Things you do without clothes on

Here's a few to start the list:

1. Take a shower
2. Watch television
3. Sleep
3. Make sandwiches for friends coming over later on, but not letting them know you did so untill they're almost done eating their sandwiches.

These are just a few things ordinary everyday people may do.
Feel free to add to the list of things you and others may do without clothes on.

And don't be shy, we won't reveal to anyone else what you tell us here on the blogs.
You can trust us. grin
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They called him Cowboy

My ole friend, Cowboy. I haven't seen him in years. When I first met him, he was already nicknamed "Cowboy." He was a friend of friends. When he talked, he had kind of a western cowboy accent. He was tall, thin, usually dressed in cowboy gear, wore a cowboy hat. He kind of looked that ole puppet "Howdy Doody," but all grown up.

One day, while I was taking a break from work, he came and told me, "Rob, ya know, there's this woman whom I'd been trying to get a date with. And ya knows what p*ssed me off about her, is that I had to ask her more than once."

"I mean, come on now. I'm good with women. Women love me. Most women, heck, I'm not even through asking them, when they're already throwing themselves at me and saying yes, yes. Because I'm the kind of guy women want. I'm a good guy, Rob. Everyone knows that. Heck, I'm greatness, and most women know not to say "No" to a man like me."

"So's when I had to ask her twice and tree times because she was all shy, acting hard to get. Well that right there p*ssed me off. She shoulda said "Yes" to me, right away. What was all that acting hard to get, acting shy with me stuff? Come on now. That don't go with me."

"Anyways, after I bothered her for a few days, she got fed up and decided to go out with me. Now, you know me, I'm not a violent man, I'm a kind gentle man. H*ll, I'm the Cowboy, d*mmit! The Cowboy! Don't she know that? Don't she know who I am?"

I then told him calmly, "Okay, yeah. You're the Cowboy. But cool down a bit, easy. You're getting a bit worked up, my friend."

He replied, "Oh, eh sorry about that. Err, now what was I saying? Oh yeah, so's me and this gal, we went out to's the movies and dinner. I took her to that there them restaurant called "Cowpokes." Expensive little place, and she done order a sh*t load of expensive food. That right thar really p*ssed me off. I mean, you know, I'm not a violent man, but sheez wizz, she coulda took it easier on my wallet. The place was not an all you can eat buffet. She knew that."

"So's after we had dinner, Cowboy done took the lady to a movie, and ..."

I interrupted, "Wait, you said Cowboy like you're a third person."

Cowboy: "Huh? No, I was talking about me as me. So that makes me a first person. Hmm, then again, with the lady being there, maybe I was talking about me as the second person."

Me: "Hey, whatever. Sorry about the interruption. Just thought I'd mention that. Please continue."

Cowboy: "Alright then. So's when we got to the movie, some big head kid sat in front of me, and I said, "Hey, go sit somewhere else, big head kid, you're blocking the view. I can't hear the movie!"

"That kid done yell back at me, "Eat my shorts!" Can you imagine that? Kids don't got any respect anymore, telling me like that. But he moved to another seat anyways."

"Rob? You's paying attention to me? You hear what I'm saying? You know what I'm saying?"

Me: "(Yawn) Huh? Yeah, you were at a football game. Then what happened?"

Cowboy: "No, no! We weren't at no darn football game. We was at the movies. Now pay attention to what I'm-a saying, 'cause I'm only going to say it twice."

"Now lemmee see, where was I? Oh yeah, so's we were at the movies, then the movie started into the s*x scene part, my fav part of the movie, heh, heh! Well, that's when my gal friend started getting all nervous and she started talking and talking about dinner and other things. Now, you know me, I'm not a violent man, but that right there, her talking and all when I'm trying to see the dirty part of the movie, that p*ssed me off. I coulda told her off, something like, "Stop yer d*mn talking, I can't see the movie!"

(Story concludes in Comments section)
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The announcement, the phone call

Okay, time for me to reveal here on the blogs that yes, I'm involved with a nice lady I met sometime back, uh something like a few days to a week ago.

Anyways, everything is working out swimmingly, eh not sure what 'swimmingly' means, but it sounds like a good word to use here, don't you think so?

Whoops! Hold on. My phone is ringing. It's her calling. Gee, I'm all excited. Excuse me while I take her call:

"Hello sweet melons, yes I just posted a blog about us right now. You saw it? That's what this call is about? What? There's more to it than just the blog? Huh? Why? - Okay, hurry and go to the restroom if you can't hold it. I'll wait for you to call me back when you're done. Alright, bye for now."

Hey-a bloggers, I'm off the phone with her for a moment, but now it seems things may not be so swimmingly. I may have to change my status from "In a relationship" to "It's complicated."

Pardon me again, she's calling back.

"Hi honey buns. Wow, that was one fast toilet break. Did you make sure to spray lots of air deodorizer in there afterwards? The lavender scented one? Don't get all upset with me. I'm just asking."

"What? Huh? What? What? What? No, I don't have a hearing problem. I heard you the fourth time. I'm just wondering if I'm hearing you right because of the wax build up and hair growth in my ears lately. You want to break up with me? No? Oh, you want to DUMP me. What the hails the difference? - But wait! You told me just yesterday, it was time I told my friends and women who don't care for me, that you and I were an item."

"Whoa! Now that's uncalled for, you telling me to "Go f*** myself." Do you actually eat with that kind of mouth? Does it make you feel good to tell me like that with that kind of language? It does make you feel good to tell me like that?"

"Alright. Okay. If that's the way you want it. But, you know I'm going to miss you. Yes I am, and not only that, but I'm going to be feel sad and bad for a really long time, eh something like a half hour tonight, because of you dumping me. What? You don't care if I feel bad? Get over it? Well yeah, I don't have much of a choice but to get over it. - - Okay, alright. Okay already, goodbye."

Well, bloggers. I guess I'm not in a relationship anymore, complicated or otherwise. She just dumped me. DARN IT! Hate when that happens.

So now that that's over with.. what to do now?
Hey, who wants to go to a movie tonight? Come on, let's go to the Cinemas. Heck yeah! I'll even pay for the popcorn with extra automotive 40 weight oil butter in it.

I hear there's a movie called "Buttocks in the Mirror." Lots of movie critics, magazines and reviewers paid by the movie Producer say, "It's the number one movie of the year. A must see!" I wonder if it's a story about botox users or something like that. Hmm.

Or we could go see whatever movie you recommend. Just be sure to wake me when the movie's over with. I tend to fall asleep within the first fifteen minutes of a movie these days.

PS: This blog story is fictional, just for fun. Or is it? (dramatic music here)
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