Do you believe in destiny? Why or why not?

There is a big difference in believing in destiny and believing in God. Destiny refers to a destination and there is the only similarity. Each and everyone of us has an ultimate destiny of where we would like to be or end up. Goals in this world or achievements you perform are temporal and of this world. I set them aside now because they are not eternal and do you no good when your earthly body dies.cheers

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Simple answer.No I don't believe in destiny.
"Destiny?"............. Is All About Decisions"

"But...At The Same Time?"

"These Decisions?"............ Are A Part Of Our Destiny"

"And.... For Sure............In All Actuality?"

"Our Destiny?"...."Is... To Die"

(Theyre Just The Facts Maam)

(Just The Facts).......................................detective
wave BW any reasons why?hug
My own opinionwine
Yes, I believe in destiny, I used to believe that our fate is in our own hands, and we can create a beautiful homeland with our own hard work.....
Well said buddy Namthumbs up teddybear
ysabel I just don't.
BW handshake no more questions your honorhug

Carry oncheers
People are so touchy.
BW no prob I understand word u dropped it will be like "ameoba"

thumbs up teddybear
Why so condencending? I haven't been on here for almost three days.
I do believe everything are destined to happen gayyem. We might be responsible in choosing decisions but along with it is a part of our destiny. I believe and there is no other way. I always reason out that when things are not going my way, then my acceptance is easier. I always say, things happen for a reason and whether it is good or bad, I would accept them as they are.
I always believed for instance that Trump was destined to be our leader. Of all the odds, I was the only one that I can remember who supported him right off the bat with one other member here and he knows whom I am referring to. I blogged right away even when everyone that I know of would say, he wouldn't stand a chance. Seasoned politicians the likes of Cruz, Rubio and the rest of them, he beat them all.

That is destiny gayyem.hug
thumbs up thumbs up gayyem

Ultimately, we create our own destiny but we are not 100% in control. We do our best and give it the best shot, be thankful for any sliver of good and fortune and gain a healthy perspective...cheers teddybear
I believe in destiny.and preparing for the future will help us achieve this.
wave Blue how u've been nice to see u herehug
Yes definitelythumbs up it is what we can be that guides our destiny in doing something along the way .....cheers teddybear
Absolutely gayyem. We're not in complete control. We can always opt to do our best but it doesn't always work as we hope so destiny is the best alternative we have to lighten up our responsibilities of accepting our imperfections.
Destiny? Hell no. Am I only following a script by some cosmic hack that I don't even know? What is the point?

When the Catholic Church began to break up in the early 1500s, many Protestant leaders preached Predestination (as opposed to Free Will). If God knows Everything, then he must know the future, right? If you are not born to the Circle of the Elect, then no matter what you do, you're damned for eternity. If you are among the elect, then you may execute witches.

How can we tell who those Visible Saints are? Easy: God has blessed them in THIS life. In other words, they are conspicuously rich. I see no advantage in buying into this hopelessness.
I am not sure if it's a question of "belief"...
"Destiny" is a mixture of decisions, logic, persistence and hard word, but also meaningless actions, going with the flow, choosing with your heart, listening to your gut...
It may not take you where you want but probably to where you should be...and of course that could change...any time, at any point of the journey...
Don't know if that mad any sense,
i do not believe in either of them, i believe we create alot of what we do, things can happen to us, but we decide how to handle it. One cannot pray their way out of a situation either.
korn pkrema merlin thanks for the nice inputthumbs up thumbs up
Destiny is defined many ways, but one of its definitions is “ the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events (affecting or having some outcome to a person’s life)

I believe the final outcome of my life is determined by MOSTLY my choices, decisions and actions (or inactions). But I also believe the socioeconomic status of the family I was born into, my religion/faith, the neighborhood I grew up in, the schools I attended and level of education attained, the teachers and mentors I’ve had, the illnesses that may or may not afflict me in my life, the books I read, the interests I develop, the people I meet throughout who are either good or bad influence on me, pure luck, and chance, all mesh together to determine my ultimate destination in life.cheers
If you were born to hang, you won't drown.

Join the Navy !
I look on Destiny not as a matter of chance but as a matter of choice.

No one is born to be in the military, you'll have to want to be in the military--its 100% your choice. Being a Navy SEAL is a very honorable job to have.

To be in any branch of the military, you must have a strong mind, a strong heart, and a strong will.One's choice to be in.

cheers handshake
hey there Faythumbs up

Thats what I say you made it thumbs up
its simple but very consice answercheers teddybear
Gayyem. I'm always hoping my future is just as good as it can get. Healthy and happy. Peaceful and sunny. For you, too and the good people in the world. teddybear heart wings
Essentially I belive that you make your destiny although the realities of life can certainly interfere big time.
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Very much so. I chose my destiny to come thru into a body and experience the deeper meanings of life.

My name, birthday, and life/spiritual evolution and much more explains why I am the way I am and the path that I chose. Just as it does for everyone.

All things are indeed for a reason. If not it would not happen. It's the trust on the lifepath that matters most.

We ALL have a destined path - with twists turns, shake ups, hurts, love, and celebrations— that we have always been on. It's the learning and how best to respond that matterscheers handshake
gayyemthumbs up me too as good as it can get like thatteddybear hug
This always created a lot of thoughts in my mind. Are we bound in the shackles of destiny? Does this mean that, we actually cannot do anything that we aspire or desire, if it is supposedly, not destined? Is our failure and success, just a result of destiny?confused help
Not a bit

I'm way too lazy for that though
Sorry, I don't know how the comment ended up here help

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Nice banana
I think we create our own destiny through our choices and actions......wave
M4 you are right girlthumbs up
That leads where our destiny lieshug
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