bush signed the bill for a 50 billion dollar wall obozo where is the money?

bills have been signed 4 or 5 times for the wall n no wall yet who stole all that F in money DEMS n RINOS?
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old farts need love too.lol.

/dirty old men,lol.just because they cant,hold their gas in lol.
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one life to live/canceled.

after 43 yrs.like nfl,they want u to get soap/nfl ch.no good games on thurs.nfl ch.for 30 bucks a month,what a joke,guess they want,all tv on cable,etc.corp.take overs,capitolist days are over,anti christs take over,so u have to watch hbo?
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50s the new 40s?

since we are livin longer.what do u think?why govt.needs death panels.
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is 3rd time a charm?what,is your point of view?or,why not?
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