All Up in Smoke.

Crowds celebrated outside the Constitutional Court as Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo handed down a judgment decriminalizing the use and cultivation of dagga in a private space.

In a victory for marijuana users across South Africa, ConCourt has officially legalised dagga use in a private capacity. The judgement was made just after 10:15 on Tuesday morning.

Lets light up..smoking

Comments (22)

It should free up precious police time for real crimes smoking
They have too much 'free time' as is. laugh
Now they will sit stoned in their vehicles laughing at the crime unfolding in front of them.. jk.

Are you really joking though? writing

Molly, Lukes not joking, Here is the SAP on patrol
What more can I say? rolling on the floor laughing thumbs up
Let sleeping dogs lie dancing dog
People are supposed to dropout of society not the other way around. As an individual it's fine to have no aspiration, but the world isn't there to tell kids they'll never amount to anything and will most probably be destructive so here's a lovely sedative.
Yes, we need more and more opium for the crowds...
Smoke and pretend life is great, people...
Cheap entertainment and a dodgy
Hi Luke, sorry I couldn't read all this clearly, had smoke in my eyes. laugh

cheers my freind.
Hello Lukeon , wave Here in Canada, Pot will be legalized on Oct 17. , for recreational, and medicinal uses. At present the police forces across the country can t control drunk drivers, and texting behind the wheel. Police forces across the country, believe people texting (while driving) causes more accidents, and kill more people than drunk drivers. In the last 2 yrs ,I ve had 2 accidents with my car, because of people texting,doh I m to a point , I m getting scared to drive, because of people texting ,(while driving) and now Pot come into the pictures, doh I need my car, so I can go out drinking and partying,rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing In all actuality, I quit drinking 25 yr ago, but just might start again,dunno
About time, too!

Now if they could sort out the real problems, that would be great sigh

@ Ches,
I have always looked up to a Government as the father of the nation. I mean, isn't it the Gov's duty to protect its citizens? Now they conjure up this solution for an ailing population. Who are we to question? cheers
@ pK,
How else to keep a population sedated? A population that has run wild for the past twenty years with most suffering the consequences of crime and violence?

Keep em sedated, that's the only way out.
There's a cloud hanging over SA at the moment my friend. Enjoy your day buddy.
more space cadets dumbing down effect.
Tried dagga politely a couple of times and never took to it so I never saw it as a big deal. However when they legalized marijuana in UK the theory was that the police could concentrate on the pushers trying to get kids onto it, instead of constantly being distracted by smokers all round.

Does this include the oil? I know at least one person who finds the stuff miraculous as a suppressant of chronic pain
@ 12121
I hear what you're saying my friend. I guess most 1st worlds are having diseases similar to what you are describing and to be honest I hate all this liberal shit. Rules are rules and with too many 'soft laws' its the innocent that gets the brunt of all the crap. There will always be good AND bad men/women no matter how they try and change everyone's way of thinking. cheers
I'd hope the oil as well, THC means no high, just the medicinal effects. We're even able to get it here in Ireland now (the oil, I mean)
Hey Unl, ek praat al lankal daai storie..laugh
Great to see youbouquet
@ String,
Hi Eli,
No doubt about the oil, I've tried it too and it works to help sleep. Just don't like the taste of chlorophyll ...bouquet
Janee, Luke, ek ook. thumbs up

Awesome om jou ook te sien hug

So, I've just taken 2mls of the stuff and headache gone in 10 minutes....but ja, it tastes like a runner's thong barf laugh
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