Your Life Story

If some day a movie is made about your life story, which actor/actress - past or present would you like to have portray you in the movie? And who might be your love interests in the movie, if you wish to include one or two or a hundred?

I mention actor/actress "past or present" because I saw a video clip the other day where some comedian said, "If they were to make a movie about my life story, there's not anyone cool enough these days to play me. They would have to go back and resurrect Errol Flynn."

Also, if given a choice, would you like for the movie to exxagerate your life story a bit, maybe make your life story a Western movie, a Secret Agent story, a Romance story, Action, Adventure, Comedy, etc?

A Valentine's Day Blog

For The Ladies of CS.

If I could spend a day with you,
we would never get enough of us.
We would hold hands as we walked
along a beach,
and we could talk and laugh about many things.

If I could spend an evening with you,
I would cherish every moment that we are together.
I would look into your beautiful eyes,
and without a single word,
you would know all the love that I feel.

If I could spend a night with you,
I would hold you in my arms
so close, warm and cozy,
the whole night through.
We could romance or just enjoy
the comfort of each other.

If I could spend my life with you,
I would always try to make you happy.
I would always be there for you,
wiping away your tears if ever
you're feeling sad and blue.

And every day, I would tell you
and show you how much I love, care,
cherish and appreciate you and this
beautiful love we have together.

If I could only be with you,
my greatest dream would come true.
I'd be so happy, proud and honored
to have you in my life.

PS: With different time zones around the world, I posted this blog so that it's here for you now, later, anytime or when Valentine's Day arrives for each of you, wherever you may be.

That Darn Squirrel

Last year on Valentine's Day at a small city park, I was sitting under a shady tree and about to enjoy two chocolate cupcakes with nuts on them, which I had just bought at Miss Woof-Woof's Bakery. I want to add here, that Miss Woof-Woof is one heck of a great baker. If you ever get a chance to try some of her cakes and pastries, don't hesitate. They're great!

Anyways, While I'm sitting under the tree, suddenly a female squirrel ran up before me and stared at my cupcakes with nuts. I shouted to her, "No, you can't have my cupcakes. This is my lunch. I rarely get time to eat lunch these days. Heck, I don't even get to eat much these days at all, anywhere! At home, my dogs stare at me until I give them my food, and on dinner dates, my future ex-girlfriend picks and eats all the food out of my plate first, then eats the food out of her own plate."

The squirrel's eyes opened bigger. It was then I realized, "Oh no! She didn't want my cupcakes. She wanted to grab my nuts! (dramatic music here)

Quickly, she jumped at me, grabbed my nuts, "Ouch, that hurt!" She took them and ran away from me.

I gave chase. But as it happens in scary movies, when a person's running away or toward something, I tripped on one of my untied shoe laces or something like that, and fell to the ground.

Some guy who seemed to have had way too many drinks, and remember, this was only lunch time, he shouted, "Hey, who ya chasing? What ya running at?"

I answered, "That, that squirrely girly, she grabbed my nuts and now she's running away from me. Look at her, oh now she's making fun of me. She just stopped, looked back at me, smiled, shook her tail at me, and she's starting to run away again!"

The guy added, "Well aw-right! I'll drink to that!" As he took a drink from a bottle of booze. "Hail, as a matter of fax, I'll drink to almost anything." He took another swig of booze.

He continued, "The way you're running and falling and all, them there's the things that can happen when you start chasing tail. And-a you're talking about her grabbing your nuts? Ha! That's nothing. My ex-wife had me by the nuts for years. You know, I kind of miss that these days. Gee, no female's grabbed my nuts in a long time, and there you are complaining? I don't understand. I guess those that want it, don't get it, and those that do, don't appreciate it."

The next day I went back to the bakery, bought a double sized chocolate cupcake with nuts on it, the last one they had left for lunch time, but this time I sat in the bakery dining area to eat it. Well, wouldn't you know it. A lady who seemed to be craving chocolate and nuts, sat near me and started staring at me and my brownies with great intent and desire in her eyes. I thought, "Oh no, not again!"

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