People may come and goconversing

Some will go and some stayswine

Have u had that feeling wherein some way or another u feel sad or happycheers

That u don't like to end...

Hope u got what I meandunno


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Oh yeah I am going through that feeling right now Jen. That is why I can't sleep and it is 2:00 am my local time in Cali.

Anyways, confusion sometimes is a very difficult thing to handle. I am confused at the moment where I don't really know if I stay or just blast off..frustrated
That is keeping u awakedunno
Its kinda hard to decide esp when both choices are advantage of u.
You have to weigh properly dunno maybe.

Maybe I will just give u a hug

r u Snookums under another name? confused
wave Eleg

confused dunno handshake
Hi Ysabel - oh there are so many people who have come into my life. Some I have loved, some have been good friends...but they are all still there in my real as ever. And they are dotted around the world. If I went back to Australia...there would be an instant small group of people that would enter my life again. Same in Japan, same in England. But I or they moved on. But they are never forgotten and yes it is a little sad and nostalgic.
But life has continue its unpredictable course innocent hug
Hey there robby...yes indeedthumbs up

Likewise.It just unavoidable way everytime we pass thru this memoriescheers
But as the song goes...

Don't' look so sad
I know it's over
But life goes on
And this world
Keeps on turning
Let's just be glad
We have this time
To spend together oh
There is no need
To watch the bridges
That we're burning hey oh

Lay your head on my pillow sweet babe
Hold your warm and tender body close to mine hey
Hear the whisper of the raindrops
Roll softly
Against my window hey hey oh late at night
Make believe you love me one more time hey
For the good times hey
For the good times

Ysabel - awwww...I’ve gone all goose-bumpy grin kiss
Oh the sing lyrics....Elvis? wave
Robby its just like a tennis ball when u play...

People in our lives just come and go

I love it when it is PERRY COMO's way of singingapplause
Well Ysabel - they don’t all go. There are many special friends that I have had...some going back 50 years, some were ‘very special’ and we all know where each other is. We keep in touch sometimes. So they haven’t gone from my life, they are somehow still in it. I know if I jumped on a plane some of them would be very much in it, others are now in different circumstances.. and it would be wrong to go knocking on their door. But no, they haven’t ‘gone’ hug
Ysabel - Perry Como?! ...grin oh my great great grandma used to like him! Lol applause hug
They will never be gone.Even they are in another life....they will always be here in our heartscheering

Everyday in our lives we meet diff kind of people.....some would be closer to us
Just like High school the best...would be exciting during reunions.

Kris Kristofferson wrote the lyrics so most probably he is the original.
It was jist revived by many singers
like:elvis ptesley,ray price,perry como and many others
I just love listening to this.
lyrics is so nice.teddybear cheers
Ysabel - I think you must have a big heart heart beating

Oh check out Al Green’s version of your song. There’s a lot of soul in it cheers
Yes robby it is nice too.Only difference is the kind of tempo of how it made.True it has diff emotion in it.thumbs up cheers
That’s what make songs so great isn’t it Ysabel....all the different versions and styles.
( was only joking about Perry Como - true, he sings it beautifully hug actually it was my gran who loved him, but she could never get his name right - she always called him Perry Moco! rolling on the floor laughing )

Anyway, gotta go...nice blog bouquet
Adios amigobeer

Thanks for dropping bycheers robby
Love that song Jen. Sad when you're breaking up, though. sad flower
Hi Ysabel,

I sing and I love the songs you mentioned! Especially Ray Price!cheers
Good morning Jim. bouquet
Good evening to you lindsy and Jim

Everytime thos song played
I just sat down aand listen in between the lyrics.hug yes it is sad song bit full of meaningapplause
Jim it was sang by Ray Price beautifullycheering loved it too.thumbs up
Today is my neighbor's birthdaygift
He is a nice old man and treats me like his daughter.He didn't know I surprised him with my own baked of carrot pineapple muffins with pansit.cheers

We dine with other friends.This ia how we make beautiful memoriescheers beer wine
Hi Jen ! What is pansit? innocent
Hey robby

Pansit is a Filipino food made of noodles
mix with carrots,cabbage,green bean and garnish it with chicken or porkthumbs up yum...ingredients are simple but its how u cook it....yumyumcheers
Mmmm...sounds yummy...ok make me some ! Lol grin
handshake ok it will take less than an hour for the preparation....


On its way nowangel cheers

Enjoy !!!!!wine
Thanks Jen ...I’ll tell you what I think once I have eaten it all...thank you wine

Btw, which do you prefer...ysabel, jhen, ysabeljhen or Sue? grin
Nice question rob

Friends and family call me jhenapplause

Jhen means sunshineteddybear
Oh Jhen..well we all want to call you that applause

Or I might call you sunshine grin wine
rob any can do but I prefer to be called by my real namecheers

Oh Jhen it definitely is then hug

You know you and me are two of the very few people using our real first names on here.
Can’t see any problem with really... cool
rob I think there are somedunno
Would be nice if we use our real namescheers
Yes Jhen...of course we never want to give away our full name on here...but yes...first name terms we be so much friendlier.

What was this blog about? Haha....oh yes, I remember! Hehe kiss
Lol its about FOR THE GOOD TIMESgrin

Don't worry we are in it making good timescheers
Let the GOOD TIMES roll ! grin cheering
I wonder if anyone else will join us here?’s kind of nice..just the two of us hug
( mail seems not possible....wink)
rolling on the floor laughing yeah for good times and bad timescheering

That's what friends are forhandshake
Still in it robcheers dancing
Class reunion is upcoming this Decemberapplause

It has been years since we were in High School .Each has their own life.
Remembering those crushes and being the nsughty oneapplause
The good times we share.
Can't wait to see u guyscheers wine beer
Everyday is another way of saying Thank you for we woke up and have another life.
The same is through with having someone thst makes u smilekiss


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