Forgiving and Forgetting

Only yesterday when I was sad and I was lonely....I learned the way to leave the past and all its tears behind me.Hoping tomorrow maybe even brighter than today.

How can u forgive if u dont forget the past?
If I don't forget then I dont forgiveconfused

Need your kind opinionhandshake

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Just found this quote.
"Forgiveness frees us and allows us to move on".

I know it is just easy to say "forgive them" but I hardly cannot figure why I cannot forget that triggers me to be upset
even I told myself I forgive themfrustrated
wave Thank u Miguel I love country songs.Yes it is true if u hear in between what the song meanshandshake
Life can nt go smoothly if u u think about back.
Raising of sun give u a new life a create new thing and start new i think make bessy and start the day with new era
I don't give yesterdays a thought..I'm all about tomorrow's.
ptrajwave thanks for dropping by

Making new memories is the best thing we have to do...trying to move on....the thing is
its just remind me things I hate
Thank u Merc it should be that way handshake POSITIVE way of thinkingthumbs up
Hey Jhen - forgiving, hmmmm sometimes bery difficult

My view is that I can’t forgive someone who has deeply hurt me and done wrong unless they show true compassion and remorse. Then I will. Well all do stupid things on the spur of the moment that we then regret. It’s easy to forgive those. But if someone has planned and connived to cause hurt in a pre-meditated way, this I find very very tough to forgive and probably won’t.

Yes it is Robsigh
Maybe in timedunno it will be better.
Just move on and just make good memories on my nrw journey in life.

handshake cheers
Hi how are you?
I very much doubt one can forget the past, especially the bad and ugly side of it...
Push it on a side, give it a little softer shade of darkness, convince yourself it didn't happened exactly this way...
If you repeat a lie hundred times you may start believing in it...
pkremahug that was sweet of u to say that
maybe as time it will be ok.
@ times its like a ghost that haunts meangel
wave there Ali thanks for dropping byhandshake
Ysabel, unfortunately nothing sweet in that...
But hope you find your own way of dealing with it, that will bring you peace...
Don't push yourself to do something you don't want to do...
pkrema your warm input made me feel
a bit lifted in spirit thst makes u sweethug
Yes I will do that make sensecheers handshake
ysabel I didn't forgive the ones who did me wrong for them it was for myself only.I had no choice but do so.

I had been waiting for over 15 years of my life on getting an apology when I finally realized that those apologies would never going to come.I'll never forget what harm was done to me but I realized that I can't/couldn't just reside in the past and had to move on and not allow those people to continually do me wrong and thinking that it wasn't my fault and that no matter who I was with wasn't going to change the other person attentions towards me.

@this moment sitting I came to realized that what I read ftom all your comments brought back the hurt I had and like i I am waiting for that apology but I know its not possible.I am judt grateful for my 2 big boys beside me to comfort and understand.
Thank you for the nice words I am really learning to cope up with it.
hug cheers teddybear
lady learn from the past , do not live it
Thanks Hopethumbs up
Yes I am maybe thats why I am at my best today and tomorrowcheers handshake
forgive but keep the lessons....that to me is what not forgetting means....forgiveness is for you but I call it letting go....that allows me just let everything go with forgiveness but it really has nothing to do with the other person at all....just letting go of the past and any and all attachment to it....wave
Than you so much Mis that I consider
full dose to me.Things has to go on and live a better lifehug teddybear
Hello gayyem. I am in Texas now enjoying the rain. I am logging on for just a few hours.
gosh gayyem its gpod u dropped byhug

ok so you are bound to safely as always .....take care regards to family circleteddybear
I'm already here my friend. Visited my relatives in Dallas.
wow CASINO tayobanana
You shouldn’t dwell on the negative of the past .. think of the good times. That’s what I do.
Ms jenny, you have hit on the crux of Christianity. The piece that stands out in my mind the most is the 83rd or 78th Psalm (please forgive me for my forgetfulness :)) ) Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. And they divided up his clothes by casting lots." Although mentioned in Luke 23:34 written 50-60 yrs after Christ's death, Jesus while on the cross quoted David's Psalm (shows one the power of Prophecy). The Psalm was written 100's of years before Christs birth.

You will never forget what mishap was done to you (our healthy mind does not have a reverse button), but you do have the ability to forgive. I always say if Jesus could forgive his tormentors, then so can I forgive the many injustices the world possesses. What's important is when you recall the situation,you also need to remember how you followed the word of God and pat yourself on the back for following his wish, to forgive. Once you feed your mind with positive energies you will forget the negative ones that are trying to block your path forward. GL :)
Ok joke time: There was Baptist, Catholic and a charismatic who all happened to die on the same day. As they stood before St Peter at Heavens Gate St. Peter says to them that their not on his list. So Peter calls satan and asks him/her :) if he can come take these 3 souls for awhile as he checks his records.

Several hours later satan visits St Peter and pleads for him to take these 3 off his hands. St Peter says whats the rush? Satan tells him the Baptist is saving everyone, the Catholic is forgiving everyone and the charismatic started a #gofundme page and has collected enough for air conditioning. :)
I forgive but never forget my friend.

Sometimes I wish my mind forgers.
uptall wave
thumbs up gotcha!!!cheers
hi there seathumbs up
Just perfect timing u made me smile with your jokegrin
True thumbs up who are we not to forgive
if God forgave ussigh teddybear
hug gayyem

Just forgive and forget I guess.hug cheers
Hi Jhen applause

I agree with all of the above comments thumbs up

Along the way, people have done me wrong and I’ve forgiven them and I’m pretty sure I’ve done somebody wrong somewhere somehow and I hope they find it in their heart to forgive me too.... bouquet

However, I’d find it very hard to forgive someone who has done wrong to my loved ones.

You hurt the people I love is akin to hurting me 10 times boxing boxing boxing
hey wave Mi2 dear
Thank you.I learned from it too.thumbs up
This is what matters accepting our faults
that along the way of our journry in life we cannot avoid hurting someone.I have forgiven them that made have my pace of mindcheering
So long cheers teddybear
Hello again, Jhen bouquet

I meant to say on my earlier comment, “Along the way, there were people who had wronged me....”

Anyway, all these do not matter anymore coz I’m on bigger and better things now.

Hope you’ll have a good week ahead, Jhen hug bouquet
Hey again Mi2 dear grin yes of course
and vise versa....its past and I can just learn from it.What matter is what we have now ...peace love and happinessteddybear
Hope got u right therehug teddybear
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