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Some thoughts to ponder

Is someone "UP there" taking notes all day and night? Ohhh I saw that Jenny, that was bad!
It will go in My books.
OMG He must be very busy.
Number one, God is Spirit so is Not writing down anything!
We human beings carry it all in our Own head.
On judgement day the "computer" in our head brings it all to the survice.
It will roll off like a film.
Everything we have Ever seen, heard, said, experienced, it is all in our subconcious for ever!
Neatly filled away.
Remember some people have told that when they fell of a high place, that their whole life flashed by in split seconds?
Same thing, when our own "computer" starts to roll off, it will show it all in a matter of a split second.
What brought this thought on was this;
When a loved one dies, how often we hear people, saying/thinking things like; I am so thankful he/she still saw his grandbabies.
So happy he'/she still got to go on that vacation. Glad he/she never........etc.etc.

Even non-believers do this. Why do we people do this?
Is part of this driven by regrets, guilts and things we are very grateful for?
I believe the body returns to dust, but the spirit can Not die.
Where ever it is going to spend eternity, will this spirit have memories of things happening during its life,
possitive's or negative's, sometimes later?
The Good Book says that all who have already passed from this planet, are asleep, so for now there are
no memories in their memory banks.
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Happy Birthday Hedistuff. have a wonderful day! Sh

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That cake looks good enough to eat huh?
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Lot's to be grateful for huh?

I was supposed to go to church with a lady across the street, when I told Hugo that I didn’t feel so great, I told him that I was not going to church that day.

Hugo was painting the bathroom and I started to read a book. A few hours later, totally out of the blue, I asked Hugo if he would take me to the emergency. Hugo told me later that he thought that I had “flipped my wig” he wanted to know why I felt it necessary to go.

I told him that I felt I needed to get some test done before I would see my doctor the next day. In the hospital it was discovered that I had an infection, but they did not know where. I had to come back the next day, and more tests were done. No female problems of any kind were found. By now I am holding my stomach, it felt like I was about to drop “my baby”. That afternoon I went to see my family doctor. I could now tell him what test had been done so far, and what had been found out. He told me to go to the hospital right away.

That evening at eight o’clock, they opened me up. They did not know what to expect, so they had two teams of doctor’s ready. The best surgeon in town was on duty, he was to leave the very next day to start his vacation.

My own family doctor was assisting. He told me later that my colon had perforated. He told me that I was a real mess. Feces were all through my body, peritonitis had already set in.

Had I waited one day I would have most likely died I was told.

I now had to wear a colostomy bag for the next six months.
The following morning I was told about this colostomy.
The nurse said; You are taking this very well. I asked her; Did I have a choice in this? lol

The surgeon said to me later; "You must have been in excruciating pain" That was the scary part. No warning and No pain!
I never had ANY pain, not from this perforation or from Any other thing.
I am never sick, never even had the flue. I have lots to be grateful for huh? cheering
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Was it a hipo or a rhino I was swimming with?... O

Was it a hipo or a rhino I was swimming with?... Oh take your
I love to have the pool all to myself, sorry I do.
Well here is a lady, the noisiest I have Ever heard, in MY pool!
She is slapping the water and herself, to beat the band.
This goes on for a looooooog time.
Finally there is an end! Hallaluja!
She is getting out of the pool.
I give her 15 minutes to get dressed.
OMG she is in the shower slapping herself some more.
I now am very tempted to help her with the slapping.
Noooo I did not do it, said only that I was tempted!
I am going back in the pool.
She got me a prisoner now.Grrrrrrrrrrr!

Okay lady here I come, no matter what your doing.
She is now standing in front of the mirows as nakid as the day she was born.
Oh well, I take my shower and attempt to get dressed, when I realize I did not bring a towel.
I now walk out of the shower and also in my birthday suit, grab a bunch of paper towels, you sure need a lot of them, and with a straight face start to dry myself.
This lady must be thinking?... Aww do I care? Nah not really.
All this time we have not exchanged one word. lol
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