What is the best life advice you would give?

I am going to be 48 this Octoberbanana
And as I walk thru the adventure of my life
I have thought of some points that taught me a lesson ....

Will you help me make a list .....cheers teddybear

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"So.......This Is The Second"................."And Youve Made One Before?"

"If I Could............. Id Remember"............"But..........Im Really Not Sure"

"Still... Your Word Is The Answer"......If There Were Any Kind Of Doubt"

"Though...Im Surely Not Sure"......................."What..... This Is All About"........detective
I remember I commented it in one of your blog 4 or 5 years agodunno cheers
Simple...age is on your side when fantasy is gone...set yourself free! wave

Age is just a number so that wont matter anyhow....Live life to the fullest because life is short....a simple word of wisdomcheers
Sorry you read the age thing in isolation while my reference was regarding a phase of life related to this number reaching a stage when fantasy is gone (means it usually resides before, just my thought or perception, which has a scope to be wrong). conversing Also it was per se not my advice that you set yourself free but instead I shared what I experienced in my forties. Actually I am the last person to give an advice or take one myself. Its not my consideration in any sense of the word. laugh
Enjoy the little things......the hugs, the smiles, holding hands, family time....cos one day you'll look back and realise they were the big things in life.....wave
gayyem, do all the things you love to do while you can, life is too short.teddybear
My best advice is walk your own path and don't try to walk someone elses.....wine
There is so much peace in silence.hug
Learn from your mistakes and move on, walk bare foot, stop and smell the roses. If you think I'd like to...do it, life is not a rehearsal.
If you are not truthful to yourself. Your only living your life as a lie. Bugger that. I have a saying. " If you lie, it will be your future. If you tell the truth it will be your past " . Besides if one can't be truthful about who they are. Then how do you expect to be truthful to others ?.
Thank you for dropping by and share what idea you have.I think before letting everyone that u are the smartest I think I would advise u to see yourself first before u can give advise to others....I dont need your advise anywayhandshake cheers
That is so true .Cherishing every moment
we have because Life is short as in relation to what LJ that doing what make us happy .Having my 2 big boys around are the best .Likewise with MISCHIEFwave over the years that I was a single mum I always follow what makes everyone happy
what is best for the family.And yes ENEMYwave I would say I passed that alreadygrin thumbs up

I really do appreciate everyone who contributed their own advice they are sll great anf makes me happier reading itteddybear cheers iluv u allteddybear
daears wave my dear I almost forgot u pardon mehug

Of course this is your expertise u are very honest man...."honesty is the best policy"
If u have this then good things happencheers
wave Miss YSA. Miss Berry has beautiful words. It is the little things that count. They always add up to be the biggest things. Never forgotten. And again HI Miss YSA wave Lol ( laugh out loud ) laugh . I'm only a simple bloke whom was taught by me MUM peace . I was born deaf. Spent many years at speach therapy. As hard as it was for me mum. She taught me about being true to oneself peace . One just feels better about themselves head banger applause cheering . And if one treats others as they would truthfully want to be treated themselves. Then the world is just a better place peace peace cool wave
Daers then it goes back to the golden rulecheers

"Thou shall not do to others what you dont others do to u"cheers
cheers hug thumbs up head banger cool teddybear
FLIGHT LANDED @ 2145H banana weather is hot and bit humid.

Thanked God arrived safe and soundcheers teddybear
I learned an advise this week

Daears thumbs up

Sometimes with our busy lives we tend to forget that small things that in the end of the day its the great ones.In my case I enjoy every minute of my life what matter is u dont hurt anyone....I believe in "karma"cheers 9
As I was scrolling down my lists of blogs I got myself caught with this topic which reminded me of my son yesterday when he got home from Japan.He asked me this question "Mom when I was in Japan I came to realized all the pieces of advise you told me,mom what do you think can I be a good or better me?"
I was sure of my answer to him that you all shared in this blog of mine .Thanks hug thumbs up teddybear

Safety first in all situations and life

Heywave 1_S
I believe that saying "Safety first" in everything we do we have to slow down not to fall but instead falling would teach us in a waywine handshake
Give me head baby like you did last night conversing
Hey Mercewave
Interested of what about lastnightconfused hug
It's a song laugh


Ok ...a song for someone I guessconversing wine
You only have one life to live...make sure you live it as a blond.

Jest Kiddin. laugh tongue
Live your own life
Don't Compare it
With Other.
Don't take more time in selection
See if it attract you give it move.
Stay Happy Healthy n Blessed.
peace teddybear bouquet
4MaryB: "showing love "(meet us in the ecards)

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