Viva la Difference.

I’m always puzzled by the behavioral differences between males and females. And the strange thing is that these differences show even before we are properly aware of our genders. confused

Now just look at what happens when a little girl falls off her bicycle. She’ll get up and cry all the way while pushing her bicycle home. By the time she gets home, she’d be sobbing and mommy will console her by putting some ointment on her ‘wounds’. Afterwards she will play with her dolls and not go near the bicycle for days. crying

When a little boy comes off his bike the first thing he’ll do is to look around to see who saw him falling. Then he will pick up his bike, ride home, dump it in the driveway and start crying like a baby while running to his mother. She will console him with a hug and he’ll demand ointment; even on places where he was not hurt. Afterwards he’ll get back on his bicycle and look up his little friends to brag about his wounds. doh

I would seem that men did not change one bit since leaving the cave age. Look at how they pee. Those days men just ‘whipped it out’ (a borrowed phrase), marked his territory, shook it dry and went on with looking for a woman to club. Nothing has changed since then. For women this too was a simple procedure in those days. She would squat down, do her thing – note that this was before the invention of that wonderful innovation called panties – get up and walk on looking for somebody to club her. Half of them probably did not even bother to get down. They were drip-dry those days. grin

But since then women have evolved into a very sophisticated and complex being and I’m not always sure if evolution is such a good thing. When the modern woman walks into a toilet, she’ll take a glance at it before walking out to the garden to pick an argument about the upright toilet seat with an innocent man slaving with the lawnmower. The wiser men will leave the lawnmower running to drown the tirade. blah

Then she will go back into the house while shaking her head in disgust and have a cup of tea to restore her composure. Afterwards she will go back to the toilet and examine the seat and the floor before using half a toilet roll to wipe the toilet seat. Then she will sit down to do her thing before using the rest of the toilet roll. Apparently they are no longer drip-dry. shock

Then the undercarriage is dehumidified and deodorized with super-fine talcum powder and non-abrasive intimate sprays, the toilet is flushed, and a new toilet roll is inserted in the holder. Following that the toilet seat will be raised to ensure a topic for the next argument. This is followed by the vigorously washing of hands with an ozone-friendly antiseptic soap. The ritual is then finalized in the kitchen with another cup of tea to hasten the opportunity for the next argument. uh oh

Arguments appear to be a very important component of social interaction with the female version of Homo Sapiens. hole
cats meow cats meow

May all of you all have a great day!wave

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Clearly I did something wrong... When I got my first bike, I went out to learn to ride it... something that occurred naturally for my brothers. I fell off it multiple times during the day... I had cuts and bruises, but I stayed out until I had mastered the art. I was about 7 or 8. Crying was not an option... as I had three brothers, it was considered a weakness to be crying... so we just kept going until we got it right.

As for the toilet seat... I am not even going to enter into that debate. uh oh
Hi Abagail,
Hmm, were you a tomboy by any chance? That is a complete different situation.grin
My parents were poor and I never had a bike but I wasn't ever poor on being loved though.
I think I’m a difficult person to live with and Art hasn’t found that out yet... Sshhhhhhh....grin

Catfoot applause
Catfoot, because of my love and consideration for Mimi - when she joins me in the states I will install a urinal next to the toilet thus always leaving the lid down. I feel thats the least I can do for her as she might feel exhausted after mowing the lawn or shoveling the snow. "No worries."dancing dancing
Hi Bear,
That is heartwarming. A happy childhood is a great start in life.
Hi Mimi
That is fine. I won't tell and nobody reads these comments in anyway. So your secret is safe.laugh
catfoot my childhood wasn't always happy in certain aspects but I was loved regardless.
Hi Bear,
My parents were not rich either and there were many things I wanted that I did not get. Though it caused some minor dissatisfaction at times, it did not affect my happiness. Loving parents are the greatest thing a child can have. hug
Hi Art,
I'm not exactly a marriage councilor but I'd seriously suggest that you and Mimi should discuss the distribution of household chores. It appears that you have conflicting agendas. laugh
damn, I google bicycle with a toilet. ... no way. !!

Morning Cat, wave


Catfoot A lot of my unhappiness had absolutely nothing to do with not getting material things that I wanted it mainly had to do with me losing my father at such young age.
Super-fine talcum powder and non-abrasive intimate sprays me arse! (pun intended!)

You must hang around high-maintenance women, pussyboy cats meow

And is it really so difficult to put down the toilet seat (and not leave urine dribble all over the bowl too)?
Hey Boggie,
Has that device been patented? It has possibilities. It could become very popular in France and here in South-Africa. I notice that the seat is down; so it may be popular with the ladies as well.grin
I suppose I should count myself lucky. I had the privilege of both parents right into my fifties. Event at this late stage of my life I still have one parent alive. hug
Hi Mollylaugh
Is it really so difficult to just lower the seat without starting WWIII. I mean we don't complain when it is down. We just raise it and that's the end of it.dancing
No, you raise it, dribble, and then expect the woman to come along and clean the rim scold

I think in France is going to be mandatory . All the a**hole are moving there.... hum ,why did I move to France? confused I know laugh

Hope all is well with you . cheers
I'm sorry, I don't dribble!snooty

My mother taught me to stand close. Only those who are shorter than what they think dribbles.uh oh
Cat, The simple but effective method that modern man should practice is to sit the feck down when peeing, that way no splash on the walls or floor and peace will reign throughout the household provided she cleans the basin of makeup residue and the bath drain of masses of hair.professor
Yes thank you, I'm in good health.

I hear the French children are so clever. Somebody told me the other day that even six year olds can already speak reasonable French.grin
hey Cat, I am insane, but you are getting near. laugh

Good to hear all is going well. cheers
Hi Map,
That's what I mean. and we don't complain about it. We just clean it up or use it as it is. I sure it is a damn side easier to lift up a toilet seat that cleaning a basin. doh

I simply don't understand why they're still fighting for equality. I certainly won't relinquish the upper-hand if I had it. grin
Insanity is not a requirement here but it certainly helps!doh
Cat, from my unofficial, but verifiable, research into men and their height, most seem to think they are at least 4 or 5cm taller than they are roll eyes

Cat, Equality is one thing, but I became a "sitter" when I was forced to do my own cleaning and was actually shocked at the amount of splatter (often caused by a stray pube or apathy).

Molly, I dont think height has anything to do with it, just poor aim or the dreaded winter willy syndrome.
Map, it was Cat gave the height excuse

I don't agree with that excuse either.

Apathy, and not having to clean up after themselves, would be the major cause
I was not referring to height.rolling on the floor laughing
Oh you meant willy-length roll eyes

The calculation for that is:

Their calculation / 2 , then add 0.5cm so as not to totally destroy their self-image grin
I only sit when I'm too drunk to stand. doh
Cat, How weird, I only stand when too drunk to sitcheers
that reminds me of another BS story but I'm not going to repeat it here. I'm still traumatized since the last time when one of my blogs vanished and that was a few years ago. I'm emotionally attached to my blogs and I don't part from them easily. sigh
I dearly hope that 'sit' was not a typo.laugh
Cat, throw a few political terms and names into the story, and you can guarantee it will never be deleted then
Cat, Not a typo, I could have said " I only stand when too drunk to sit and I sharted", I didn't because that only happens when Ive had a tipple or two and a cheap roadside bunnychow.

Time to return your blog to falling off bikes, Ive somewhat lowered the tone.
Hi Catfoot, I do agree with the part of a boy or man falling and jump and look to see if someone seen them. Happened to me when we got some ice all over and living in Florida not use to seeing, I step out on the steps and was on my back. The first thing I done was look to see if anyone seen me. I think my pride was hurt more than the fall. laugh I think a woman invented the bike to get back at men, or why would they have added that top bar in between the handle bars and seat, knowing in between our legs is a sensitive area. Something to think about. rolling on the floor laughing

cheers my freind.
The only politicians worth heckling with are American and I get too much flak when I talk about them.rolling on the floor laughing
Yeah, but you will never get a blog deleted if it involves American politics

So stick it in whenever you say anything controversial


Women are all misandrist biatches - Trump is god- I hate women

I'm drifting off again but believe it or not; I have never eaten a bunnychow. I should really give it a try some time. Since I got food poisoning some time ago from a bad samoosa I bought at one of these dubious joints I've been avoiding them. uh oh
Hey Wen!
You've got something there. I never thought about it that way.laugh
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