunks that there is a connection between the rising co2
and rising temperature that we now experience.
The two has got nothing to do with each other,
claims mr.Patrick Moore here in this podcast.

Other subjects touched at:
- 40:00 rising sea levels
- 49:00 agriculture
- 1:00:00 nuclear power
- 1:33:00 covid vaccine

Greenpeace's Ex-President - Is Climate Change Fake? - Patrick Moore | Modern Wisdom Podcast 373
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In a profile: "Respect me as a woman"

Respect me as a woman, what does that actually mean.
I grew up with one older sister, she made it easy to naturally respect women,
just as I respect men (had a older brother too).
So is it enough to respect you as a human, fellow human,
or does that respect women mean something extra that I don't understand?

If I said "respect me as a man" what would that suggest?

I just don't get it, enlighten me please!
Does it mean "talk sweetly to me so I don't stop loving you" maybe.
That is my best guess.

Over here

I'm sending out a few mails tonight to some online members to invite them over to a taste of the crazy blogland. I'm sending to girls, as I know men find it awkward to get mails from men lol so hope some wimmin feel called to dothat part.
Judging by the commen section thou 80% are men already so.. ok, I'll go send some more invites.

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