I often hear and read about this beautiful city and some even have ambitions about spending their honeymoon there as it is the fabled glittering city of light, on “THE” hill.

It is the city where I spent the first 20 years of my life. So, I do know it better than those who write about it but have never been there.
So, I will now give you a glimpse of the Paris I know and still lives within me...

For instance, a romantic boat ride on the Seine is not as romantic as one may think. In fact, the Seine is heavily polluted, and in the summer months stinks. It is also the source for drinking water in Paris.

The renown Metro, a very efficient transport system for the inhabitants but, during the rush hours, when everybody is packed in like sardines, the air quality is very bad, making it hard to breathe and it is THE place to go to be groped, as it is the preferred home of perverts.

Well, I used to live in central Paris, on an Avenue, perhaps comparable with Hollywood Boulevard but without all the fancy shops. To a tourist, it sounds good! However, any woman who pauses for a moment would be extremely likely to be approached by some stranger and asked how much she charges for her services.

Living on a 6th floor “penthouse” in central Paris, with a view of Montmartre, can also sound very glamorous but, it must be remembered that the buildings in the city centre have been there since before the revolution, which of course means, that were built without lifts (or elevators), electricity and all modern conveniences.
Due to the constant stair climbing, I grew up to be very fit.

Paris, as other cities, has many parks and fountains. However, they are all ornamental to be looked at and admired. There is no walking or sitting on the grass, or even paddling in the fountains and this is rigorously policed.

Well, this is the Paris I have known and the reason why I couldn’t wait to leave. But, of course, most inhabitants believe their own myth and think it´s wonderful and it is the centre of the universe.

Overlaying the map of the city is an archipelago of tourist attractions, to name but a few:

First of all, the famous Eiffel Tower that, despite millions of tourists climbing all over it, is still standing and some even try their skills at skydiving from the top.

The Louvres is full of unique artwork, many of which were stolen from elsewhere by our great General Napoleon.

The Cathedral Notre Dame is a famous example of Medieval architecture.

Montmartre is the famous home of many artists and not far from where I lived. Still worth a visit, and you can have a portrait of yourself for a reasonable price - even in the nude if you so wish!

And, not to forget, the famous Arc de Triumph and the Champs Elysees, home of the President.

For those who still wish to visit Paris, the best time is August, when the majority of the natives have left. Although the weather is very hot and sticky, it is quieter and easier to get around.

A quote that comes to mind:
“Tell me a story of who you are, and see who I am in the stories I live. And together we will remember that each of us always has a choice”.

Yes, I made that choice – I left in order to taste greener pastures.
joy cartwheel

Many will tell you that "you can take a girl out of the city, but cannot take the city out of the girl".
Well, it was not my case as I was never a city girl, but more of a "country girl" at heart.

Regarding the Premier tourist attraction "The Champs Elysées", it now has some "must see" new attraction.
There are now many burnt out buildings and kiosks, the tarmac bears the scars of burning tyres, and it is now patrolled by heavily armed soldiers and armed vehicles.
All worth seeing!
doh devil

Comments (70)

ok! Britanny, is the same as Britain?grin
Brittany is not Britain, Brittany is absolutely stunning but then I'm bias.
Bonjour Emmy..wave

That's tell him! wink

And...what do you think of the situation in Paris.?
Friend of mine and his girlfriend got caught up in he riots on a tourist bus , mobile goldfish bowl look at the teargassing .
On a tourist bus ???
Where about was it?
Brittany, and Britain, is like the same to me.
Paris , exactly , no idea . Not seen any photos that he has posted yet , he did say the driver acted to remove them from the area .
As far as I know the riots are only on the Champs Elysés..
And the police are blocking the road.uh oh
Not the only trouble on their OE , they were in Morocco when the Danes were killed . Both were wearing head covering clothing supplied buy the tour company , guess when in Rome you wear what Romans wear . Have the photos of them there but won't be showing , don't think my friend needed a coat thing to blend in , he looks like an arab , his girl , different matter . Then came home to a peaceful NZ uh oh uh oh uh oh
Yellow jackets started well, but the yobs have taken over and so the yellow jackets are getting blamed for everything. Round here the most aggressive thing is honking horns on the roundabout.
Thanks for the update Emmy.
I don't know how much longer this will go on?? it likely to get worse before getting better?uh oh
There have always been places and times to be wary or avoid. My take is that Paris is made of neighborhoods, and you can find what you like. You can avoid messes too.

I'm not a citizen but have spent much time all over France and I love it.

Winter and early spring are gloomy, cold and/or rainy.

I'm heading there in a few days for a month, and will be staying in the Marais for much of the time. Some are petrified that it's overrun with gays. I do not expect to have problems. Anyway, they are everywhere.

Similarly, avoid contact with the culturally enlightened. It's not hard, and their stunts are the exception rather than the rule. If you stay out of their neighborhoods, especially at night, it's not a problem.

Whatever you do, speak or attempt to speak French. It's ordinary courtesy.

A Parisian French waiter is not like the ones here in America. This is the most common complaint I hear. He will take your order, but he will not hover over you. You will have to signal if you want something. It's just different. Other areas in France are somewhat different from Parisians. Try Normandie or Bretagne or the Loire valley or the Rhone, they may suit you better.

Bottom line, you can find what you like in Paris, or not. It's up to you.
Have been reading all your comment Not.
Thanks for informing the potential tourist.

And how long did you stay in Paris or France may I ask?

You're obviously seeing it from the American tourist's perspective...

Of course there are some beautiful places in France to be seen but I was only describing Paris...the city where I was born and spent many years.

Anyway...have a nice holiday!
Oh yeah, right on the protests being co-opted by the thugs and blackshirts. The protests started and continue to be about excessive taxation and M Macron not answering to those who elected him. Seriously, the GJ are not the ones burning police cars and destroying shops.

Now if you are a radar speed camera, you are at risk from the GJ. I've heard that 75% have been destroyed, a not-so-subtle tax on ordinary citizens and universally despised.
Yes, Daniela, I'm American. My wife of thirty years was a dual national and I remain close with her family and friends despite her passing away. I have more than a passing familiarity with the history, language and customs. My little town here in Colorado has an active French community as well and we all celebrate Quatorze Juillet together!

On visiting Paris in general, I would not recommend August. Many places are closed for the holiday.
The radars here are either painted over or covered and taped in plastic. As fast as they get it running again it's covered rolling on the floor laughing but they often do that here.
Sorry to hear that..
And nice to see that you still have some connections with "la belle" France.

Only..avoid Paris..for the time being anyway. wave
Bonsoir Emmy..wave

I'm off to bed now.yawn


It's very sad abiut Notre Dame blues
Bonne nuit Notre Dame
sad flower
Yeah...and the Champs Elysées are closed on Saturdays .

I wouldn't advise people to visit Paris at the moment.

sad flower sad flower sad flower
Hi Molly...Baldly...Karl.. wave

Thanks for being here. sad flower
I see it's going to cost billions to rebuild it!! And over 30 years!!

Where on earth will they find that money when people are protesting in the streets about low income and the high cost of living???doh
Oh..and the trees? How many more oak trees need to be chopped down???doh
Yep, D. Certainly a great place, Paris, in my view, to visit, but not live in---my same feeling about NYC. Perhaps it's that the former is full of the French, while the latter is crawling with Manhattanites---And I speak both languages. So I might settle on gentle Ponta Delgada, where one can avoid much of the cold winter here, and for relatively low cost, spend a few weeks in the EU, alternating between temporarily delightful places and linguistic cultures. Sad, the changes in the EU since my student days there have mostly been to the definite downside. Malheureusement, n'est pas?
Hiya Daniela,

".....I was never a city girl, but more of a "country girl" at heart." May be that is why you just hate Paris. I have never been to Paris, but I have had friends praised the city as a place to enjoy. Appreciation for a tourist place varies among people. It is like medicine. Medicine for one is poison for another, so one is healed by what would kill another one.

For me, I have NEVER liked cities. It is just a place for me to earn a living. I am at home in the woods and ocean.
Hi Vier...yes.. I don't like cities either.
I much prefer peace and my little paradise near the beach.smitten
Hello again Why Not wave

I feel the same too!
For me...countryside...sea and mountains.

I do miss the forests and the greenery of Germany though the sea was so far away.

I guess we can't have it all hey?dunno
manu1010: "Be my life be my world "(meet us in the ecards)

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