Why isn't Britain apologising for what they have done to this world?

I was asked this question by an American on Sunday at a beach bar.

I replied, "have you ever needed penicillin? If so, thank Britain."

Who invented the internet, trains, computers, radar, navigational instruments, threshing machines, the wireless radio, tarmac, television, cash machines, batteries and jet engines? All from Britain!

Without Britain, many "First World" countries would still need to live in mud huts and eat roaches off a stick.
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Group of prominent conservatives release report refuting Trump claims of election fraud

But I bet my pensions the Trumpettes will still spread the lies.
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Project Veritas is an American far-right activist group founded by James O'Keefe .

And while some may lie and say that Project Veritas has never lost a court case this is only because O'Keefe always settles out of court, so he can imply he has never lost a case while admitting he is always guilty of all and any charges made against him.

O'Keefe is a little shit and anyone who follows him sinks just like him.

For example:-
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Russian TV appears to be lying to their audience.

In an article in the UK's Daily Telegraph, a media watcher writes his own personal view on how propaganda is changing in Russia, the invasion is now about fictitious Nazis being the reason for the war, and that civilian deaths are minimal.

Read it on
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If you get vaccinated you are less likely to infect others, FACT not fiction

Some here are lying about infection rates, so with a little research, I found they are lying as the facts show that those vaccinated although on the rare occasion may carry the virus and infect others, but it has been shown conclusively that the majority of vaccinated do not infect others, that breakthroughs are very rare and when they occur the virus load goes within a couple of days or so. Whereas unvaccinated that carry the virus will infect many and for a far longer time.

What a shame some love to lie and spread BS just for attention-seeking, taking no responsibility for their actions.
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Can the vaccine change your DNA? None of the vaccines that have been approved can change or edit DNA

Can the vaccine change your DNA?
No. None of the vaccines that have been approved can change or edit your DNA.

The British Heart Foundation is a credible factual website not know for publishing misinformation or lies
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Cancer vaccines to be at heart of 'national war' against deadly illness in UK using mRNA vaccines.

Fingers crossed these vaccines will prolong lives and stop the suffering and pain caused by cancer.
Goes to show how good can come from something as devastating as a pandemic controlled with mRNA vaccines.

Cancer vaccines will not be mandatory.
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UK will be one of first countries out of Covid pandemic, says expert

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Omicron variant appears to be ‘super mild‘ mutation with Covid death rate not jumping

This is the latest info on the Omicron variant.
I believe the UK and other countries made a knee jerk reaction and need to calm down and follow the science, not speculation.
To date there has not been a single death from this version of covid.
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Typhoon hit central Philippines on Thursday 23rd December 2021.

Embedded image from another site

Worryingly my home is directly in the path of this typhoon, thankfully my neighbours have rallied around and moved all things inside my home to high positions in case of flooding again.

Very frustrating that I'm still not able to return to check for myself, fingers crossed the sea/rain and wind will not do much damage locally.
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South Africa jubilant as Omicron wave subsides rapidly with minimal Covid hospital admissions.

South Africa jubilant as Omicron wave subsides rapidly with minimal Covid hospital admissions and Delta killed off: ‘Expect the same in other countries’

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Just who is Michael Baxter of Real Raw News?

So Seaworthy you are at liberty to delete comments pointing out your blogs are c&p from Real Raw News, but you can't stop me posting the truth about the source of your comments, which is that it is a total fabrication and far from the truth.
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