The 3 Rs

In SA criminals use what is commonly known as the 3 Rs literally to get away with murder or to cut their sentence by more than half at times.




This while the victim has just about no rights...
very mad

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with us it is about improving life.
courtcase take so long, the perpetrator can 'proof' he acts better
Here the EU has made a big deal about human rights over the last 20 years, terrorists & criminals, even migrants are now protected by law, whilst the rest of us basically don't have any, anyone who voices an opinion that doesn't agree with there philosophy is branded a populist, something they've made a dirty word & strive to eliminate very mad
Good morning Luke.wave
I'm quite sure that any criminal will 'change' when having a sword held over their heads, as in this case a pending case?
Here is US we say innocent until proven guilty, however we practice guilty util proven innocent.
Hi Z,
Most of these faggots that actually write these laws are safely sitting in law-abiding countries, often with bodyguards too, not cared a shit about those that are not.
Hi, LJ, hope you have a great holiday there in Texas.bouquet
Hi Unf,
Its pretty much the same here, with the then 'innocent' being granted bail only to be caught raping babies while out on bail. Works great this 'innocent until proven guilty'
Hello Lukeon wave Over here in Canada, criminal s are given lighter sentences if they had a hard up bringing, or had alcoholic parents, or ate too much sugar as a kid..... And of course a lot of emphasis is put on reforming them,doh The care and concern for the criminal is immense very mad And in all the commotion victims are forgotten,doh
Hi Luke, you know a lot of cases are settled before a Judge ever heard them. It's a plea bargain this seems to be the norm.

I guess it's good for both sides, sometime.

cheers my freind
I bought a Daily Wail Mail today simply because I was so surprised to see one in the Spanish shop! and there was a similar story in the UK, a woman threatened with assault and damage charges by her neighbour told him she would get him shot if he went ahead. He did - nervously.

Charges were dropped by the judge because of the 3 Rs - but photographers caught her smirking broadly as she left court. Her civil assault case comes up later this week, she may regret laughing so openly so soon.

Would not want to be in his place right now. I've had a neighbour from hell and they really can do anything they like and the victim has no recourse but to move. I was lucky enough to be able to sell and go but you know what, I liked that flat, I'd done a lot of work in it, and it really irked me that I had no option.
Hi 12121,
I doubt if the serious crimes there are as vulgar and atrocious as some of our cases but i guess crime is crime and whoever CHOOSES to do crime there knows very well what to expect with sentencing. Here the youngters look up to the gangsters and its only after one has done time inside that you get a certain amount of respect from the surrounding community. A lady that was a client of mine son was convicted of murder about 4 months ago, and boy were they proud. The mindset is soo messed up....barf
Hi Wen,
Just the mere fact that a criminal is allowed to plea is wrong in my eyes. They should be punished, period.

Keep well ol bud.handshake
And Luke I know that was tiny by comparison. Just sayin', the RRR defence is everywhere at every level
Hey Eli,
This neighbor from hell is the type that forces a man to fight fire with fire. I know folks that have gone through similar ordeals , ending up hands in hair. Those are the types of people that really go against my grain. Fortunately nothing like that has ever happened to me. Im very impulsive and will knock on their door, and as you know, guerrilla warfare is a form of irregular warfare...rolling on the floor laughing
We are constantly warned of the menace of militarism, but we hear very little concerning the dangers of pacifism. Just saying...bouquet

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