Drain the swamp ? Trump has polluted the swamp with toxic waste

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And there is likely to be more than six. But, for the details of those 6 investigations & lawsuits go to this link;

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What does ‘drain the swamp’ mean and why did Donald Trump say it? Avinash BhunjunSaturday 20 Jan
2018 5:18 pm
During Trump’s campaign, a ‘drain the swamp’ chant could be heard as Trump announced plans for ethics reform saying he would ‘make our government honest once again’ (Picture: Bloomberg) During President Trump’s election campaign around 18 months ago, he repeatedly said the phrase ‘drain the swamp’. The phrase caused curiosity among people, voters and political commentators around the world. Mother called 'smelly fatty' by man on plane thanks hero who stepped in Trump used this metaphor to describe his plan to fix problems in the federal government. During his presidential campaign, Trump claimed then that he would raise taxes on the wealthy, particularly the hedge fund managers. He vowed that he would take on the ‘power structure’ in Washington and ‘drain the swamp’ of all the lobbyists who had hurt the country’s working class. #DrainTheSwamp became a popular trending topic on social media (Picture: Getty) He also said he would impose a lifetime ban on top executive administration staff from lobbying ‘on behalf of foreign governments.’ Furthermore, Trump also wanted to stop foreign lobbyists from engaging in fundraising for American elections. Trump said that as a billionaire, he knew how the system was rigged. He said he would be able to work around that rigged system for the benefit of the people if he was elected president. The term comes from draining swamps to combat malaria (Picture: Getty) Where does ‘drain the swamp’ come from? The term comes from when malaria was a problem in the US and Europe. The term alludes to the draining of swamps to keep mosquito populations low to combat malaria. This is because draining swamps was considered to be an effective way to kill the mosquitoes that bred there and spread the disease. Politically, the first person to use the phrase was a Democrat. Ronald Reagan said the phrase too (Picture: Getty) Winfield E. Gaylord wrote in 1903: ‘Socialists are not satisfied with killing a few of the mosquitoes which come from the capitalist swamp’ ‘They want to drain the swamp.’ However, Trump could have been inspired by the phrase as it was used from President Ronald Reagan. In 1980, Reagan called to ‘drain the swamp’ of bureaucracy in Washington.
I think that Trump couldn't come with an original term on his own instead he had to steal it from former President Ronald Reagan.What a fake Trump is.laugh
Dear Bearwoman, The term " drain the swamp " goes back over two hundred years ago. When the newly formed United States was looking for a more permanent capital it was decided to move it closer to the Southern states as they had most of the money at the time ( well some things never change ). Maryland and Virginia both donated about ten miles square for the city. it was on the Potomac and did originally consist of Alexandria, which was a thriving port at the time. The land around was mostly low lying swampland and not suited for most of the agriculture of the time ( that's why they gave it away ).

As the federal city began construction on the government and the Whitehouse the land was drained of the swamp and was in turn filled in to become the city it is today. The term " drain the swamp " was originally used to describe building in the city, hence growing the federal government. As the city became more and more reclaimed, the creatures that inhabited the swamps began to decline. The phrase then became to mean eliminating all snakes and weasels, and low creatures that inhabit the area. Over the years it has morphed into an expression to eliminate all the bureaucracy and corruption that plagues an area. It's nothing new and has been used by politicians for decades.
Bearwoman, I only post that because I think you wanted to know what the phrase meant. I'm from the Washington area and that is the unofficial history of the saying.

PS: I like bananas, Pam grows then on her farm. . . .banana
Grouchy that is very interesting thank you . See how I learn new things just when I think I know it all wave
He's turned it into a putrid cesspool of raw sewage. I hope Mueller nails him - and makes an example of him. thumbs up
The main "draining" he has done, is of his own appointees. laugh
Add to that, all that have quit, and the total is record breaking.
I guess the only reason Melania hasn't quit, is that she's in it for the big payout later,
while he's in jail. Meanwhile, Pence hasn't quit, because he's next in line for the vacated throne.
If he wanted to be honest (he doesn't), he would have promised the worst of the worst,
rather than "the best of the best". Like himself, most of his appointees have been totally
unqualified and abysmal. thumbs down

For chart go to;
Speaking of toxic waste, Trump's plan to roll back pollution rules will kill an added 1,500 people a year. That's according to the EPA.

JimNastics your post was hilarious.
Yeah T. That's partly why I chose the title of the blog.
He is selling out the public's health so he can get corporate kickbacks likely paid to shell accounts.
He wanted to eliminate the EPA. That's why he appointed someone who hated the EPA to be in charge of it,
a man, who is a climate change denial person. sigh
BW - all we can do at this point is laugh at the incompetence. However, when the time is appropriate,
the voters need to make a HUGE statement, that we care about what has happened and will not tolerate
abuses to the environment, children, immigrants, net neutrality, National Parks, women, our allies, and the law. scold
I sure hope so, Jim. Like this November, vote out the corrupt Congress.

There was a meme on fb this morning that I thought was funny.

Remember - no white shoes after labour day.

Or old, white men in Congress. rolling on the floor laughing thumbs up
Actually, I'd like to retain some of the progressive ones, like Bernie Sanders.
JN from what I just read on Yahoo News that Trump is blaming Jeff Sessions for all the mess we're in.
For once I actually agree with LindseyJones, we should not call President Trump a moron.

This man, who says he is highly intelligent, actually thought it was appropriate to attack the USA Union leader on LABOUR DAY.
Now I am not a great supporter of unions, but even I can see the total stupidity of attacking their leader on a day that celebrates the people who actually made America great in the first place.

So, we must stop calling Trump a moron, It is unfair to associate real morons with someone so unbelievably stupid.
BW - I believe you mean, that Trump is blaming Sessions for the mess that Trump is in. That's what the ego maniacs do. They blame anyone else, rather than themselves. He's the one who appointed Sessions. He's the one who obstructed justice. He's the one who laundered money and he's the one who will be impeached.

LI - Yes, that is a very good article. thumbs up Indeed, the attorney for Trump's first wife, Marla Maples, stated that Trump keeps a copy of Hitler's speeches on his nightstand. Trump studied the techniques that Hitler used to get in power. Both Hitler and Trump are demagogues, which blame problems on minorities and lead chants of nationalism. It's a mind game to deceive the unintelligent. They also both hailed the police force and the military
to get them behind him. If you dupe the police and military to get behind you, it makes it hard to stop him, especially in times of war. We've seen the outcome with Hitler's gas chambers and we've seen the outcome so far with Trump's prison's for children of refugees. Both Hitler and Trump are drunk with power. However, Trump's central goal is more secretly obtaining money. However, the danger is very present. Luckily, the US government has more control over dictators, than pre-nazi Germany did.

Ri - Trump is dumb, but nowhere near as dumb as his supporters. He's smarter than them. So to them, he actually appears smart. Perception of intelligence is relative to each person and in particular to their individual level of such.
your a liar he does not keep anything of hitler trump not going anywhere we voted for him civil war will break out if he removed the entire us military will stand with the people how do I know this lol well you see all your doing is trying to scare people and come up with lies like hitler the swamp , you sir are a trader your comment and statement is way passed free speech you had your 8 years of Obama now sit back wait your turn like americans do vote do complain or make up lies I mean really what you libs. going to do what you going to fight with lol were tired of your lies and people like you I didn't like obana however I respected the office and there was some things I liked about Obama the same with trump . have respect for your country or leave its that simple go up to where that stupid candian woman is from they make room for you there always more room for more snowflakes in that crappy country by the way is this a dating site or a site for dumb people to post crap like this let me know so I can leave

Must be a dumb republican, no punctuation, poor spelling, incorrect Grammar and word usage, vicious and incoherent.
Maybe he/she/it can try again in Englishdunno
"Must be a dumb republican, no punctuation, poor spelling, incorrect Grammar and word usage, vicious and incoherent.
Maybe he/she/it can try again in English"

Bloody hell who called the grammar police doh

Just pointing out the fact that most Trump supporters are poorly educated and/or illiterate. They really have a problem writing even simple sentences. The reason Trump is now the President of the USA.
"There are currently five separate investigations into Trump and his associates from four different investigative bodies. An additional lawsuit brought by two state attorneys general challenges whether Trump is in violation of the U.S. Constitution."

Is there also a count of private lawsuits that were put on hold while this monster wallows in the swamp, and which will resume when he's gone? It looks like decades of conflict ahead. Duh Peepelz bought a pig in a poke and, surprise, it really is a pig.

I'm not sure of the exact number. There were about 75 when he took office. However, there's been several added to that more recently.

Wow ! Thanks for reminding us just how uneducated, confused, and incoherent Trump's base can be.
Still, it's shocking.
Regardless, this is the USA. Here in this country we are allowed to protest injustice and illegal activity.
Unlike Trump, I do respect the office of the presidency. Trump doesn't respect anyone, except Putin.
He's disrespected a POW & Congressman, a Gold Star family, judges, women, candidates, and even a cripple.
As far as your incorrect allegation, that I am a liar, read the following article and then apologize for your assertion,
if you have any decency;

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