Are some people too dumb to realise they are dumb?

The Psychology Behind Donald Trump's Unwavering Support

"The Dunning-Kruger effect explains that the problem isn’t just that they are misinformed; it’s that they are completely unaware that they are misinformed. This creates a double burden.

Studies have shown that people who lack expertise in some area of knowledge often have a cognitive bias that prevents them from realizing that they lack expertise. As psychologist David Dunning puts it in an op-ed for Politico, “The knowledge and intelligence that are required to be good at a task are often the same qualities needed to recognize that one is not good at that task — and if one lacks such knowledge and intelligence, one remains ignorant that one is not good at the task. This includes political judgment.” Essentially, they’re not smart enough to realize they’re dumb."

The above article would certainly explain some of the extreme support being offered to Trump, surely even someone with just 5 brain cells needs to question why they would support someone who is a proven compulsive liar and who is obviously guilty of manipulating those around him to commit crimes.

The only explanation that makes any sense is that they are too dumb to realise they are dumbdunno
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National Security Aide Mira Ricardel to Leave White House

So an immigrant who married for money has the power to interfere with the employment of Federal staffconfused

Should the First lady have the power to say who and who not should work in the interests of National defence?

Ricardel has decades of government experience, Melanie has none

Ricardel has been accused of spreading lies, something she has never done during the entire time she has worked in Government.

Of course, the hard right will create more lies and mistruths to explain all this, never once questioning whether maybe Ricardel was actually doing her job.

Let's hope the House now carries out a full investigation in Melonie's travel expenses, and while they are at it, maybe have Trump's expenses published.

The corruption in the white house is at an all time high.

Read the story at various sources, including, WSJ, USAToday, BBC etc etc.
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Misplaced hatred of Muslems

Some people seem to think it is their duty to inform and discuss the possibility of destroying all Muslims, across the spectrum some find it useful to post their thoughts, opinions and even videos supporting their somewhat far fetched claims. The difficulty these people fail to grasp is that unless credible and responsible sources are used to support their arguments, then their own credibility is brought into doubt
A video claiming Barack Obama was a Muslim, was posted, which even a 5 year old could see was doctored and edited, to supposedly give further proof that the American President would support Islam, the idea was to infer that the president would not support America against Islamic states, preposterous I know, but some people seem to get so caught up in their own desire to believe something, that even when solid evidence is placed in front of them they refuse to acknowledge it. It would appear they have become blinkered towards any possibility that there are two sides to a story.
So lets look at a few facts,

1, Is Obama a practicing Muslim or Christian, well the truth is he regularly goes to a Christian Church, and has always denied being a Muslim. As many will know, a Muslim would be blaspheming in an awful way if they renounced Allah, in fact it would never be tolerated by the religious leaders.

2. Does it matter what religion Obama follows? Well in America, the constitution makes it completely clear that any government official, has the right to follow any religion of their choice.
So this makes one wonder why Obama would want to lie to the entire nation for no purpose whatsoever.

3. False rumours were also spread that Isis only target Christians, for example the recent tragedy in Nairobi, but again, the "facts" given were twisted, the reality is that people of different faiths died in that awful affair.

4. Denials of facts also reared its head as when some spoke about Isis targeting Muslims, it was as though this news was an affront to those who wanted to spread hate against all Muslims, again the truth lies in where one gets information, for example the BBC have shown that the attack in Afghanistan today, where 30 people died, was carried out by Isis, Isis have claimed they carried it out, because the moderate Muslims in that city refused to support their extremism.

5. An argument put forward that all recent terrorist attacks have been carried out by Muslims, therefore all Muslims are terrorists, is one that seems to come up time and time again, yet those that repeat this illogical argument fail to even check how Muslims in various parts of the world are frantically trying to fights Islamic extremism.

Now, I am not a supporter of Obama, I thought he was a better leader than the republican parties, but even as an outsider I can see where he has fallen down on certain areas, some due to his own lack of experience, and some because of the way republicans have undermined him. But to twist and lie about him is without doubt far worse than his lack of leadership.

I am also neither a Christian nor a Muslim, in fact I believe the world would be a better place with no religion whatsoever, and I feel the Islamic leaders could do more to stand up against those terrorist who use Islam as an excuse to murder. But I wholly disagree with inferring that all Muslims are bad, and feel that when discussing these contentious and controversial subjects, care should be taken to make sure that any facts used in discussions are fair and true.

The reality is that by refusing to openly discuss opinions, and by continually displaying false, twisted and blatant untruths, their gullibility and lack of any credibility are shown to the world.
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My impression of China, part two

I arrived at the station in good time and bought a ticket, here they have various classes, hard or soft seat and hard or soft bed or standing, my journey was to take around 8 hours so I opted for a soft seat, which cost about £15 ($27). I found my carriage and seat and we left right on time.
It was still dark when we left so I slept for a while, awaking to a dawn filled with new sights, there is no doubt that to travel by train gives a wonderful view of any country, we passed rivers where men fished with large nets, women were busy washing clothes and kids were playing, I saw incredibly beautiful countryside with small towns made up of high rise buildings, some new and some very old and in awful condition, however, my immediate impression was that China is developing rapidly, everywhere there was construction, new housing blocks, new factory and business centres being built together with new rail and road networks, China is obviously invest billions into renewing her infrastructure, my train companions included a French journalist who spoke excellent English, she told me that Chinese government was paying tenants of old dilapidated buildings to move into new modern housing blocks and then clearing the slum areas to make way for new businesses and homes.
Sometimes as we passed through small villages the local people would stare at the train and give a wave always accompanied with a broad grin, Chinese people seem to smile more than any other people I have seen, so refreshing to see happy faces around you .
We stopped at various places on the way, where there were stalls selling fresh fruit, hot drinks and of course pot noodle, A pot noodle cost about 10 pence and a coffee (Still very sweet and strange tasting) about 20 pence, as we travelled through the city of Nanging it just seemed to go on for ever, a huge place by western standards, I saw both new modern towers and very old typical Chinese buildings side by side, there is a long and interesting history to this city and I hope soon to revisit and explore it.
As we continued we started to climb a mountain, the train slowing to just above walking pace, then went through a long tunnel breaking out the far side into a sunlit and warm region, very green and little sign of habitation, we continued at walking pace for about 2 hours, this was supposed to be an express train!!, then as time passed we started to see people, then housing appeared and we arrived in the city of Wuhu, again the tall towers and new construction everywhere. We stopped here for quite a long time as apparently there was a fault with the brakes, but this was fixed with a very energetic group of engineers including women members.
It took a further 3 hours to reach our destination of Chizhou, arriving at about 2pm, as I left the train I could smell the freshness in the air and it was quite cold although very sunny, snow lay around where it had been bulldozed away to make paths.
I was met at the station entrance by my new Dean of the English Faculty together with the head of English studies and my new classroom assistant, a smiling vivacious young woman who insisted on trying to carry my suitcase oblivious to the fact it probably weighed more than her!!.
I was taken to the college where, opposite the main entrance, were a row of maybe 40 tents all housing kitchens and small shops, we stopped at one and I was introduced to my first taste of Anhui province food, hot spicy vegetables with noodles and stick rice, as I looked around I could see that the college was built on the very outskirts of the city, in what looked like a new development of shops and business park, and was told that when the area was finished all the businesses in tents would move into proper shops and restaurants.
My first view of the College was how big it all seemed, 6 very new and beautifully designed buildings lay on each side of a wide boulevard which also contained round ponds and sculptured lights.
To be continued
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My First impression on arriving in China

So I have arrived in China, landing at Shanghai airport at 11pm on a cold misty Sunday night, I passed through customs easily, in fact easier than going through the customs at Heathrow in the UK, the officer even wishing me a nice time working here. I found a taxi and thrust the address of a downtown hotel at him and he grunted, loaded my suitcase into the back of his VW Passat car and off we went.
Now, during my travels I have had some hairy rides in taxis, especially in Russia and the Ukraine, but this ride topped the lot, the highway was a six lane one, three lanes in each direction and very little traffic at this time of night, but my driver was not content with using one of the designated lanes, oh no, he overtook cars in the outside lane by crossing into the opposite carriageway over two solid lines and then swerving back when cars coming head on flashed their lights.
We passed down dark roads with fully laden lorries and trucks driving with no lights in near fog conditions, and when we hit the downtown area he decided to use the full power of the engine and fairly raced down the roads at about 70 mph, narrowly missing late night pedestrians crossing the road.
Still we made it to the hotel in one piece and he thoughtfully carried my case to the reception desk. I booked in and rode a lift to the 10th floor of this high rise building, my room was clean and well appointed, with comfortable bed, chairs and en suite bathroom.
When I awoke later that morning I got my first view of Shanghai from the bedroom window, a mass of towering buildings, high rise apartments and hundreds of neon flashing lights, it reminded me more of Seattle than a Chinese city that I had imagined.
I had a breakfast of strange very sweet coffee, together with boiled eggs, noodles in a chicken soup and a type of bread that was closer to sponge cake, spread with a thick coating of an indistinguishable jam, I could have had boiled rice, some sort of deep fried small bones and a kind of vegetable stew but at 8am they did not really appeal to me.
I contacted my friend who lived nearby and we meet at 10 o’clock and went for a morning cup of tea, ah China tea “Cha” comes in so many flavours, colours and sizes, we had green tea in small cups, it was quite pleasant, but being used to English black tea seemed very weak and watery to me.
We then meet up with my friends Chinese wife and together walked to the “People Park” which was beautiful, from there we went down to the river and walked along side for a while before returning to the town and catching a metro to the other side of the river where we went to a shopping mall, this was huge, surrounded with the most magnificent tall buildings stretching way up into the sky, with others still being constructed and apparently to be even taller, it appears that Shanghai and Beijing have a contest to see who can build the tallest building, Shanghai is winning at the moment.
After a great lunch of dim sum, beef hot pot and more green tea we walked around the area, taking in the sights, we ended up in a bar in a park overlooking a small lake, Chinese music was played by a small band on a stage nearby and as the sun set it really was a magical and quite romantic place.
We took a taxi to another part of town, this driver was calm and drove well !!! and arrived at a restaurant my English friend said was one of the best around, he was not wrong, the food was just to die for, plus an excellent choice of wines including to my delight Italian Chianti which I adore, having just spent 8 months in Pisa. I would love to tell you all the things we ate, but it was all in Chinese so I had no idea, I just ate what was given to me and loved every bite.
When we finished we walked around the corner to a pub that held Jazz evenings, we settled down with local beers and listen to the music and then I returned to my hotel ready for a 4am call as I had to catch a train at 5 to my final destination in Anhui Provice.
To be continued
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