How does this reflect on me?

I’ve been looking for a wall mirror for my bathroom ever since I moved into this flat two years ago but haven’t been able to find a reasonably priced one. I was in Ikea earlier this week and, lo and behold, spotted exactly what I’ve been looking for. When I took one out of the wire cage where they were stacked, I was struck by how heavy it was, and it was thicker than I was expecting. It turned out that the pack actually contained four mirrors. This is where I come to the point of my blog, which is not really about mirrors at all, but about human nature, or at least my nature.

When I saw the price of what I took to be one mirror, I was happy with it. When I realised the price was for four mirrors, I suddenly begrudged having to pay for the three I didn’t need. Even though I can see the absurdity of my attitude, there seems to be nothing I can do to change it. I did actually buy the mirrors, but, even though it could be seen as getting four for the price of one, I’m not happy about it.

I look forward to all comments, provided there are no suggestions on what to do with the surplus mirrors, unless anyone wants to make me an offer for them, of course.

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Send ‘em my way!! applause

Harbaaaaaaaal handshake
I look forward to all comments, provided there are no suggestions on what to do with the surplus mirrors

Spoilsport mumbling
I've developed a good sense of anticipation since I've been on CS, Molly. laugh
MiMiyyyyyyyyyyy handshake
There’s no ‘y’ in ‘MiMi’ mumbling

You probably didn’t anticipate that!! rolling on the floor laughing
Molly reunion
So we are just to discuss your unreasonable, but credible, reaction to having to pay the same price for 4 mirrors as you were willing to pay for just one?
Mimi!!! reunion

PS. would you swap 'i's and 'y's with MiMi, please?
Mimi can have my ys anytime she wants bouquet
This ain’t ‘Wheel of Fortune’, Harbal snooty

I ain’t being difficult here but I don’t think Molly’s ‘i’s can fit into MiMi coz Molly is wayyyy too tall help
You see, Molly, how reasonable my position seems, depends on how it is presented. Your presentation doesn't make it sound as reasonable as I'd like. scold
Then use your initiative, MiMi, cut off the bottoms.
Note to self: Please wear heels the next time when meeting Molly and Biff mumbling
Mimi, this is beginning to sound vaguely erotic shimmy
Har, I think that is the problem with all the political threads as well.

Everybody sees their own position as being the reasonable one
rolling on the floor laughing
Just curious.....

Did you have any Swedish meatballs while you were in IKEA, Harbal?
In my case, Molly, I'm four times as likely to see my position that way.
Har, I don't think you are the only one to get a 4 for 1 offer on mirrors so
Mimi, have you tried the Salmon Filet?
No, MiMi. I didn't know much about Swedish food before I started going to Ikea, but, after checking out the restaurant and shop, on the way out, I have decided that it is a little weird.
But if you went into Ikea looking for four mirrors, it wouldn't seem like you were getting them for the price of one. It would just seem like Ikea mirrors are good value.
Har, I meant that others also seem to see their own opinion as 4 times more valid as others as well, so must also have got the 4 mirrors
Chat, is that on the IKEA restaurant menu as well? Is it any good?
Mimi, yes. Last time I was at Ikea I tried the beef. Possibly a Filet Mignon. Very tasty.
I didn't see the beef listed on their website, so maybe it was something only in the US.
Oh, I see what you mean, Molly. You were speaking metaphorically. I was taking you literally. Yes, most of us have been guilty of that, although when I do it I usually know I'm doing it, even though it doesn't prevent me from doing it.
Sorry, I will try to think more literally.

Just stick the fecking mirrors on the ceiling and hope that you will put them to use sometime grin
Thanks for the tip, Chat! thumbs up

Will try it the next time I go to my mom’s house. Why my mom’s house? Coz she lives like 15 mins drive from the IKEA store! grin
No, Molly, I'm sorry. I should be thinking more metaphorically. Btw. I did request no suggestions regarding the left over mirrors. scold
I believe what you experienced was a normal reaction to finding oneself in an unknown situation.

You went in to buy one mirror and was suddenly faced with the prospect of having to buy four mirrors instead. You were instantly outside of your comfort zone. You had a multiplicity of thoughts running through your brain at the same time - 'What will I do with 4 mirrors?'; 'Do I have enough wall-space for 4 mirrors?' 'Would 3 mirrors on my bedroom ceiling look naff?' ; 'Should I put all 4 on the ceiling for symmetry?' 'If I put all 4 on the ceiling, I will have none in the bathroom'; 'Will I have to shave in bed in future?' etc.

So instead of having to deal with these confusing thoughts, you instead got angry at the pricing mechanism. Why could you not buy one mirror at that price instead of getting 4 mirrors? ; If they can sell 4 at this price, why couldn't they just sell me one at a fraction of the cost?

It is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation.

Not too different from dealing with a war-zone.

I just hope you don't get PTSD as a result
That's amazing, Molly, it's like you were there with me, inside my head. wow
I can get inside people's heads nerd

And read between the lines as well cool
"I look forward to all comments, provided there are no suggestions on what to do with the surplus mirrors"

sigh Ok this comment should reach your exacting standards for comments roll eyes

The answer is simple, give all four to the charity (that's all & not the surplus laugh ), then buy one in there, should be cheap as they have four in stock professor rolling on the floor laughing
Brilliant, Z laugh
The question I often ask: Is it flat polished edges or beveled?
I daren't do that, Z. Knowing charity shop prices and my propensity for a bargain, I would likely as not buy all four back again. sigh
I'm not entirely comfortable with the thought of either of those two statements being true, Molly.
I don't know, chat, I haven't unpacked them yet.
Are well, there's way round that, put them all on Ebay as separate items & bid on them yourself, just make sure you don't buy the most expensive one professor
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