Yet another Trump presidential campaign worker, working on behalf of the Russians

Last night in the 'Daily Beast';

For complete article go to this link;

In addition Manafort's attorneys didn't even bother to call any witnesses for Manafort's defense.
Both the defense & prosecutions case are done.
As the jury will soon begin it's deliberations, Manafort has "has zero chance of an acquittal"
because the case is "overwhelming".

It looks like Manafort is counting on a Dirty Don pardon. Perhaps a back door agreement between Trump
and Manafort, so that Manafort doesn't flip on Trump and deliver more evidence against Trump.

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Perhaps it's now time to take "A Closer Look";

Yep, JN. Presidential Pardons. After another 6 years of our Briliant President Trump's MANDATE (220 districts, 30 states), and 8 of the much more grounded, admittedly, VP Pence, let's compare pardons with those of Hussein O. But a pardon for this crumb Mannafort only after some real time in the Big house, no?
Only time will tell, whether Dirty Don's pardon comes soon after the eventual guilty determination, or later.
But, it is likely to come from Dirty Don before he needs one too.
Well maybe we should the Donald...lock him up...along with his

It is not a good look for the US Presidency...

Have you had a chance to see Spike Lee's film...and it is not
No LL. I did see some advertisements for the movie. But, I have not seen it.
Right now I have about 35 movies that I've bought and still haven't had the time to watch. help
Apple has done business with russia. Microsoft, and many others have done business with and in russia. Although I think I read once upon a time that russia was trying to push google and mickeysoft out.

Many corporations have done business with and in russia.

Trump himself stated he'd like to have better relations with russia. Smart move as it would be better than always pushing for war.

None of the cases for the people being indicted by mueller have any thing to do with Trump or the campaign.

So all every one is saying is that lobbyists are bad, wanting any type of peace or better relations, is bad. I agree with most lobbyists being bad.

What I can't agree with is trying to push something that even two years after the fact, there is no evidence any where of collusion or any damages from russia other than media hype, created by obozo's Not-so-just department and his failed golden child, who had lots of evidence against her but was let off the hook.

There are actually more people losing their jobs in the DoJ and other political positions as the evidence mounts more against them, the longer this propaganda drags out. Manafort was fired due to questions arising from Ukranian work then replaced by bannon.

Every time they try pulling something from nothing, some one and their department takes another fall. The DoJ is facing it's own shortfalls as it comes to light that they aren't operating with in the laws of congress but think they're exempt. No one seems to talk about Devin Nunes that THAT special counsel.

Trump funded the absolute bulk of his campaign with his own money.
There are so many things wrong with your statement it is difficult to know where to start.
So, I'll go back to the central theme;

Unless you are working on the case with Mueller, you have no idea what evidence there is.
Evidence is first presented in court, not in the newspapers. That comes later.
Mueller is still in the process of collecting all the evidence as each avenue he explores likely
yields more evidence.

While it may not be too unusual for businesses to do business with foreign entities,
there does seem to be far too much Russian business tied to the Trump presidential campaign
and that makes Trump quite susceptible to being in a quid pro quo situation with our long term enemy.
Indeed, clearly there was Russia meddling in the election and that should be considered a smoking gun
in itself, as well as Trump's acceptance of Putin's word over our own various intelligence agencies.
Trump himself has had and has attempted more business deals with Russia. It makes for a very dangerous
situation that requires a full investigation.

Trump has repeatedly lied in office, far more than any other president. Just as one example, the story
about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians has shifted considerably, as well as his attempted cover up, another smoking gun.

Putting things in perspective, the Trump investigation has already yielded more guilty pleas than the Nixon one in a much shorter time frame. Plus, the Manafort trial is now in progress. The Trump campaign investigation
has already unveiled a tremendous amount of secret corruption and we haven't even gotten to Trump's attorney Michael Cohen yet, nor Jared, nor Don Jr., nor the orange phony. Each trial will reveal more evidence. So, as with all trials, hold off judgements until the final verdict.
What has mueller and DoJ brought in his indictments?

One Russian company that didn't exist?

The fact that when russia offers opportunity for them to at least question those "agents" in any environment, they run with their tails tucked clucking about how that's not how they operate. rolling on the floor laughing

What damages? The propaganda the dems and DoJ created? Why aren't they investigating the hacking of the RNC? What about other establishments? Why didn't obozo do anything if they knew so much for so long? The DoJ lied about no damages from the so-called Russian meddling? How many elections has the U.S. meddled with? Besides our last presidential election in 2016?

It's actually your stories that are full of holes and even congress has stood with statements on no proof of any thing.

They have nothing unless they can make it up and make it stick. That's why they need those charges against the people like popadopalous, manafort, Flynn, and others. They need your weak minds to stay in the clouds even though the only one remotely close was Flynn lying when he had no reason too.

FBI ex-employees stand to face charges themselves. Security clearance revocation is past due for many.

You keep squaking but there still isn't any substance to your hopes and dreams. Much like the dem party, rinos, and hillary.
Even as two other "businesses" prepare to meet and call mueller out on the charges against them, even in Washington, they have nothing. Even as many partially "ethical" reports flip flop back and forth, there are smarter people warning about being chumps.

No evidence means no evidence. Why do you think all of those court dealings so far have nothing to do with "collusion", hacking? We're dealing with money laundering, failures to register a certain status and other made up, far reaching charges still unrelated.

Eventually, you will see that money laundering is central to the motivation for Trump to collude with the Russians. With Trump it's all about the $$$. He would do just about anything to get more.
Manafort's trial, as well as subsequent ones, will deal with money laundering, shell companies, and kickbacks.
Hopefully, you and others, will begin to understand, just how & why, it happened.
Mueller must be given the opportunity to thoroughly investigate and prosecute those involved.
Consider that already Flynn is cooperating with the DOJ and what he may have offered to do so.
Like I said, wait until the trials are over, before jumping to conclusions.
This is only the first trial. It promises to get more & more interesting than $18,000 jackets. laugh
P.S. The link you posted is over a month old. Since that time, Trump has already admitted collusion.
Now the goalposts were moved back by Trump's legal team to "collusion isn't illegal" (but conspiracy is).
Collusion was never illegal from the start. Trump made a statement. He's good at gaming the weak. He's even mentioned his concerns over Russia helping the demonrats during the mid terms.

He also did the right thing in every instance that came to light before and after his landslide win over hillary; he fired the offenders.
Yet, he continually lied about there being collusion.
So, continually lying and changing the story about the meeting with the Russians in Trump Tower
was "the right thing to do" ?
What's that from the Pinocchio book of morals ? laugh
So which is it? Nothing about mueller, the FBi, or even the investigation itself, has any substance that be trusted except wasting $millions of dollars of tax payer funds.

Cohen under investigations for his practices. Much like the steele dosier still hasn't surfaced any substance against Trump because every thing is being stretched for and fabricated for people like you.

Jr. didn't do any thing wrong. Trump didn't know.

The way the FBI operates since at least 2009, the reason for the decades old charges being filed and prosecuted all of a sudden for many, they're hoping they get someone to lie on the stand for a plea bargain at best.

Like the steele dossier they can't use but have gotten away with so far, it's going to have to be provable to be any type of prosecution.

Nothing from nothing, still leaves nothing.
I trust the FBI a LOT more than I trust Trump, who holds the record for lies.
Indeed, only 27% of what he says is true. Even for a politician that's ridiculously bad.

Lies & scamming is his history.
You really shouldn't:

obozo also stripped security clearance at least once more before he left. It was because of questions being raised about contracts being awarded to a more "favorable" choice.
I'm glad you brought this up, as it is more evidence against Trump regarding obstruction of justice.
This is the ONLY time that such a person had their security clearance stripped without committing a crime AND he is likely to do this to more people, just because they are doing their job in investigating Trump.
Crimes were committed. Not charged. It's also not too late.

Trump obstructed nothing. But the other way around. They are obstructing Trump and were trying to obstruct the elections. When they lost, they started stepping it up to make every one believe the other way around.

obozo's weaponization of the IRS was only the start of what type of marxist terrorist he was. They truly though hillary was a gaurantee in the beginning. They needed another guarantee so obozo did nothing. I doubt russia did any thing with our elections at all. He couldn't provoke them with Syria but he could use them in other ways once they openly released their partnered criminal golden child, to watch her lose the election. The DoJ went extremely crooked under that regime and many left overs after.

Even through 2016, obozo tried to keep waves low.


Talking out of both sides of his mouth, trump is obviously gaming his base. When they believe, have faith and blindly trust their fearful leader, facts don't matter.. roll eyes

Well Jack?

Who rolled back regulations to let the economy grow?

Who's actually building border security?

Who's actually slowing illegal immigration and increased vetting of "refugees"?

Who has actually reformed tax laws?

Who's actually fighting terrorism to get Iraq back on track?

Who's actually getting countries and people to the bargaining table?

Where is the evidence on collusion?

Who's working but donating their salary every pay day?

Flash back to the good 'ol obozo days; before we were dealing with the left over corruption.
Here's a little more depth:


The manafort jury is still out at this moment. 4 days? Must have been one hack of a defense. It must have had some other truths the media didn't add.grin

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