when you want to blog for no other reason than a bit of chit chat... what does one blog about confused

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Sounds like the forums or a chat room might be more appropriate.
seems like politics are taking over right now.but you can blog about whatever you want.
To be honest Jim, i couldn't be arsed with them conversing

Shall we talk about the weather String roll eyes laugh
ok, it is cool here after having much heat and humidity. what's it like in your country.laugh wave
I can't help you here, I seldom chit chat dunno
But I do have a random picture of a gold fish in a bowl for you.
I hope it's useful

tip hat
String, in the west its always wet wet wet sigh

Weather aside, I see my prediction has become a reality uh oh
Thanks for that Meta, its kind of useful cause it correspondence with me mood laugh

Glad to be of some help laugh
But don't over feed the goldfish, that kills them most of the time

Bet if I was an American i wouldn't be stumped ...
all they talk about is roll eyes
depending on your mood, feed lots/don't feed at all...
mr T yep he is the talk of the town.
Hey Meta, some help is better than none atall...
plus your Irish a man of me own flesh wink
I thought this blog was going to be a follow up to harbal's huge willy blog, wink
seriously string so much talk of him has brought the blogs down .. never seen it as bad as what it has become moping
mopinga blow in for the last twenty and sure I'll still be called a blow in another twenty ...
Uknow, I've not read that blog so I've no idea how to respond to you .... confused

hope you forgiveme for that bouquet
Fret not Meta, blows are often welcomed comfort
no problema itchy wine
yes, you are right to much politics. but it is part of what is happening now.but you get tired of the same old same old. give it a rest there is nothing we can do about it.
But where I come from we've got balls of steel... blushing laugh
you think so Metus, personally speaking I think our steel balls have turned marshmallow dunno

cheers Uknow cheers
true String but it shouldn't be brought to the blogs ...
every country has their politic's shit going on but no one mouths about like the Americans do .. its boring boring boring yawn
well, I guess we will have to put up with it till it calms down or take a break from here till the storm passes. it is allowed to be discussed in the topics menu.dunno
String, I suppose if more topics of interest were about the political ones would not stand out so much conversing

me thinks drama queens are needed around here laugh shimmy
Hi itchy, you got me I'm stumped. laugh

That was one of the things that stunk on MD was much to much about politics which caused the horns and name calling to come out.

I needed a chit chat today so I blogged about not blogging.
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