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Long live the cheesy tunes

Sometimes after a beer or 5 I get cheesy, cringed and unhinged.

The cringe runs through my veins. When I awake from my booze slumber and read back my posts/messages I think........jaysus, Gawwd. I'm a total farkwit but laugh.

The cheese is almost real I can taste it.

As for cheesy tunes:

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Dumb Questions

Pardon my spelling mistakes. I'm more ripped than a silent fart.....blah, blah, blah as the child from the pulpit preaches aka Gretta.

Question numero uno. "Who the flip told me how, why, when or who?"" I don't recall Universities expressing a difference of opinion unless of course you're brain washed which is probably brain dead with a gallion of oil to get the juices flowing?

Who the fark are these kids? Boomer? Probably??? more like boomers that keep the safe wannabees in there safe space whilst pretending that men should dress as women and shouldn't open doors for the "fairer sex"

Regardless whether it's driving on the left hand side of the road or the right.........I'd never pick up Gretta Dumberg regardless whether she is left or right handed. To be honest, I'd have more satisfaction chopping her thumb off.

Just saying

ps...... All things considered. I reckon Kids need a good canning, never did me no harm
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No comment, I plead the fifth

In my head I play Led Zep....there's a lady blah blah blah.
I don't even know why I start playing's a swing in my step.

Horses for courses, with shoes turned upside down instead.
Her hair and pony tail on my chest, stroking her and caressing her is heaven (doesn't rhyme but it's real in my head)

Norts and crosses. You have so much power. You're amazing, I'd crumble at your knees and kiss you like a cat with catnip flowers.

You're insatiable. I fantasize and pretend that we make whipped crème together

You're so farking hot....and you ride so beautifully

heart beating

A soft inner thigh, sweet, sensual with palms holding me....

Christ, it's mind is running rampant. You're gorgeous.

Xmas and visas

Just out of curiosity. Should I get a flight to Mexico to visit America and forget the visa process and just jump the fence?

OR, should I fly to France and hire a dingy?

One things for certain though regardless whether I ditch my passport or not..........I'll plead the fifth and get free heath care, house, car and a victim card to say "poor me" crying

I might even pretend to be an alien. It's all in the detail and process whilst the Gates foundation and Klaus wish me luck on my sojourn


To be fair though, after careful consideration. I was thinking about Canada but 'black face' Trudeau sort of cancelled that thought out beyond all recognition.

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Pertinent Questions.

Firstly, why has Crypt gone away?
Secondly, why do Kiwis hate Ockers?

I can sought of understand the Ozzy point of view but as for Palm????????? Why

Anyway. Why do Ockers hate Kiwis? Take it away Pat. No fisty cuffs but as my great uncle said........I'd farken kill you mate.....

rolling on the floor laughing


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'Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show'

It appears that a certain blogger didn't like my answers especially when it comes down to "BETRAYAL"

That's cool, it's his prerogative to cancel comments.......this particular "blogger" wouldn't have a clue esp regarding ex-service men. That's cool as well but what really gets my back up against the wall is this particular Joysee........boy........scatters like a rat when the heat starts to throw darts back

Nah, you won't allow comments because you're not on the same level

Been there, done that..........I even have the t-shirt wave

ps........don't talk about Kiwi least of all American politics if you're not willing to toe the line

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Labour Day

The seedlings have acclimatized. The seedlings are about to venture into a warm, soft, moist fertile land.

But alas, apart from that shite.......

Watch this movie. Hopefully it loads for you plebs but esp Palm, Chez, Pat and all those genuine. I reckon EPIRB, Conrad and esp Mic might find this movie awesome as well.

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Bloody bastards, the lot of ya.

I can't even allow comments because you bastards bring shame.

Shame on your undies.

Bloody men, who the hell do you think you/we/them/us/it are. Pull your socks up, we are not only worthless, we're just a moment away from getting obliterated from the feminazis. Stand firm chaps, We're in for a rocky ride.

Blimmin heck.

I plead the 5th

No comments, no worries especially when music is involved. Slave to the rhythm

Beethoven wasn't exactly deaf as much as Vincent van Gogh wasn't colour blind. There's an ear for masterpieces as Helen Keller stumbles, falls yet portrays her thoughts.

Beauty in all creatures great and small
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At the rose hip

Tender is the night.

Say whatever but don't pretend to be a victim

It defeats the purpose of talking bollocks. We all talk bollocks

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Word soup with cretins aka/ala croutons.

That's right folks. It's food time as TV and 'reality' shows show us of our shortcomings. As a non dietitian nor chieftain for that matter, I feelzz the needzz that I owe the CS community my recipie for disaster.

Long ago, deep within the soil/soul grew an onion. Looking back whilst peeling the onion to it's heart beat and true innards, I noticed the apple core........core.....cor blimmey said the limey.

Apple and pears, anchors with 'w' wenches, nay said the horse of course. I believe in salty bastards.

The moral of the story goes as such: Whether I'm right, wrong or "far left", I'm pretty sure that Lou Reed ate onions with his soil/soul food to eat.

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The hyper hypocritic oath as we all kneel down in UNison.

That's right folks, ya heard it here first.

We of the 'elimination' protocol in ENZED (NZ) decided to send James Shaw (Greenie), our carbon counting 'virtual' signalling muppet to the other side of the planet i.e Scotland whilst sipping fermented (Co2 induced) freebies whilst collecting air miles on the back of our pathetic existence.

No worries though because apparently John Kerry and James Shaw will give a high five and all is forgiven. They won't eat cake and I seriously doubt that Gretta Bumbergs farts are worth bottling but then again, we (UNITED NATIONS) should heed the call of a petulant child.

Gretta Bumbergs stolen my cream, how dare she, assuming of course that Re-Gretta is a female?

Cut a long, convoluted story short. I wonder if John Kerry or James Shaw ate salted peanuts as opposed to those commoners in economic class let alone 'business class'.

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