That's a Wrap!

Waking to smokey skies yet again, I decided to head out to another community to ride my bike, hopefully under clear skies. I'm beyond fed up with the smoke this year, and am seriously considering selling my house and moving to Panama if this is going to be the summer normal.

It's very difficult to exercise at all when the smoke is so thick one can hardly breathe, and the stench of smoke permeates the house, along with ash that manages to work it's way inside. I'm guessing that the smoke and lack of oxygen is the reason I was so unmotivated this morning, rather than a low iron count. I made a quick lunch to take with me, along with a couple of bottles of water.

I headed out to the Rotary trail that follows the Vedder River, about a 20 minute drive from my community. Arriving, it was slightly hazy there from the smoke, but nothing nearly as bad as where I live (oh, lucky me). I haven't been to the Rotary Trail for years, mainly due to the fact that it gets super busy. I figured with kids back in school, a weekday before school got out, that it might not be too busy - and I was right!

I didn't take a lot of photos due to the haze, but thoroughly enjoyed my ride through the trees as well as the open areas with vistas of the river and Vedder Mountain on the other side. I followed the trail in a loop, taking the dike part way back, an area I hadn't ridden before.

The dike might not have been a great idea as it was quite hot and I could feel the heat beating on my bare head. Thankfully there was a breeze, but that can be a bit disconcerting sometimes. Thinking that my ride hadn't been long enough, I circled back to the main river trail (with shade), and rode back down the river trail to a bench I'd seen overlooking the river.

Taking my water bottle out of my lunch bag, I realized that one of them had leaked quite severely. Ack! Fortunately, my wrap had not been completely soaked. Munching on it while I surveyed my surroundings, a sandpiper pecked at something in the water. Of course, I'd left my camera in my bike bag and by the time I got it, the sandpiper was gone. Grrr. I know better and I even thought of taking it out while I grabbed my lunch bag.

I've been looking for carbohydrate reduced wraps, as regular wraps are as high in carbs as bread is. I was delighted when I found them the other day, as I really enjoy a wrap. It's an easy way to fill it with a salad, but be able to eat it on the go. Perfect for my lifestyle, and especially great for bike rides. My other go-to's are the Wendy's grilled chicken wraps, but I'm trying to stay away from fast food.

Seagulls circled and called in the river bed while I ate, the water levels exceedingly low. Families with little children dotted the river beds, splashing and playing in the shallow pools. After a significant rest, and downing most of my water from both bottles, I headed back.

I realized how close I was to getting heat stroke when I got back to my car and loaded up my bike. Dizzy, I had to go sit in the car and finish off the rest of the water so I wouldn't pass out.

I did take some photos of a heron on a stump in the middle of a slough, as well as the first red, yellow, orange and green turning maple leaves. It's a bit soon to see the colour, but with the heat we've had, it's no wonder the leaves are turning already.

By the time I headed home, the smoke had almost completely cleared from the valley, and I was more than glad to see the mountains again (obscured this morning).

All in all, a very good day, with plans to ride another rail trail in the near future. Of course, I'll be taking my lunch with me, along with more than two bottles of water.

And... that's a wrap!

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Wow ! They still don't have the fires out yet ?
Sounds like your area needs a good soaking rain.
wave lady I can imagine myself going with u in a bike ride.Watching the herons as they land on the seashore, the maple trees with beautiful color of the leaves ohhhh thats really a great day for you.And yes just have enough water to hydrate u incase .Good u got home .BTW a wrap is nice and easy to take with you.handshake enjoy your daycheers
The bike ride sounds like a fun time.
Jim - we've had a little rain, but not much. The fire near me is mostly contained, but we've had some wind the past couple of days which has increased the smoke from the fires.

But no, the fires further north are not contained, unfortunately. Next week it's supposed to rain all week, and although I'm not looking forward to cloudy skies, we really do need the moisture.
ysa- thanks! Yes, it's a beautiful area, with so much to appreciate and you'd love the turning maples. Thanks for your comments! grin
bluesky - it is a fun time for me. I really, really enjoy being out on my bike and feel like I'm missing something if I don't go. I love the distance I can cover and all the fabulous photo opportunities that present themselves. grin
Damn those fires.

Imp, is there a likelihood of developing COPD when subjected to long periods of smoke inhalation?

Don't wish to alarm you.....but the smokey skies seem relentless your way, at the mo. conversing
berry - I'm not sure about COPD but certainly asthma. I already have asthma, so the smoke is a real irritant. I'll have to look it up to see if COPD is a risk. One thing I do know is that my blood pressure rises when it's smokey, so it's no wonder it was high when I saw the doctor during the month we were inundated with smoke. I checked my blood pressure this morning, and although it wasn't 'high' per se, it was higher than it has been, 142/88 - tonight, after my bike ride and getting out of the smoke, it was 114/78.
Whatever you do Imp....don't google it....laugh

Was just wondering if you knew off hand, is all.

Second reading of your BP is're still getting heaps out of your tiki touring, so a slight raise in BP shouldn't deter you.

Oh...."tiki touring"....NZ slang for sightseeing journey.
Berry - I actually notice my blood pressure is lower after I've ridden my bike, so I figure it must be really good for me!

I did google COPD and forest fires, and yes, there is a risk of COPD, but I didn't open any of the links - as there were way too many and I'm sure I could find symptoms in each and every one of them! rolling on the floor laughing

Haha, I love that - 'tiki touring'! Yes, I am getting loads out of it so there's no way I'll be stopping any time soon. I believe I rode about 25km today - about 15miles. banana

If u dont mind my asking Do u have maintenance of any cardiac related problems?Your BP is maintained thoughthumbs up COPD is Congestive Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.It is a Respiratory related problems.cheers
BerrySmoothie the links.....very wise....laugh

How many of us have googled a condition, to suddenly break out in a sweat, thinking we're dying of some random disease.....blues

Geez, you're definitely clocking up the kms.... you go girl....thumbs up

ysa- I'm not on any medication for anything other than iron to increase my level as I'm really low. I've been riding my bike a lot more and really watching what I eat to bring down my blood pressure. I know what COPD is as my Mom has it - hopefully that's not something I'll end up with. I rarely even use the inhaler the dr gave me, however have used it when it's been really smokey and I've had a hard time breathing.
ysa - actually, I first learned about COPD when my horse ended up with it. I used to have to give him ventipulmin so the poor guy could breathe when I rode him. I'm sure the smoke where my daughter lives isn't helping it, but for the most part, he's been really good the past 15 years.
berry - that's a fact re: googling an illness! lol. rolling on the floor laughing

I think I'm trying to get in as much biking as I can before the rains hit us. It feels so good to be able to cycle up hills I used to have to get off and walk up. Every week I see a bit more improvement. Most of the time I don't realize how far I've travelled as I'm so busy gawking - or in your vernacular - tiki touring!
Sorry to learn about your mom
hug Asthma usually heals in time as we grow older(for some) anyhow what matter is avoiding some of the irritants that might trigger the asthma.handshake Thanks for the answer.grin

comfort poor horse.grin
ysa- I would love it if my asthma healed itself! Yeah, my poor horse had a hard time for awhile. He's good now, though. As for my Mom - at 92, she's still doing okay, so despite her health issues, she's going strong.
Wow 92 thats great.I wish my mom stayed at that age.sigh Good lifestyle with discipline will get us thru this ....and you have that
cheers for long life and good healthhandshake
Imp, you must be super fit with all this bike riding.
I wish I could send you some of our rain. With all of our technology we simply can not control the weather. I'm glad you enjoy wraps, not one of my favorites.
TR - I wish I was super fit! I'm not, but I'm definitely working on it! grin
Fay - we're due for rain all next week, so it'll be here soon enough. At least the smoke has cleared today - yay!

Yes, I love wraps, mainly because they're so easy to take, and you can basically just dump salad into them and there's an easy lunch that you can eat on the go.
All these over-processed wraps don't go with your super-fit lifestyle, you need to switch to the original and best, the Cornish pasty laugh

Looking forward to the photos
Biff - laugh The only processed part is the wrap - I fill it with my own stuff. grin

I guess I should post some, huh? I've taken photos, just haven't posted any for awhile. Takes time to edit and upload them. grin
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