Man receives a face transplant first in Canada, wish I could show you pictures but it did not work

MONTREAL — In a Canadian medical first, surgeons at Montreal’s Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital announced Wednesday they’d performed a face transplant, giving a badly disfigured Quebec man a second lease on life.

Hospital officials detailed last May’s complex and risky 30-hour procedure involving Maurice Desjardins, who at 64 was described as the world’s oldest recipient of such a transplant.

A team led by plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Borsuk was part of the first Canadian attempt at the surgery, which has been performed about 40 times worldwide since 2005.

Borsuk said there was no other option for Desjardins, who’d been living in constant pain and isolation despite five reconstructive surgeries since a hunting accident in 2011 left him without his jaw, nose and teeth.
“Imagine when you’re suffering in silence at home for years and you don’t leave your house as much as you’d like to, and you’re sleeping in a separate room because of the sound of the tracheostomy (opening in the trachea),” said Borsuk, who also teaches at Universite de Montreal.

“You’re living this very difficult existence. Then, overnight essentially, you get a second lease on life.”

Desjardins came to see Borsuk in Montreal with a few requests: to be able to breathe properly, speak properly and to have a nose, lips, jaws and teeth.

Borsuk said Desjardins also wanted to be able to walk outside with his granddaughter without people staring at his disfigurement.

The patient was carefully vetted for years before the procedure.

“We put him through the wringer in terms of tests,” Borsuk said. “We wanted to make sure this guy was in good health … his needs were there, there was no other option for him, and there was no other chance of him having a normal life.”

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Well i certainly hope this man gets the new lease on life that he is looking for.
Aww that is so sad BCsigh

I unferstand what is like to be.As RN in ICU/CCU needs strong guts while seeing patient dying and suffering.With this case its no reason to take back whst life he has lost....having tracheostomy with him lying can cause secondary illness like Pneumonia which is life threatening to patient like him.....hope and pray miracle can just answer ithug teddybear
wave Sparrow thanks for the video.
What an extraordinary applause
Thanks to the head of the team and of course his team its bravo applause
I cant say anymorecheers
Wow that is just amazing.
Good morning J.

Technology makes things possible.

Just wanted to say hi.

What an unfathomable achievement from the surgical team.

There's no recognition that could be as satisfying as giving a patient their life back, but they should also be awarded with whatever the most prestigious award for surgical excellence is in Canada.
Hello, yes this is amazing for sure.
Thank you for the video
To see what this poor man looked like before, Google; Face transpant for man in Montreal.
Incredible to see
wave Jenny

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