What is the best life advice you would give?

I am going to be 48 this Octoberbanana
And as I walk thru the adventure of my life
I have thought of some points that taught me a lesson ....

Will you help me make a list .....cheers teddybear

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.pls just follow the numbering if u can add some on the list:

1. Live a life true to yourself.

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to
myself not what others expected of me."teddybear
Hello ysabel,
Travel while you are able and have the chance.
I was got widowed at the age of 40.
Started to explore outside the country the following year. From then, I started to travel for holidays to different countries, and I experienced how amazing it was. Meeting people of different ethnicity, culture and traditions. I went to rich countries, and countries who suffered poverty too. I would not stop to travel as long as I am able and have the chance . Savings is not on my list..lol
Always smile and make new friends.
Yes ayoneqwave And grabbing the chance if u can..
as they say "life is short"
Mine was adventurous too....cheers hug teddybear
Blue wave
Yes because without the smile we can never
know if u are satisfied in life.Its just saying "I am happy with my life..."cheers teddybear
---- Better done than perfect.

My favorite excuse for my lack of action and initiative used to be perfectionism. I’d puff up my chest and say, “I’m a perfectionist, ” But in reality, “I’m a perfectionist” really means “I’m a coward.”

Now I can face any obstacle in lifeapplause teddybear
No matter what happens, look in the positive side always.

Embrace life as if there is no tomorrow. Put passion in everything you do.cheers
WC back missed u herehug
Absolutely gayyem we should think that wayteddybear
Ms ysabeljhen, Make and keep God/Jesus your focus; and the rest will automatically fall into place .
I have been on the road gayyem and I needed a break. Although I am still on the road. Just got back from Reno. My cousin's husband passed away and there are a lot of rituals that we have to do. You know like the memorial services for three months, then nine months and so on.

Thank you gayyem.

On the blog, I have so many good practice that I am passing on to my children. First off is for them to be good to others no matter how bad they get treated. My daughter applied that yesterday and she was amazed at how calm and collected the aggression of the other person was after she just said: "God bless you"
I am greatful for that advise gayyem.From this blog I am learning a lot.You are with great experience and surely your children has been proud of you.cheers hug teddybear
Yes gayyem. I think that first and foremost, we have to have respect and love instilled in our children. They grow up knowing how cruel this world sometimes can be, but if they are equipped with the right attitude and like Sea said, believing in the grace of God, it will help them cope up with almost anything else.

It is a virtue to be kind and have a great doze of patience.

I have been living all my life where God is the center of everything.Thank God .....He guides me the right path.Thank u for dropping bycheers handshake
SO BE IT gayyem
Like you is an inspiration to anyone who reads thischeers handshake teddybear
Looking back on your life you'll regret those things you haven't done rather than those you have done.
What you want to do - Do It!

Psalm 56:3

Hi Jhen applause

Love thyself smitten
Hey Mimiwave

thumbs up need to love thyself first .....
.before u learn to love others

cheers teddybear
Another one on the list...

----Admit when you’re wrong.

When I’m wrong about something, I’ve learned to admit it quickly and emphatically. cheers teddybear
Be big enough to admit when you're wrong.
ysabel Opps I didn't realize that I had posted the same thing about admitting when you are wrong.grin
Yes BWthumbs up
@ times we tend to be deffensive
even we knew it wrong.....think that is being selfish as I thought....Realizing things
and learning to accept and be kind to admit its my fault.Thats a nice feeling after.cheers hug banana
Making lists is wasting time you could have spent doing something on the list professor grin
wave zmountain

Don't mind having the list scold
That will just guide where to begin how to begin your day to day lifehandshake

----any advise would be much appreciated.
We all learning from what u can share.
Thank u.cheers
Here is one on the list...

----Give back + help as many people as possible.

The secret to living is giving.teddybear
Always look forward...
Don't count your mistakes...
Take it as it comes...
Don't be afraid to love...

Never fart in a lift if your the only other person in it

If in doubt, do it.
When it comes to an*l it's best to have an empty flat than an unwanted tenant.
don't ever start smoking and maybe not be to critical of others
wave pkrema
Having mistakes is how we learn

thumbs up A positive thoughtcwould make life easier

doh laugh Cresto
If u can control it why not .laugh

Trusting your guts is good u never know what is there if u wont try

thumbs up
thumbs up

thumbs up No headache No pressuredunno cheers

We should share kindness love as much as we can
hug cheers

Thanku all for the ideas we are all learningteddybear cheers
Express your emotions.

I’m not afraid to let myself cry. You shouldn’t be either. It’s okay to let yourself feel your feelings, rather than pretend like they don’t exist. It’s possible to let life’s moments touch you, without allowing them to hurt youcheers banana teddybear bouquet
Avoid sunk cost fallacy and be patient.
Ethema that os very true if u do not have patience u will never accomplish your goalcheers handshake
ysabel all one can is take life one day a time.
Oh yes BW

thumbs up

We should not rush.Things will get better if we do things one at a time.cheers
Ok here is another on my list ....

---'Develope self discipline then make it a habit

“discipline” and “habit”. Though seperate in meaning, disciplines and habits ultimately intersect with one another to form the foundation for achievement — regularly working at something until it regularly works for you. When you discipline yourself, you’re essentially training yourself to act in a specific way. thumbs up cheers
Mean what you say, know when to say it, and don't eat yellow snow.
wave Track I clearly understood it just the snowconfused What about that?
I will listenhandshake
Track16: "When It Rains"(meet us in the blogs)

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