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Hey, back off. It’s a rite of passage as a CS blogger to have a blog on this superhot topic, if you can’t fight ‘em join ‘em, and other sundry excuses for the heading of this blog. Actually I am only talking about one aspect, because it was a point of empathy and has cropped up occasionally in my blogs (or comments) since I first started blogging here. ‘Fake news’.

very mad I hate that the media feed us only what they think we should know
very mad I hate that they tell us about oh-so-awful things happening halfway across the world and distract us from what is happening under our noses, which we really ought to know
very mad The old phrase about 3 sides to every story - his, hers, and the truth - has become the media’s creed, except none deal in the unvarnished, unslanted, unmassaged truth moping

So when the candidate Trump back in the day attacked ‘fake news’ I thought well, good. About time someone high-profile took them to task.

Have they stopped? Have they hell. All he did was join in this bizarre pissing competition. Every time he tells a whopper, or completely contradicts himself and insists he hadn’t, up bounces the media with proof it was a whopper or a contradiction. Result? Our media of choice is the only ones we can trust? No they bloody aren’t. But thanks VERY much Mr T for giving them credibility. They’re worse than ever. The Washington Post claims he made over 2000 false claims in his first year, and has made over 4000 false claims in the last six months. On July 5th at a rally he made over 70 assertions that were ‘false, misleading or unsupported by evidence’.

If you are anti-Trump, woohoo. If you are pro-Trump it’s just more fake news. If you’re me, your eyes glaze over. The media are simply giving themselves a feeding frenzy so they can squabble at huge length over minute details.

And oh yes he lies. Some are stupid, pointless lies, told again and again, although the facts are a matter of historical record. “You know, a poll just came out that I am the most popular person in the history of the Republican Party -- 92 per cent. Beating Lincoln. I beat our Honest Abe." GWB once hit 95%. dunno And they didn’t have polls back in Lincoln’s day. dunno

You know, I just realized the other day, they told me -- when we won the state of Wisconsin, it hadn't been won by a Republican since Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952. Did you know that? And I won Wisconsin." Eisenhower won it again in 1956. Nixon won it in 1960, 1968 and 1972. Reagon won it in 1980. Winning it again after 36 years would have been worth saying - and true. But let’s not bother the facts.

The Stormy Daniels media frenzy had an echo of Bill Clinton at the start - I never met the woman. I don’t know anything about a payoff. And now we have to thank a particularly sleazy lawyer for recording his conversation with his client (WTF) to know that was a big porkie. Man, the media are loving that one. See? SEE? We aren’t the biggest liars!

I’m not even going to the infamous meeting - the one that never happened. Okay, it happened but was about adoption. Okay it wasn’t about adoption but we never used the information we got - that's a never-ending story, that one.

And oh I wish in this pissing-highest-against-the-wall war he would stop saying ‘I never said that’ when he must, FFS, know he not only said it, he said it on live TV, or in a recorded interview. frustrated

So although I called this a Trump blog it is my rant against fake news, cherry-picking facts, slanting or embellishing or ignoring facts, and all of you so enthusiastically perpetuating the lies. I rarely comment on Trump blogs - mainly when the facts given are skewed - and I get attacked every time. Not expecting comments - unless a valid correction to anything I said. This is just a rite of passage blog. smile

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Good prints Z.

It's nice to know fact that are supported by documentation.

But fake news are done by the wealthy moguls like Soros.
Z, I picked those particular two because he's said both more than a dozen times - you'd think someone, like GWB, would have put him straight on the first at least rolling on the floor laughing

Oh wow resistance is really building to that voice of the resistance, he (unless it is Kellyanne, then she) has seriously offended the 'real' resistance wow This could end up uniting the country. Even the opposition are saying (a) you're cherry-picking what you choose to resist (b) you ain't elected, bud, don't you be taking things on yourself (c) bloody cheek scold
Angel, no chance Facebook, I have no FB friends from CS.

Say what? Okay I will Google Facetime nerd

Take care! peace
Viking - you're a mate *high fives*
...not sure what you called me the day before, but it was fun... grin

Too funny...laugh

Trump sucks...grin

.....................................................rolling on the floor laughing
Hey, Lou. Shoulda called it my Media rant blog but then it wouldn't have been a rite of passage and I'd still have to write one laugh

Question - you're Canadian, do you have widely differing media attitude towards the current US or do you get a lot of your coverage online?

I know in the UK everyone's having their own little thrash about Brexit and the only time Trump features is (a) when visiting or (b) tweeting about UK and the way it is conducts itself. Brits do get a little stroppy about those tweets. Plus the Scots had a run-in with him long before the election and a Scot will carry a grudge unto the 5th generation.

Just wondered because you and BC both have really strong views, albeit exactly opposite ones, and I wondered how much was Canadian media and how much was your own research.
People only have to read Forrest Trumps unhinged Tweet's.

Tons of media coverage here in Canada...lots of US media coverage in Canada...there is no where to

I get my information from various outlets on line and I do not buy into conspiracy stories...unfortunately BC have to be careful about what is out there on line...Alex Jones and Info Wars is just one of many sites that dupe people into believing fake stories only to get them to buy products...mainly survival gear...fear based sales...consequently his Twitter and Youtube site got shut down...thankfully...

It does not matter if you are a Liberal or a Conservative in Canada...Trump is bat shit crazy...and bad news for trade...Trudeau may have his detractors but if someone messes with our way of life...together we stand...

I think Canadians have some reservations in regards to refugees let into Canada but not because of their religion...more like are they going to survive and prosper here or can we afford this kind of gesture...that is the one is screaming about shootings or targeted attacks from ISIS...fear is not being touted by our politicians...

Canada will remain calm and a thinking nation...but it is really sad that our neighbour is in this state of fear and good shall come out of this...but like a good neighbor...we will wait for this to end and still be the one to hold firm but continue to believe that the US will find their way back to sanity...

Well my gut says don't trust him or anybody who likes him and that outweighs the lazy cynicism of western culture. It should be easy to call all the experts liars and believe some nobody on the internet, but Trump changes things. He's just a wrong'un.
Merc, agreed, the tweeting is bizarre. He always has, though, and if he sees no reason to stop because he is now representing a country, then gets upset because people in that country don't want to be associated with whatever he just tweeted, well, it isn't going to stop any time soon. All people can do is remember that it is Donald Trump the person tweeting, not the POTUS, and pretty much everyone else has got that now, maybe he too will realize at some point that there is, or should be, a difference between the two.
Lou, I did wonder. Because the media coverage in the US is obsessive. As I said in my blog, The Washington Post claims he made over 2000 false claims in his first year, and has made over 4000 false claims in the last six months. On July 5th at a rally he made over 70 assertions that were ‘false, misleading or unsupported by evidence’.

They then went on to list them and the thing is, they were, most of them, nitpicking to an unprecedented degree. Nobody is 100% accurate all the time and politicians are known to be more careless with the truth than others. Comments like that from the Post are counter-productive - highlight 3 or 4 whoppers, hell knows there are several to choose from, and hammer on about those, if you want to really make a point. Don't find 4000 which include things like 'he said he spoke to x world leader in the afternoon but the phone call ACTUALLY started at 11.45' - FFS what are they playing at?

Pissing contest deluxe. It's like everyone involved is thinking well if we tell enough lies the little ones will cover the big ones so that no-one even notices them

or people will laugh at the little ones and think well hell not a big deal is it I shan't bother to read any more stories about lies and false claims if that's the worst they can find ...


I don't know what the next or is. But someone does. uh oh
Chesney, if you can point me at any politician that could stand this much scrutiny and bob up smelling like a rose I'd be impressed. They are all wrong un's to the point that even to want to be a politician means the person is unfit - anyone who wants to be a world leader is usually the last person who should be one.

But this uproar being caused by the media is so deafening I do wonder what is quietly being achieved behind the fuss which we aren't even noticing because we are all fascinated by the show that is being put on for us.
Media manipulation exploits the difference between perception and reality, Fake news is rife worldwide, manipulation through language, accepted as true by the gullible, fabricated to change minds nothing more.professor
Map we are all very gullible, only have to follow the rages on Trump blogs.

You think it is just a game? Or to get more viewers / readers, rather than a sinister plot?

Unethical and sleazy, rather than dastardly? uh oh

Because it seems to me if one kid is causing havoc on a schoolyard, grownups should be stepping in. What we have here is a free-for-all brawl getting more hysterical and shrill by the day and everyone - kids, parents, teachers - joining in

The more viewers or readers the more gullible people they can spread fake news and therefore manipulate the public to think/vote/a** lick the way the big boys and girls want them to.
I guess. But the porky-telling on all sides is EPIC.

How you doin', anyway flirty
Yes biffy, all sides tell porkies, its called politicsgrin
That's sort of my point, we're all saying that - oh well, politicians you know. And the media you know. What can you expect.

Can you remember anything to match this since the Free Mandela days? Which was tiny in retrospect, but another case where pretty nearly anyone anywhere in the world had an opinion and wanted to press it on you!
Biffy, I cant recall any news or subject that has been on the media at all, But I do recall events that were never reported and never will be, Its easier to gloss over events and promote absolute rubbish, all designed to manipulate our thoughts, One example:-
When the passenger aircraft were shot down in Rhodesia by ground to air missiles, the first aircraft shot down crash landed, the survivors who were women and children were lined up, bayoneted to death...The world didnt say a word.
By George I think he's got it. Exactly. Never happened. The whole bush war never happened, so far as the world was concerned. Atrocities now aren't happening because the media don't say they are

The media moguls choose what to make us angry about. The media moguls turned such a spotlight on Nelson Mandela that people who didn't even know where Africa WAS would fight in pubs with someone who disagreed that he should be freed. On the face of it, a terrorist who had arranged civilian murders for terrorist reasons. As it turned out, best president SA ever had but - the media were agitating for the release of the psychopath Winnie Mandela's psychopath husband.

And the media has chosen the current president of the US to put under the microscope and get everyone from everywhere to have a violent opinion and WHY?
(sorry about the silence, was walking the dog laugh )
...when Lady Di dyed, so did mother Theresa. -you hardly heard about it, all was focused on Diana...

-money first, second and last...

cool wine
...and waaay off topick....grin
No, not off topic at all. You're right - Princess Di was a classic example. The media had made her a laughing-stock, a tramp chasing men and breaking marriages left right and centre. Then she died. Joe Public said to the media YOU caused this, you and your paparazzi and your b*tch b*tch b*tch about her -

Next thing you know she was a saint and anyone who dared say "but hang on" was in big big shit.

Different topic, same controlling forces.
Maybe it is just as simple as 4 or 5 stories presenting themselves and the vultures saying hmmmm, where would I rather be, in Washington enjoying a feeding frenzy or in some disaster-hit place with no water, no food and bullets flying ...


Decisions decisions

Viking, in your example - hmm, travelling between Paris and London on my fat expense account? Or in India? decisions, decisions ...
Viking, did see the results of your election, is everyone happy? Anyone? uh oh Are you?
LoL! it`s in Sweeden... couldn`t care less...grin

...well, I think they fuzzed it up just like the topick here... as fare as I know, the same Prime Minister is holding on to hes chair....for now.laugh
...and I would choose India, any day....purple heart
So would I but the whole media was in a panic over Di, they'd lost their cash cow and the only way of getting more mileage out of her was to change everyone's minds back to thinking she was lovely, and milk the sobs. They still are.

Now try making mileage out of Mother Theresa for 21 years. dunno
...I was going to visit her homeplace while I was in Kolkata, but never got time for it... (was working all day)

-but it would be fun going back there once...innocent
just a thought... the youngsters of todayes world are bourne with a smartphone in their hands...
-how will this effect their way of thinking...? they haven`t seen the evolvement as we have.
They learn this newsworld totally different than uss...dunno confused

...but theres probably a adapting app somwhere...grin
What is sad...when commenting about Mcain's death...some of the younger staff ato work said..."who?"

Perhaps they are right in ignoring politics all together...

Willie certainly likes flooding CS with multiple Trump blogs...doh
Viking, youngsters are sometimes disgusted by our apathy, you remember how they organized after that school shooting a few years ago

Still, kids are our future and they are more dependent on their phones than adults. There was a blog not long ago about how the writer is totally dependent on her phone and worries about it. Ya think??
Lou, sorry, I treasure my political ignorance except where things have been forced on me, Clockwork Orange style. (This is a spoof, of course)

I looked up some shrink opinions on this phenomenon we're experiencing on both supporters and detractors in this oh-so-done-to-death war. One fascinated me because I had to keep looking at the top to see whether the shrink was talking about supporters or detractors.

This is a summary. You tell me which of you he is talking about. And the answer, by the way, is probably not what you think.

Finds it impossible to interact meaningfully with those who hold different views
Shuts down debate with ridicule or labels
Inability to self-detach and be impartial
Fixated on bringing about change at any cost, shutting down debate, being angry
Holding fiercely to the belief that you have a monopoly on the truth
Unable to concede that anyone else has the right to an opinion
I can't see I posted this anywhere else on CS - I had it on Facebook 2 years ago. You know Facebook, loves to remind you what you posted in the past, but this made me laugh this time round too and thanks to the midterms it is appropriate again. Equal-opportunity-offensiveness, contributions from all round the world, both left and right. Enjoy. And I'm going to bed now so don't expect debate. wave

If God wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates.
~Jay Leno~

The problem with political jokes is they get elected.
~Henry Cate, VII~

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office

If we got one-tenth of what was promised to us in these State of the Union speeches, there wouldn't be any inducement to go to heaven.
~Will Rogers~

Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.
~Nikita Khrushchev~

When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I'm beginning to believe it.
~Clarence Darrow~

Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnel.
~John Quinton~

Why pay money to have your family tree traced; go into politics and your opponents will do it for you.
~Author unknown~

Politics is supposed to be the second-oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.
~Ronald Reagan~

Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other.
~Oscar Ameringer~

I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them.
~Adlai Stevenson, 1952~

A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country.
~ Tex Guinan~

I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.
~Charles de Gaulle~

Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks.
~Doug Larson~

There ought to be one day -- just one -- when there is open season on Congressmen.
~Will Rogers

We'd all like to vote for the best man, but he's never a candidate.
~Kin Hubbard~
Love them laugh

And all true uh oh
sadafmalik: "how well do u know me"(meet us in the quizzes)

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