Something Very Strange Is Happening Everywhere…

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Man's over presence on the Earth is causing the end of the Earth's role as a habitable bio-sphere. It has nothing to do with a God. It has everything to do with our allowing too many fur less monkeys to breed without restraint. Pollution, drilling holes in the Earth, burning bio-fuels, etc. All of it accumulates and will soon make the Earth just another lifeless rock orbiting the sun.

rolling on the floor laughing
Fear not, as long as you can find another human to eat, you will not go hungry. :)

This is pretty crazy~! . I'd say start at the 5 minute mark.
God loves a tryer, string, keep up the good work. thumbs up
they did not believe Noah either.
Its not if.
its when.
" God loves a trier " angel

Now here's something strange uh oh

Its not only God that loves you String .. I think I roll eyes


Ps, I think Harb does too wink
Harbal heart1 string. Forever.

so who's shaking you up then sting ....

Is it me batting or is it harb him moping

Oh My blushing

Talk about feeling on top of things yay



It's itchy or me, string, you can't have both scold
Harb you are a nice guy but you do it for me.laugh
don't do it for me.
I'm sure that comes as a great relief to both of us, string. handshake
Oh goody gum drops with Harb out of the way yay

There is only one thing to do ...... reunion

And no I'm not suggesting a meet up with Mimi scold laugh


To have loved and lost is better than never having loved at all. sigh
I'll take you to Newgrange if you leave my box alone
Okay, I'll forget about the box, but would you consider letting me cross your Ts and dot your Is?
We can discuss the Ts but the Is are out of the question
String, its been fun cheers

Sooo tired here so I'm going to call it a night yawn

But till we meet again, see you in my dreams happy place



So, just to summarise: Newgrange is on the table and the Ts are a possibility. I think we have the makings of a deal, molly. Would you like to go back to the original blog to finalise things or would you prefer to stay on this one, now that we have somehow ended up here?
I hadn't realised we had changed blogs until you mentioned it laugh

Sorry String help
no problem harb does that to women.laugh
It's amazing what can be found when you are determined to find only what you are looking for.
String very strange things do often occur during a full moon like there is going to be tonight.laugh
my night to howel.laugh

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