I often hear and read about this beautiful city and some even have ambitions about spending their honeymoon there as it is the fabled glittering city of light, on “THE” hill.

It is the city where I spent the first 20 years of my life. So, I do know it better than those who write about it but have never been there.
So, I will now give you a glimpse of the Paris I know and still lives within me...

For instance, a romantic boat ride on the Seine is not as romantic as one may think. In fact, the Seine is heavily polluted, and in the summer months stinks. It is also the source for drinking water in Paris.

The renown Metro, a very efficient transport system for the inhabitants but, during the rush hours, when everybody is packed in like sardines, the air quality is very bad, making it hard to breathe and it is THE place to go to be groped, as it is the preferred home of perverts.

Well, I used to live in central Paris, on an Avenue, perhaps comparable with Hollywood Boulevard but without all the fancy shops. To a tourist, it sounds good! However, any woman who pauses for a moment would be extremely likely to be approached by some stranger and asked how much she charges for her services.

Living on a 6th floor “penthouse” in central Paris, with a view of Montmartre, can also sound very glamorous but, it must be remembered that the buildings in the city centre have been there since before the revolution, which of course means, that were built without lifts (or elevators), electricity and all modern conveniences.
Due to the constant stair climbing, I grew up to be very fit.

Paris, as other cities, has many parks and fountains. However, they are all ornamental to be looked at and admired. There is no walking or sitting on the grass, or even paddling in the fountains and this is rigorously policed.

Well, this is the Paris I have known and the reason why I couldn’t wait to leave. But, of course, most inhabitants believe their own myth and think it´s wonderful and it is the centre of the universe.

Overlaying the map of the city is an archipelago of tourist attractions, to name but a few:

First of all, the famous Eiffel Tower that, despite millions of tourists climbing all over it, is still standing and some even try their skills at skydiving from the top.

The Louvres is full of unique artwork, many of which were stolen from elsewhere by our great General Napoleon.

The Cathedral Notre Dame is a famous example of Medieval architecture.

Montmartre is the famous home of many artists and not far from where I lived. Still worth a visit, and you can have a portrait of yourself for a reasonable price - even in the nude if you so wish!

And, not to forget, the famous Arc de Triumph and the Champs Elysees, home of the President.

For those who still wish to visit Paris, the best time is August, when the majority of the natives have left. Although the weather is very hot and sticky, it is quieter and easier to get around.

A quote that comes to mind:
“Tell me a story of who you are, and see who I am in the stories I live. And together we will remember that each of us always has a choice”.

Yes, I made that choice – I left in order to taste greener pastures.
joy cartwheel

Many will tell you that "you can take a girl out of the city, but cannot take the city out of the girl".
Well, it was not my case as I was never a city girl, but more of a "country girl" at heart.

Regarding the Premier tourist attraction "The Champs Elysées", it now has some "must see" new attraction.
There are now many burnt out buildings and kiosks, the tarmac bears the scars of burning tyres, and it is now patrolled by heavily armed soldiers and armed vehicles.
All worth seeing!
doh devil

Comments (70)

Tokyo, I think it´s a bit too late for that! dunno giggle
Yes,you may be right.
I was very dissapointed in Paris. The old buildings were very impressive but that was all I could appreciate...and the pastries. Bought one at every pastry shop I could find and they were all better than any I have ever had before.laugh
I found Paris very gay, went to a Donna summers concert and was surrounded by gays, I had no idea she was a gay icon.
Hello Elk..wave

You see...I'm not the only one to think so.

As for the pastries..yes I forgot to say...they're the best in Europe! smitten
Bonjour people in Paris? Hmmm...not in my days though.dunno
Been to Paris twice, once with a man I was engaged to at the time, once on my own. I doubt I would go again but then - I don't like cities. I don't think any of them are romantic per se.

I do love Venice but then it was where I first fell in love. I was 15 and it was a massive crush rather than an interactive relationship sigh I believe it can get incredibly stinky so - scratch romance. Only the once, never been back.

Edinburgh's surprisingly beautiful but all those hills - you seem to be either puffing uphill or walking a bit too fast for comfort downhill the whole time. roll eyes

Johannesburg - dear me. It was an invigorating and exciting place to be young (and white, that helped) when I was in my teens and twenties, though. Thanks, JHB hug

It's said when you are tired of London you are tired of life, I got tired of life after 4 visits uh oh

Enough. International jet-setter signing off instead of rambling drearily on.
Amazingly, I've never been to Paris.
I've always been saving it for the right moment. Maybe i should just go!
I enjoy city-breaks.

My favourite city is Havana. But unfortunately that's not close enough for a city break.

Rome, I adore. It is both a vibrant city and a living museum at the same time.

Edinburgh is lovely if a bit cold. As is Warsaw, and cheap to boot.

I love Amsterdam and London. Venice is pretty. So is Bath.

I love Cordoba, San Sebastian and the architecture of Barcelona.

Many cities seen. Many more to see.
Biff..thanks for sharing your incredible city adventures.

I don't like city life either and even worse now I've been living by the sea in a relatively small town.

I went to London about 3 times and saw everything I wanted to see but...couldn't wait to get out of it!
Molly...quoi?? Never seen Paris ? wow

Anyway...Now you've been warned about the places to avoid.
I rarely do the real touristy things. I didn't even go in a gondola in Venice.

I would still avoid August though.
I'd prefer locals to be there than to be there when it is hot and sticky and full of tourists laugh
I also prefer to go to places where there are no tourists.

I didn't go in a gondola either when I was in Venice. Very expensive too!
I loathed gay Paree! It is dirty the people are ignorant they can't cook fried eggs could go on forever about it! Almost passed out in Montmarte not good on heights couldn't face the tower got to La Louvre as it was closing crying

Now Prague is a different kettle of fish altogether I adore it totally smitten so clean everything on time to the literal second food is terrific if not a tad fattening. The town clock
is to be seen to be believed apparently the King cut off the designers hands so he could never reproduce it! The Castle in the city is amazing I could live there!

this is not the best shot of the clock really I'm afraid sorry
The Dancing House;

soooo many wonderful buildings!
Now this is superb!

A better pic of the clock;
whoops! blushing

crowds gather every hour
It's beautiful, Cerv
Charles Bridge they sell white chocolate mice at each end & of course it is a haven for artists of all calibres. Must have walked this a hundred times!

I loved it so much
Inside St Vitus Cathedral all the statues are of pure silver or gold this one is the angels holding back the 4 winds
Prague has to be the most beautiful city in the world closely followed by Madrid Barcelona & St Petersburgh we did so much walking in 10 days & I was on crutches at the time!
We will be there in a couple of months Molly so you can enjoy it too……….. oh hahaa a tiny puppy made an even tinier puddle on the sidewalk in Wenceslas Square it was thoroughly told off & the shop keeper came out with bleach & hot water & scrubbed the tiles so much they nearly lifted!
rolling on the floor laughing

Ahh the memories I can't wait to go back heart wings
I'd like to visit St Petersburg too.
So many places...
Madrid wouldn't be my favourite city at all. My only real memory of it is the Guernica .
true dat about Madrid but I need to pop in there next week to collect my passport which ran out 10 years ago...………. you can tell how much I love travelling! This is why this next one we go by boat I'm looking forward to going back to Norway I used to live there for a short while & adored it snow et al!

I think the next place I can't wait to see is the furthest point north in the world where you can post a stamp!

The aurora borealis is literally out of this world something magical about it we often saw it in Norway

Hello Tila wave

Thanks posting such lovely pictures. Have never been to Prague but it does look very nice - certainly my kind of city. thumbs up

As for the last picture, it just took my breath away... smitten
When I think of Paris my thoughts are traffic jams and erratic (nearly put erotic) driving.
Give me the countryside any day.crying
Hi Abuelo...welcome to my blog. wave

Thanks for sharing your experience of Paris.

I also remember all the traffic jam and the pollution...especially on the peripheric...a right death trap! doh
For me it's the seaside and the mountains.
I'm put off cities and the hectic life.
As it happens, I still have family living there and a nephew who works on the Champs Elysées - but not for the last 19 weeks! - due to the riots, tear gas etc. grin

But then, we don´t hear much about this on the news???
uh oh
Apparently...some shots have already been fired...and there are some injured casualties.doh
Been through Paris at night when tower was all lit up, beautiful.

Would not go now until bother has subsided. Just for visit to much hustle and bustle for me, to live and expensive.

Do you miss your home daniela?

Have good weekend teddybear
Been through Paris at night when tower was all lit up, beautiful.

Would not go now until bother has subsided. Just for visit to much hustle and bustle for me, to live and expensive.

Do you miss your home daniela?

Have good weekend teddybear
a friend of mine visited Paris once, that's what he told me

Paris stinks. So if one day I go to France, must be Normandee.
Hello Red...

NO..I don't miss Paris..or even France at all!

It would be nice to see the family of course but I'm not attracted by France nor the French life style.
Just too stressful for me!

As for Paris..much much too stressful...dirty...smelly...lot of pollution...and very expensive.!!

I was glad to leave and go to live to southern England..near the sea.smitten
Bellawood, another place I would visit if the chance
Wishing you a good weekend too Red. teddybear
Meth...I agree it stinks.
But I guess most city centres do? dunno

Normandy is nice but I prefer Britanny. Very picturesque.
Britanny? where's located, south, north or west
North West...
West of Normandy...
Opposite the channel islands.
Sethan: "Frequency. A question."(meet us in the forums)

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