What is My Purpose? The Question that Lingers

Do you at times feel lost? Feeling like there is nothing you can do to better your situation? Better yet, does it seem like you are the only one walking the less traveled road? If this describes you then this article is for you.

So many of us walk through life always searching for that moment that evades us or that never comes. We hope to do mighty things, we harbor mighty visions in our hearts.....


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"I Dont...And Wont"

"Walk Down Any Road Used By Others"

"I Hack Out.... My Own Road".................detective
hey buddy Namthumbs up

"I wont ever walk your own road"
"I follow my own path..."
"You go yours and I go mine .."
"If this way maybe we can realize our purpose"

cheers how is that?handshake
I only feel lost when I log on CS.When I log off I don't feel that way anymore so I go find something else that makes me feel good.

Went a whole month without logging on here and I didn't feel as stressed out as I've been feeling often now.

Looking forward when I can do more traveling like I used to and being around different people helped me lot.
"Maybe Its Best I Dont Respond"

"On Your Blogs Anymore"

"Your Replies Always Seem To Be In A Negative Nature"................detective
Show me the way Ysabeljhen, I have sinnedprofessor
BWthumbs up

Considering what you love doing can help you discover your purpose. What is that one or two activities that have you firing on all cylinders? Do you love playing the guitar or landscaping? Whichever the activity, realize it and brainstorm how you can turn it into a meaningful activity. You can join groups that can help you further improve on your skill set and help you earn a living from it.cheers

" NO NO NO "
"I don't agree on U"
"I always understand what u mean but U
dontconfused "
ysabel I used to like gardening and sewing but my arthritis has slowed me down.Now I just enjoy traveling and looking forward to doing that again hopefully soon with a friend of mine.Of course I can't sit for more then 3 hours in one spot so taking short breaks while traveling in a vehicle will give me a chance to take pictures which does help in preventing my muscles from tensing up.I'm looking forward to the leaf change taking place on the mountains.
Wow thats great BWthumbs up travelling to the woods would be fun except if arthritis wont strike again.I love gardening its where I spend some of my time other thsn baking and cookinggrin .You have to enjoy while u can its worth it.Hope u can share some pics would be lovelyhug cheers
scold Bnaughty not againgrin

I think I am not right person u confess of your sinconfused But anyhow the leadt u can do is ask forgiveness from whom u have sinnedthumbs up ....u can discover maybe u have a purposedunno handshake
Thinking alone won’t help you realize your purpose, you have to take massive action. So, instead of worrying yourself to death overthinking, start taking steps that will propel you towards your purpose. In fact, action births clarity which facilitates focus. Therefore, the massive action will be geared to only one objective; realizing your purpose.cheers

Have been known to walk aimlessly round in circles, at times......though don't bring anyone else along when I do. laugh

More weary though.....rather than lost, I think.

I have a job to do here.

It's what drives me.

Then I will go along with you with my aim
maybe we could find some answers u never know ....realizing your purpose is to a one-off activity; it is a journey. Through the journey, you can get bruised, cut but having your mind and heart fix.cheers hug
Indeed it is a journey....sometimes one hell of a roller coaster.....other times a merry-go-round...grin

Take the good with the bad, I say.

A personal journey for all of us....hug
thumbs up yep Berry it will just come along in time ....all awhile there u realized that this is itcheers teddybear
Let me share how I realized I have this purpose:

It was after my graduation had my licensure in nursing then I had the chance to have my 1st overseas job in Jordan.It wasnt really that easy and I was mad and regret why I came to that place.I went to our embassy and asked to go home.Asked me why and told them I wasnt happy at all.dunno I realized something after all.I stayed after knowing from people around that I am just in culture shock.Yes I was.
Over the years I stayed in this place I now starting to learn their culture which I hate when I first step in.
I started to be staff nurse and I eas promoted to be the Head nurse.....after 6 years I decided to go home to my country for good.Have not stayed long until I was hired in the Military Hospital in the Middle east.
My sister in Vancouver is willing to get me for a job but I wasnt interested and dropped it.All the while I was in Middle east.
When I picture myself I had enough opportunity to go somewhere not the ME but as if there is purpose for me in this place.
I got my masters then I was promoted to Supervisory...all this time I realized that working in this places and areas of ME made me accomplished to be a better and experience person.cheers teddybear
In your day to day conversations, are there regular topics that you talk about? Do your friends find you versed in certain topics, say, politics, nature or technology?

Consider what you talk about every time you meet with people. Also, consider what you like sharing on social media. These topics that you regularly engage in could reveal your purpose in life...

I do not experience feeling lost or alone. Maybe on occassion a bit lonely but that is rare. I have an abundance of life experiences from traveling when I was an artist. I feel I've lived an exciting fun life and am now fixing to enjoy my golden years although my Daddy says the only thing gold is his urine.
I love to wander off the beaten track, I always find out something new about myself when I do...it's great.
I have often felt lost lonely and alone....when I do I usually surround myself with good people.
Or else I wander that track again until I find something worth perking up for.
There's a big world out there no reason to feel lonely but I know it happens that way for some.wine
What is my purpose? Jen that is a very big question. But in our ordinary everyday life, it is a most no brainer one to answer, I mean, I create my everyday activity that will respond to that question and depending on my mood, every minute changes if not every second. Making my purpose more elusive than what I have figured to do. Then again, that question is already answered by what I have accomplished in life. Having children, grand children and the cycle goes on.teddybear
Thats it gayyem
thumbs up
its like a conclusion of something u diddunno the end result of things we have done I guess....cheers
dd wave
Yep @ times while you are on your way down the road I tend to go back and realized there is something there that I
find interesting.....handshake
Fayhug let me just hug u .
I understand what u are going thru on your retirement stage but there are lot of things
maybe u cannot figure it yet ...as your journey start with it as u go along way don't forget that u carry with u the luck that only u can have.....cheers

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