Defying logic

Been and paddled kayak yesterday. Saw a female elk with 2 calves. Totally under impression.

But where is the logic?

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The logic of what, Tule?
Of the powers in charge, Harbs.

When paddling a kayak you rather expect to see a seal. Now that would be logical.

Not that I am complaining. I get totally soft when I see wild animals. Given the speed with which people destroy this planet, every such encounter can be the last. The thought makes everything... Sharper?
I suppose it depends where you're paddling. Was it the sea?
Strange question. Really strange. Of course, I paddle in the sea. Where else?
Yulefell it would all depend of where you are paddling that kayak.The sea you would most likely see seals etc.

Obviously in the wild you would obviously see wild animals.
It could have been a river or lake.
If you had been paddling a kayak here and seen an elk, it would have been even stranger.
Well, you both are right: one can paddle in a lake or a river. I'm too concentrated on doing things my way, that I might miss other possibilities.

Though I can't claim that I was in the wild. The western cost is quite populated part of Scandinavia.

I wasn't prepared to observe elks while being on the sea, it's all :)
That's the reason I don't leave Swedish water, Molly.
If I were kayaking here and saw a hippopotamus, I'd probably give up alcohol.
Check it's not a walrus first, molly, no sense in going on the wagon over mistaken identity.
Good point, Har.

I might take a photo and write a blog about it, to get people's opinions.
Just thinking though, we don't have walruses here , so that doesn't help.
But do you not have them to the same extent that you don't have hippopotamuses (hippopotami? confused ). Perhaps seeing a walrus would only necessitate cutting down a bit.
The possibility of not seeing a hippopotamus is probably greater than not seeing a walrus.
There you are then, molly. There's always a way round these things if you think it through properly. Have another drink. drink pouring
Myself and the panther are already on shots.
Anyone ever read the Inner Life of Animals?
Walrus's have p*nis bones that are over 2 ft long. Certainly makes up for the buck teeth bowing
Just try something for me, molly: Does the "panther" make a barking sound if you wave a lead about in front of it. In a similar way, for example, that a dog would?
That's because walruses use the penises to fight off other walruses, doc, kind of similar to fencing.

^^^^^^ Paddling furiously to the North Pole
My panther just pants
It's like antler wrestling. Never saw elks doing so though, only roedeers.
Their pen (ises) are mightier than the sword (cos in their case it is their sword).
It could be a boxer dog, molly. Boxers are very similar to pants.
I hope, you packed skates, Molly.
Are you an animal doctor, nota?
Tul, you are closer than me, so you've got a head start.
Har, knowing my luck it'd be a chihuahua
I'm headin' to the south, Milk. The north is all yours :)
You're a glass half empty sort of person, aren't you, molly?
A southern farmer v. a 2 foot pen1s

You are welcome to all our farmers
* Molly, not milk.

Sorry for not checking autocorrect.

Though sometimes it works the moment you tap send :/
Har, it's all this talk of walrus penises is depressing

So near and yet so far
you should give up the drink was most likely a,,otter but you were having a whale of a time here we have laws on this drinking
Tired of laughing

Good night, good people :)
A half full glass of milk, apparently. laugh
Goodnight Tul cheers

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