It's started already .....

HoHoHo...santa I hate to be Negative about Christmas but few are fooled in to thinking it is no more nowadays than an excess of Consumerism that starts with our newly found 'Black Friday'

People go out and buy stupid things they don't Need but that they Want.
The best sales are to be had in the beginning of February when shops are doing badly, and you can negotiate a new bed, or T.V. or whatever you Need.

Santa visits at exorbitant prices are already up in my local Shopping centre and to bring a few kids there is a very expensive adventure, and if you don't bring them to the ice cream parlour or MacDonalds, you are the meanest Mum in the world or aunty. reindeer

But there is another side of Christmas that frightens me, and that is, all the break ins. There are the big guys who were caught last night with Rolex watches and other very expensive items.

The ones that I fear are the ones who target women living alone in houses. [easier than apartments]. My road alone has had multiple break-ins. Many elderly people find Banking and Computers not to their liking so they hide all their cash inside. The burglars also target Gold, jewellery and new Laptops, T.V.s.

So, besides the beeping and cursing outside, yes BMW drivers and Mercedes and Volvo drivers curse and break lights and the traffic is endless outside my cottage. Then there are the shops.... Mayhem and people seem to be terribly unhappy and snappy with their kids at Xmas.

Bing an 'oldie' on the Blog, Christmas in my day was very simple. My grandparents reared me, they had fallen on hard times. We had a lovely Coal and Turf fire, went to Mass, visited the Crib, innocence was wonderful, came home. and had a Turkey and Ham and lots of veggie and plum pudding /brandly butter ,the works. I got two things from Santa. There were no Shopping centres, No mad traffic and the big parcel from America from my grandma s aunt was like as If I won the Lotto

Modern life has it's pros and cons. I do hate that little shit that cycles up and down the road watching when we go in and out though.
santa waving dancingsanta
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Dolphin seen swimming in our Liffey in Dublin today....

Never seen before.
Going in to Hospital for an operation tomorrow so scanning the online Newspapers. Photo of a Dolphin in the Liffey in Dublin, Ireland.
A really spectacular thing for us as it's cold, windy, wet, and the darkest days of the year.santa
Storm DIANA is whipping up a good one here and all I can from the window are some large fallen trees and the Roof feels like it's going to fall in...gnite
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Respectfully, can I advise all the people who come in good faith on here to the CS Blogs to bring souls to God, that they are doing it the wrong way.

Making people Guilty about not believing is not what God does not work.
Telling them they are going to end up in Hell is playing God and therefore not Godly.
Quoting Scripture to those that have read the Bible and not been too impressed, or those who never read it, is a useless way it frustrates them, except for those verses that are about the abundant love of God, and his mercy. His love for ALL .

Many people on here have had horrific experiences as children at the hands of Christians and other people who purported to be Christians.

If I was an Atheist, I would be insulted at the way Christianity is put across here.

Christianity is about tolerance temperance, Joy, ~not being lofty, elitist. It's about loving and respecting everyone regardless of race, creed or class.

Reacting with more anger toward them is counterproductive when they question and say honestly they don't believe.
If God is love, all embracing, unconditionally loving, then try and be more like the Creator. UTUBES don't work and those self righteous Christians on UTUBE annoy me.
Quoting and quoting reams of Scripture is useless when people don't believe.
Try acceptance, some respect for their point of view and stop playing 'I'm the good guy you're the bad guy' It has shown it does not work.

Try some of the humility of Jesus like I said, and speak to the people as he did.
That's if, you live like he did, very very basic, poor, no materialism, did not want it,
did throw a stone at the woman caught in adultery, and maybe more people will listen to you.


Regarding Evil being a choice, and God.

I vowed I'd never touch Religion or Trump Blogs again as they seem to cause vitriol.
This is a little different. Let's say Evil is from a dark source. [Not mentioning religion.]
So you have a psychopath, a man who gets off on serial killing, and usually as a kid, tearing animals apart.
Horrific and offensive to all right minded people.

Therein lies this Blogs question ~ It has been proven beyond all doubt, I speak science here not anything from any Holy Book. That those who commit Evil deeds, who have no sense of right or wrong and who have little empathy and absolutely no conscience, have an under developed Amygadia in the Brain.

This little piece of t he Brain is responsible for feeling guilty , phoning and saying sorry. Never beating your Dog and getting terribly angry when you see any type of cruelty.
But, if a man/woman has an underdeveloped one, how can they be EVIL.
Psycopaths yes, Socioapaths yes, but EVIL, isn't it more their DNA ?

I believe in a Creator and this is making me re-think the whole concept of Evil
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The fastest way to lose a woman's interest ~

You see you Inbox is lit up with lots of messages. Yipee. Happy Days.
Alas you see one photo, a very far off photo of what could be a man, in dark shades, indiscernible.

You say to yourself, maybe he wants to stay incognito for business reasons so you open the message.

Hi Sexy

Another is a Soldier of high rank in the U.S. Army, handsome beyond my wildest dreams,
'Hello Dear' I look for God fearing submissive woman that have marriage with me I work in engineering
in Afghanistan your beauty make me weak ~ Delete, report as Scammer

Wow, this guy is faceless but to heck couldn't be worse could it ? I open up the message ~banana

At this stage my enthusiasm is somewhere down past my knees and I feel a familiar need for a piece of
Banana Bread and a cup of Tea [comfort food] banana coffee Cat looks bored and paws laptopcats meow

Message ~ Hi there, how was your day?

Finally ~ last one, you open the inbox message ~ Hi sexy, you are beautiful, I really would like to get to know you more, I am looking for a soulmate please get back to me on yahoo xxxxxx xxxxxxx
Delete, another scammer.

~~Possibly the most common one is 'Tell me more about yourself' FFS my profile is longer than the
Epistle of St.Paul to the Corinthians.

frustrated I am not Einstein,but isn't there a more charming, interesting way to start some form of rapport when you wish to get a womans attention, is it just me ? These are genuine by the way.uh oh
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Just looking at my hair, it's got long and scraggy with the sun. So am sick of going to my hairdressers and having to listen to drivel from the hairdresser laugh
Then as she take only a few minutes to cut my hair at is is fine, I have to pay 70euro and a tip.

So, got my Scissors out, [professional one] today, and cut my hair in to a short Bob. It grows quickly.
Oh it feel great in the heat.
It took about 7 minutes using a Mirror for the back, and a hand mirror for the front.

Let's put it this way, I have often come out from the Hairdresser looking worse.

Going out to get myself something nice instead. rose
Anyone else cut their own hair ?
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My blog yesterday about apologies....

I wrote a blog yesteday about apologies, it came from my heart, it was about a woman who has been my friend for
60 years, since we were 5 or 6 years old. Friends.
We went separate ways as she married and moved to the Midlands but kept in touch.

I had good jobs and was having a great social life like most 30 , somethings.
When she returned, we took up our great friendship. In some ways, I was her Therapist, her mother
was the bane of her life, she looked after her until she died, and her husband never liked the arrangement
so Caroline would come and cry here, and I would listen and listen.

Recently they came in for money, started going on cruises, holidays, they were already wealthy.
I was delighted for Caroline as she had been a good daughter. Her husband was controllling but I
know when to mind my own business. I was always shown the photos of all the wonderful places they visited and brough around to see their new 140,000 kitchen. I was delighted but thought it slightly insensitive, since I have not got a lot of money.

I never, ever, ask her for a lift anywhere, I never learnt to drive as I always had a man in my life and
rode a bicycle, never seemed to need one.

I had problems booking a Taxi and Caroline offered to take me to the hospital, about 40mins drive, in the early morning. She offered, I would never ask, It was the first time She was driving me anywhere.

A week before the operation I was having , she phoned me, and her husband was in the background.... as he always is. I mentioned the lift, she was cool and said 'I am going to be very very
busy for the next few days, as you know we are going to Spain on the 24th, So I will have to check my Diary'
My blood went cold. I felt sick. The operation was early morning on the 19th. I somehow managed to keep a short conversation going, said goodnight and put down the phone, I was gutted.

The day before the operation, I was nervous, the phone rang at 4pm that afternoon, it was a ginger sounding Caroline, 'Are you ready for the morning '? I was shaking, I said I was nervous.
She said 'I will call for you at 6.45. am.
I kept my voice very low volume and polite I asked if she really expected me to wait until the day before an operation in a hospital far away to get my transport sorted. I said this in a controlled way.
She told me she was a good friend how dare I insinuate,and started to row, [we never had a rown in all the years together. I just said I am not able for t his Caroline, I am
just going to say that you said you were very busy and I never heard from you since, and now you phone me the day before......
She banged the phone down and an hour laterr I got a text to say she hoped my operation went well and my biopsies too. That she never was rude to a living person in her life and that she wished me well and would continue to pray for me.
No contact since.
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Two small words that are So healing.

You're hurt ~smarting. How could she/he. You are angry, full of a host of emotions.
somebody has hurt you badly, it could have been on a C.S. blog [just because I am writing it here ]
or something somebody said to you, or called you [without thinking how it would hurt] or perhaps
knowing how much it would hurt.

It could have been a deed of omission, like forgetting a birthday, or forgetting to say thanks for all the
help and advise you gave them, how you stuck up for them, or helped them through a bad time.

Either way, the bad feelings can build, and fester. There can often be misunderstandings too.

The word is simply 'Sorry' or even 'I apologise' and the other healing word is 'Thats ok' or 'You're
forgiven' or even 'this will take time' but the beginning of peace is often 'Sorry'
As Elton John said in his song, 'Sorry seems to be the hardest word'

To say sorry takes courage, it takes humility, and guts, as very often when you say sorry to somebody
your apology is flung back in your face.

However, most people respond well to an apology unless they are the type to harbour grudges for a
life-time .

Think of all the long silences, the nasty words, fights on blogs, that could be over by somebody just
saying, I apologise for hurting you, Sorry, and that would be it,
instead of all this horrible fighting. cheers hug Honey is nicer than Vinegar .
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The Cheapest most nutritious Fast food on earth

Nothing exciting about this Blog, Atheists and Christians alike can read without arguing.
Simply, so much money is going on junk food nowadays with disastrous effects.

A boiled egg, brought to work, or a softly boiled Egg if you are at home, is full of nutritional goodness
and with a tiny bit of salt, is nutritious.

The Protein is high quality, it contains B2, Ribofavin, Vit.B12, Folic Acid, Biotin, and Antioxidants that
are good for Eye health.
Iron, and I nearly forgot Selenium which is a great anti oxidant and good for Thyroid.
Iodine .

Cheap, nutritious and fast.
easter egg chicken

Not a cut and past, done from memory, so maybe some vitamins left out.
Your fast food is just full of sugar, Gluten, flavour enhancers, binders, colourants, Sugar, and more
Sugar, ~~ The Cholesterol is NOT bad cholesterol so have no worries there.chicken chicken chicken
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I AM PROUD OF MY COUNTRY IRELAND. Why it is no Garbage Can

Peacefully in the spirit of Easter, I just want to say that my Country is a beautiful one.
Despite the weather, North , south, East and West , Ireland is a luscious green, country with a moderate Climate, breathtaking views and an ancient and interesting past.

I won't go in to the past history, but we were scholars and yes at one time Saints in the real meaning of the word. For the size of this tiny Island, we withstood famine with dignity, we withstood being taken over by a neighbouring country, a country who did nothing to help us when they could have.Ethnic cleansing ~ We suffered greatly under that regime, we were not allowed speak our language, practice our religion, or be educated.
We have by and large made up with that country, and have shaken hands, and even asked the Queen of England to a banquet at Dublin Castle . We have negotiatied tirelessly with our oppressors and tried and won a great deal of peace.
Our Culture is extremely
interesting, our Castles, Mythology, Poetry, writers,Artists, are many, considering the size of the tiny Island. Many of our writers /poets are studied all over the world.
Not being a wealthy country, we have still taken in many many immigrants/economic migrants from poorer countries. America is a better country for many of the Irish people who immigrated there during the Famine,and Many American presidents saw fit to visit this tiny island that is Ireland.JFK, etcc.,

So, when somebody calls my Country a 'Garbage Can' or a 'Sh-thole' as they did last night,[on the C.S. blogs ] what type of an Irish person would I be if I did not ask them to retract their statements?

Sadly most of this comes from ignorance of the history of Ireland and Current affairs.
Somebody even put up a list of 'Stats' to try and take from our country but unfortunately stats online are rarely correct and this was not . Either way, There is not an active I.R.A. in Ireland and I would like those who wrote and jumped on the bandwagon with blogs demeaning my country to read a little more about Ireland before insulting the many many Irish people who are on this C.S. Site. If the country is so awful how come the United States sends Google, Yahoo here, where it gets tremendous Tax breaks and where it is a nice place to live. The people of Ireland are by and large intelligent, hard working and talented. We are known for our Agriculture and our produce again, is exported all overover the world.Our hospitality is legend.
Many who wrote Blogs yesterday, showed a great deal of ignorance about my country, Have a Happy and peaceful Easter. Beannachtai na Casca.good luck easter egg
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Gingers/Redheads/Strawberry blondes ~ as promised .

Are we a superior Race? miclee and myself think so. Biff? anymore redheads out there on C.S.?
I have done some research and it would seem, we are certainly very different.
My father was Ginger/Red, with Dark Amber Eyes, my Brother has Dark red hair, [no freckles] with amber eyes and skin that gets tanned. I myself have Strawberry [but less of it ] as I grey, Blonde hair with Green
Gingers are usually pale, but can be ruddy, many however [despite rumours to the contrary], do get a tan easily.
Eye Colours ~ Blue eyes with Red hair is very rare. Green eyes with Red/Ginger/Strawberrry blonde is very rare. Hazel and Brown is the most common.

Fewer than 2% of the World population have naturally Red/Ginger/hair.
Fewer than 2% in the United States have Red hair /Ginger hair.
In Ireland 10% have red hair, in Scotland it jumps to 13% of population.
Redhaired [this will cover Ginger, Red, Strawberry blonde] ~ are over represented in Math, Science, Logic,
Philosophy, Comedy.
Socrates, Galileo, Darwin, Mark Twain, Sir Winston Churchill, King Arthur, Elisabeth 1,

Cort Cass Redheaded handbook ~ Habermehl on Redheads~ Stephen Douglas The Redhead Encylopedia ~ Most information dervived from the above.

Why? Well it is thought to be low levels of adrenaline found in redheads. we are more cerebral.

WE SMELL SEXY ~ We excude pleasant pheromones that are sexually desirable , Women, have an erotic, sweet scent.
HEALTH ~ Not surprisingly since we live mostly in Northern Europe, and are fair we are more disposed to Skin Cancer.uh oh

Redheads are naturally more s*xual, so although Blondes have more fun, Redheads have more sex.

BODY CHEMISTRY ~ Our body chemistry sets us apart, We need 19% more anaesthesia than our dark or blonde counterparts, and far less pain killers.
We have a Rare MC1R Gene which hints that we are genetically superiorsnooty

During the Spanish inquistion, Redheads were discriminated against.
ANCIENT EGYPTIONS buried Red Heads alive, as a sacrifice to their god OSIRIS.

BACK TO INTELLIGENCE ~ MC1R is involved in central functioning of Brain, along with some subgroups, MC2R, MC3R, MC3 which is linked to great intelligence.applause

ME ~ Goldengloss People with Strawberry blonde hair and Green eyes, are the RAREST
with 4 people in every 10,000 having this combinationflirty

So that's it. To all the Redheads, Gingers, Strawberry blondes who got to the end of this blog,
We are indeed a race apart. worthy of a Society of our own. Miclee ?
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Well I wrote a Blog about a Dog, just a day or two ago. Basically it involved a rescue dog and one of the huge problems was, despite opening the door and leaving his access to the garden, taking him for walks, he pooped /pee d all over my tiny cottage.

So, Today, Sunday, my emails, and When I sign in, I am beseiged with PUPPY TRAINING ADS. a co incidence? nope.
I have bee writing about an Exhibition I am putting up [my Artwork] soon, and low and behold I am getting emails and ads. for Tuition and Framing.

This may seem petty but it goes to show, everything we write, is being watched. It's getting to me.
Am I paranoid?uh oh
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