Great job liberals Shame on you

I don't mean all liberals, just the boneheads that took their time to hijack yesterday's blog about the tragedies of September 11th.

You really showed your true colors. Yellow is the predominant color you showed. It has been suggested to me that I take down their comments, but I choose to leave them up so the rest of the people surfing the blogs can see them for themselves just how Yellow you hijackers really are.

You are a disgrace and an embarrassment to the people who lost loved ones on those days.

SHAME ON YOUprofessor scold scold scold

Comments (25)

Is somebody a liberal just because they happened to mention other deaths?

it was you first mentioned other deaths apart from 9/11 by bringing in the Benghazi killings. I then mentioned the half a million Iraqi deaths.

So if anybody hijacked your blog, it was yourself by deviating from the 9/11 deaths. Does that make you a liberal too? tip hat
Ms mollybaby, the Benghazi killings were referenced because they occurred on the same day as 9/11. Your Iraq reporting began the slide into the abyss.....take a .. bowing
Sea, it was an abysmal attack alright
Iraqi deaths, sad as they are, have nothing to do with the blog. PERIOD
If you don't want replies, especially ones not from yes-men, then you have the option of a no-reply blog

Otherwise, people will post their own replies
You are right Willy and I personally appologize.
It happened in a way I did not even realize it was getting away from the topic, until towards the end when
I realized your blog was hyacked handshake wave Jenny

This is what that blog had to do with. These are your words. It was a Benghazi blame-game blog. scold
Plus, I can guess who suggested that the posts be taken down laugh

It's a shame when facts get in the way, isn't it writing
Molly, it's a cult, not a Presidency.
OP Just using 9/11 to troll controversy and use Benghazi victims for his Trumpski politic . Shameful.barf
It's okay Willy. Lets focus on the positive side. Trump is the president whether anyone likes it or not.

And I've changed my prayers for all the victims of any killing deliberate or not.
Ralphy stay focus in the blog. Got it?
I think Trump gave a little 911 speech yesterday and din't mention Benghazi once. thumbs up
LC, I'll quote Hillary "At this point, what difference does it make?"
The following from Donald Trump in an interview on the afternoon of September 11 touting one of his buildings now being the tallest after the collapse of The World Trade Center. That's one classy guy.

Well Willy if I were you I'd start over, scrap that 911 blog, start over and this time leave Benghazi out of it. wine
LC you still don't get it. I posted the blog to remind everyone that there was more than one tragic 9/11 to remember. Erasing Benghazi is what Obama and Hillary did and I am not going to let that be forgotten.
I think the Benghazi issue has been put to bed. There were no stand down orders and two house committees found no wrongdoing.
Trump claimed to have lost hundreds of friends from 9/11 . He didnt attend one single funeral for any 9/11 victim. The face of evil folks.very mad
How very TrumpIan of mean that demented old person using your blog as a platform to spew her drivel...

Once you started in on Clinton...your blog about remembering took a different direction...dunno
Your blog was open for comment and comment we did. You're blind to the fact that are posted for your viewing pleasure yet you come back to insult those who use their right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH (know what that is?)

Shame on you!
Rather funny that the Trump supporter is telling Liberals how to behave...confused


Not another

Trump is probably not going to survive...Mueller is closing in...too many charged and facing time...even Junior is talking about it...

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