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Hey, back off. It’s a rite of passage as a CS blogger to have a blog on this superhot topic, if you can’t fight ‘em join ‘em, and other sundry excuses for the heading of this blog. Actually I am only talking about one aspect, because it was a point of empathy and has cropped up occasionally in my blogs (or comments) since I first started blogging here. ‘Fake news’.

very mad I hate that the media feed us only what they think we should know
very mad I hate that they tell us about oh-so-awful things happening halfway across the world and distract us from what is happening under our noses, which we really ought to know
very mad The old phrase about 3 sides to every story - his, hers, and the truth - has become the media’s creed, except none deal in the unvarnished, unslanted, unmassaged truth moping

So when the candidate Trump back in the day attacked ‘fake news’ I thought well, good. About time someone high-profile took them to task.

Have they stopped? Have they hell. All he did was join in this bizarre pissing competition. Every time he tells a whopper, or completely contradicts himself and insists he hadn’t, up bounces the media with proof it was a whopper or a contradiction. Result? Our media of choice is the only ones we can trust? No they bloody aren’t. But thanks VERY much Mr T for giving them credibility. They’re worse than ever. The Washington Post claims he made over 2000 false claims in his first year, and has made over 4000 false claims in the last six months. On July 5th at a rally he made over 70 assertions that were ‘false, misleading or unsupported by evidence’.

If you are anti-Trump, woohoo. If you are pro-Trump it’s just more fake news. If you’re me, your eyes glaze over. The media are simply giving themselves a feeding frenzy so they can squabble at huge length over minute details.

And oh yes he lies. Some are stupid, pointless lies, told again and again, although the facts are a matter of historical record. “You know, a poll just came out that I am the most popular person in the history of the Republican Party -- 92 per cent. Beating Lincoln. I beat our Honest Abe." GWB once hit 95%. dunno And they didn’t have polls back in Lincoln’s day. dunno

You know, I just realized the other day, they told me -- when we won the state of Wisconsin, it hadn't been won by a Republican since Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952. Did you know that? And I won Wisconsin." Eisenhower won it again in 1956. Nixon won it in 1960, 1968 and 1972. Reagon won it in 1980. Winning it again after 36 years would have been worth saying - and true. But let’s not bother the facts.

The Stormy Daniels media frenzy had an echo of Bill Clinton at the start - I never met the woman. I don’t know anything about a payoff. And now we have to thank a particularly sleazy lawyer for recording his conversation with his client (WTF) to know that was a big porkie. Man, the media are loving that one. See? SEE? We aren’t the biggest liars!

I’m not even going to the infamous meeting - the one that never happened. Okay, it happened but was about adoption. Okay it wasn’t about adoption but we never used the information we got - that's a never-ending story, that one.

And oh I wish in this pissing-highest-against-the-wall war he would stop saying ‘I never said that’ when he must, FFS, know he not only said it, he said it on live TV, or in a recorded interview. frustrated

So although I called this a Trump blog it is my rant against fake news, cherry-picking facts, slanting or embellishing or ignoring facts, and all of you so enthusiastically perpetuating the lies. I rarely comment on Trump blogs - mainly when the facts given are skewed - and I get attacked every time. Not expecting comments - unless a valid correction to anything I said. This is just a rite of passage blog. smile

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Hi Eli, haven't read your blog but I thought I'd just respond before I log off. Myns insiens.

I am just VERY curious as to who or what has this global thing againstTrump. I don't think there is a single country not trying to paint him as a bad guy in the media. Why is this? All the 'experts' seem to get their info from the media and from there it gets blown out of proportion in my opinion. Why?

Trump can be whatever he wants to be but at least he is a good businessman and leader.
Luke, massive distraction tactics from something that is moving very slowly and quietly under the radar and I wish I knew what it was.

Well, that's my paranoid take, anyway. Because yes, this media frenzy is way, way out of proportion to reality.


Thanks for not reading but commenting anyway rolling on the floor laughing
Have to go teach now for a few hours. wave

I know. SUNDAY. sigh
I think he just represents all that is wrong with the world.
I know his supporters don't like him being compared to Hitler, but there is a lot of comparison there.
Germany in the 1930s was unstable, and feeling a lack of independence due to outside influence.
Hitler, a charismatic, if unlikable, leader came along and said all the right things.
He would make Germany great again.
He blamed the minorities for all the problems. They are always an easy target.
He would rid the country of these undesirable - Jews, gypsies, etc (change to Muslims, immigrants., etc) and make Germany a strong white country again.
He said all the things his supporters wanted to hear. They believed him. They wouldn't listen to any opposition, especially from academics, learned people -burn the books.
And we know how that turned out.
Biff, it has come to a point (for me, anyway) that no news is good news... I hardly watch tv anymore.
-just looking at it, thinking, naahh...I don`t need that shite. and leave it off.

cool wine
Elle, I get it. Fake news.

Even if this isn't about Trump as you said in your last paragraph, I do believe we, that support Trumps are not relying on fake news at all. We mostly feel the effect of the positive changes that is happening today that started since he took the office. I can recommend you to go and listen to his SOTUS, all the documents are provided for. Most important changes which we as Americans feel is the increase of our paycheck and that is a massive effect on the working people. The reorganization and improvement of the Veterans conditions. The bringing back of so many outsourced jobs which eventually contributed to the healthy economy of the nation. (It was predicted that as soon as he becomes the leader, WS would collapse). The lowest record of unemployment rate since 30 or some years ago. Now this is quite a record.

As of recently, he uncovered the big lies of the government about the funding of the Rebels in Syria. Why is this very important? Because there is no interest for the American people to be involved in this war, but the elite investors of weapons, mostly the followers of Clinton and the old Republicans like the Bushes has a strong interest on the massive investments of these weapons.

Recently he just proposed for the Congress and Senate house to have the terms of the suckers to be on term instead of for life. Stop their outrageous abuse of the system. Pelosi was found out to be flying her whole family numerous times in a year on their vacations at the expense of the working people like me.

This is will save the country massive amount of money.

The control of illegal immigration and the absolute refusal of admitting muslims unless properly vetted. (Don't blame him for this, they (muslims) are the ones that openly claim to want to kill all Americans.

Now these are not exposed on the popular stream media where you get most fake news. These are documented record of his performance.

The man is not perfect but for a citizen like me who has lived here for more than 40 years, I know how our government had been operating since Kennedy. I was not here during his term but we as Filipinos had been under the US since 1898. We would have become the 50th state before Alaska and Hawaii, but the elite Filipino politicians didn't ratify the referendum that could have made us a part of this country.

Now you may not be a supporter of our president and that is alright. He has so many Americans that hate and don't approve of him. But respect of him as President is all I can ask for and when he is voted out or impeach then okay, you can perhaps be laughing then or be happy.

Now these liberals that just want to flood our country with illegal immigrants and seem to be leaning to the socialist system are hurting the very constitution this country is founded from. We are not going to let that happen and for heaven's sake I hope it will remain one of the youngest country that has succeeded in becoming powerful as it is.
"Good businessman". Hardly ! 6 bankruptcies and many other failed businesses.
Lucky for him, that he was gifted $1,000,000 to start a business from his father
and later inherited a lot more.
What he has been 'successful' at, is duping thousands of people and fleecing them of money.
That's true whether they enrolled in his illegal real estate school, gave money to his illegal charity,
got people to do work for him only to not be paid, or underpaid, or got investors to waste money on
his pie in the sky promises. More recently, he's become very successful at illegal money laundering.
But, the evidence for that won't come out for a year or so.
Hi Lindsy,

I am in total agreement with you!thumbs up
Thanks Jim. A successful businessman doesn't count his failures, his success far outweighs his failures. He has turned half a million dollar into billions. Now that is a success.
Anybody who says he represents all that is wrong with the world is completely blind. Meaning the man hasn't done anything that is right? What a moron. He is a very successful father. He had three marriages that left him and his exes in good standing. He has turned half a million dollar into a billion. He has won the nomination outdoing 13 well established politicians. He has made the relationship with Korea a far better situation than in the last 30 years. He has made our life as working people better by making our wages way increased. he has turned the economy of our country much much healthier than any president has ever done. He just uncovered the lies about the involvement of our country by financing the Rebels.


You are not only a moron, you are way below imbecile to see these good things he has done for the world and for us, the people.

Yes, he so far, has been quite successful at fleecing people and illegally laundering money.
But, the 'piper is going to be paid' soon.
Molly - nope, my whole blog is about being factual and the fact that some of Trump's most shocking supporters are Neo-nazis doesn't make him Hitler Mark 2. dunno

Hitler fought for his country in the previous world war. He was a socialist and from a poor family. He fought his way up from nothing to take power in a country so crippled by debt from that war that the currency had devolved to the point where a loaf of bread cost millions. He had the support of most of the country because they were desperate. The very last thing he would have done is cut taxes for the very rich - the opposite, he targeted the Jews because they had money and the country desperately needed money. By imprisoning them he could seize their assets.

Then he went set his sights on reclaiming Germany's original borders and triggered a war that became a world war.

So - Nope. Nope. Nope.

And hopefully, nope. uh oh

When I glance through the comments, only Luke has really put his finger on it, and he didn't even read the blog. Why are the media creating this hooha. Why are we all rushing round comparing the current president to either a god, a demon, a pig in a novel about Communism, or a German dictator? Why do we care? He's not running the country single-handed, he's playing golf. He appointed some truly awful staff and there's a power-struggle of note going on in the White House. And that's it.

Yet for some reason he has become the ball in the to-the-death game of volleyball the media are playing and I

sigh handshake

(I may delete this comment later) *heavy sigh*
Viking, I'm with you, mate, I quit watching the news 5 years ago and maybe that's why I'm so taken aback by things that do force themselves onto my notice. Maybe this has all been a slow process into brainwashing - the media dictating what people think, depending on which media they follow - and no-one else sees it as odd?

For sure precious few comments have anything to do with the subject. frustrated
LJ, thanks for the list of his accomplishments and I dare say you're safe enough, no-one is going to pick it apart item by item because nobody here debates. Not any more.

Tom shouts THE SKY IS BLUE

I am about to delete a comment you made to one of the other bloggers. That attacks like this can even happen is a direct result of that who-pisses-higher war showing us all how not to behave. My blog, my rules. Person A is and always will be entitled to give an opinion on a public topic and it does not and never will give person B the right to lash out with a personal attack, based usually on no facts whatsoever. It happens too often, I have seen it happen to you too, and if you or anyone else are personally attacked on this blog I would delete that too.

It's a fact that if he represents everything that us wrong in this world. I would still say, that's absurd. No offense, delete it.

I would consider myself a complete moron for overlooking the good things he has done.
Thanks for the comment Jim, I don't think it was directed at me but waving hello in case it was. wave
...the one thing thats for surtant, is that people go bananas every time the President is mentioned...
-on one side or the other...or both!
...I`m not kapable of explaining how the mediasircus works... but I do know that somthing has changed
drasticlythe last few years...
...and yeah, it sure draws focus from whats going on arround us.uh oh
-now theres a fight (election) going on in Sweeden, and same shit there... it`s mostly about imigrants, left and
right-vings yelling and cursing eachother...
-and the media sure twist it to the bone, spreading hate, that people didn`t even know they had...
-and for the cause of what??? ...I don`t get it eighter....dunno sigh

-the tv stayes off!

cool wine
Ever so thrilled that via this blog I have got people wondering why exactly we allow ourselves to be manipulated by the media




NEW RULE the only comments about Trump that can be posted have to be conceded by both sides


Viking the hate is the scary part uh oh Scotland was getting very scary indeed. Good luck in Sweden!

We've always had contentious blogs here, it was part of the fun of it. We still do have a few with comments and links that are a bit OTT or even a lot OTT and you can go comment on those blogs, will be at least half-listened to, and get a reasonable reply laugh and those blogs go on and on because they are 'safe'.

Hate does my head in. hole
Ooh, anyone else notice the edit-blog-comments has changed? For a moment I even thought I would be able to edit the comment, oh man that would be fun! devil
...I think I`m done with bloging...even the harmless shite and dribble I post, is taken the wrong way...

no fun then.

cool wine
I have the answer to your question, hope it clears it up for

“Reports that say something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”

US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, February 12th, 2002 professor
The media can sometimes have there uses, putting us right when we've had it wrong since time began professor

Viking I would say I know exactly what you mean but Bear says I shouldn't laugh

Hey. Sometimes we don't word it right and sometimes they don't listen right dunno

Run me through that again slowly. We know we know, got it. We know we don't know - yersss - unknown unknowns -

my head hurts.

Need ...... coffeeeee .........

There was this blonde, see, kept going up to people and saying what does IDK mean

and they said I don't know and she said it seems nobody does.

more ..... coffeee .....
Viking I would say I know exactly what you mean but Bear says I shouldn't laugh

Hey. Sometimes we don't word it right and sometimes they don't listen right

Elegs you rang.laugh! it`s oki, as long as you don`t say you know exactly how I feel!grin
but offcourse, if you should know,please let me know too....innocent laugh

dancing Yeah! What You Said..........
"During the First World War, 100 million Oxo hand-wrapped cubes were provided to the Armed Forces." and nobody told them how to open them? wow

and no I didn't know either. It is the first thing on this blog, on my last 5 blogs, maybe even in my blogging lifetime, that will be genuinely and truly useful in future wow

cheering applause cheers
Bear, there you go, I DO listen laugh
Hey Viking - feeling - like, feeling's a thing, man. Changes, you know?
From minute to minute.
and then it changes again. So ... just - feel. And move on. To the next feeling.

Angel, how the devil are you, where you been girlfriend? yay
heey, Angel!wave
Elegs I think that you are getting what you told viking and what my blog was actually about confused with one another.

Oh well I'm moving on.Carry on.super
oh! I been around! Seening who I can devour. Or who I can destroy..........devil

rolling on the floor laughing Just Kidding!

Been A Little Busy!
And when I have more time to spend on the internet! I am mostly on the Military Blog page...
tip hat
Bear, very likely. I did know I shouldn't tell him I knew exactly how he felt because I didn't. Wasn't sure on the 'what he meant' but played it safe

don't be a stranger wave
At ease, Angel. At least when you do come by you get a huge welcome hug
Just going back to your op, if you want an explanations for why Trump says what he does use this as an example, in your op you pasted-

"You know, I just realized the other day, they told me -- when we won the state of Wisconsin, it hadn't been won by a Republican since Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952. Did you know that? And I won Wisconsin."

Notice the phrase "they told me" , now go back to a previous blog where it states -

"I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration, I work for the president but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda"

So it doesn't take a lot of imagination to work out who "told" him untrue "facts", and probably later this week we'll know who these 5th columnists are. As I understand it that's why politicians have aides, so they can be presented with the relevant facts without wasting there life Google-ing , I mean he spends more than enough time on Twitter without adding Google professor laugh
We Must Catch Up Soon! facetime? Facebook? Or Google facetime?
Pm Me, And let me know soon!.............hug
...just so you get to the next page....laugh
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