Not just an ordinary saint

In my teens, I wore a St. Christopher pendant round my neck. Not because I had any kind of affinity with St. Christopher, or even any idea of who he was, but because it was a craze going round at the time. When I got older, and better able to make an informed choice, I got rid of St. Christopher and took up with St. Michael. It was a sort of epiphany, I suppose, and it happened in M&S’s Barnsley branch, that’s where I became a disciple.

Marks & Spencer didn’t cater for spiritual needs but a great many of my material ones were catered for there. M&S was a rock on the High Street that was, to me, what the church is to any Christian. Their lack of facility for redeeming my soul was more than compensated for by their ability to supply me with a decent quality pair of jeans at a reasonable price.

Their range of stock was neither the most diverse nor cheapest but you knew that whatever you bought would be of good quality and very unlikely to give any cause for complaint. For years, virtually every stitch I wore had St. Michael on the label.

And their food department was no less reliable. Again, the range was limited but what they did sell could be counted on to be first class. They used to sell wedges of cheesecake that I have never elsewhere been able to get the like of, and ice cream that was, likewise, not to be found anywhere else. The first and finest yogurt I ever tasted came from M&S. But I should have known it was all too good to last. One day when I went into the store everything looked different; something seemed to be missing, or rather, somebody.

It was a dark day when St. Michael got his marching orders, and hardly brightened when the likes of Per Una and the M&S Collection breezed in and tried to fill his shoes. How is a man supposed to feel any pride in wearing Blue Harbour under pants? What happened to the food department was no less than tragic. Gone was the small but select range of top notch fare; replaced by a far more extensive but inferior collection of stuff you would expect to find in any run off the mill supermarket. And, horror upon horror, they now also stock popular brands. They even sell date expired items at a reduced price. My God, one could be forgiven for thinking one had wandered into Asda.

Now, as I bemoan the lost salad days of M&S, the only straw of hope left to clutch at is that, if the saints do one day go marching in, St. Michael will be leading them.
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Oh well...good things always come to an end..somehow! sigh

Make sure that that straw of hope you're clutching at is not a plastic one! scold
I know that St. Christopher is the patron saint of travellers, but no clue what St. Michael's role is. dunno
I love shopping at M&S’s too! cheering

It can get a bit too pricey for MiMi though due to the exchange rate.

£1 = MYR5.35 mumbling I can easily get a plate of yummy wonton noodle with that help

Harbaaaaaaal!! handshake


Molly would approve of this wink
M&S straws were always made from real straw, daniela. They are probably plastic now, though. blues

St. Michael is the patron saint of value for money shopping, Imp.
MiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii handshake

I knew you would be an M&S shopper, MiMi, you've got the class. rollers
no strings attached.laugh
Except for the string vests, string.
Our Dunnes Stores, which is like an Iris M&S used to have a St. Bernard label. I'd say Ber and Mike took off on their travels together.
Dunnes Stores, sans St. Bernard, has expanded its borders though. And can now be found in the South of Spain. It would be terrible to go on a 2 week holiday and not be able to stock up on Cornflakes, rashers and sausages.
St. Michael uh oh too rich for my blood, I settled for George who despite not being a saint did a pretty good line in work wear professor If they'd made him a saint it would have been too expensive laugh
My umbrella from Marks&Spencer lasted 26 years. I would probably still have it, if it didn't break when I crushed the car.
Mollyyyyyyyyyyyyyy joy gotta go cartwheel

I'm exploring possibilities for my mollymoji
Beware of false economy, Z.
Shame about your umbrella, BA, but it sounds like you had your money's worth out of it. You should invest in a new one before it rains. wave
Har, you write so, so well! Thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

M&S? Gotta love it, I wish I could do my weekly shopping there sigh
Keep looking , Har wink
Unla, it is more of a special occasion shop alright laugh

I love their TV adverts though

They were the first to make food look very appealing
Yeah, they're good ads, them and Guinness.

The food is beautiful. Dunnes is nice but not in the same class
unlaoised, I would compare M&S's food department with Waitrose. Next is probably better for clothes. M&S is definitely not what it used to be.
You're going to be difficult about this imoji thing, aren't you, molly? sigh
Good old Marks and Sparks grin

My Mom should have had shares in the company for the amount of shopping she did there and time spent in there. I am sure she felt a religious experience everytime she walked through the front doors and into the haloed chambers.

As for me, well I always bought my underpants and socks there! Lol

loved their range of exotic foods I used to gorge on them sigh
Same with my socks and pants, robby.

Well at least you have an exotic profile pic, tilla. wave
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