My Spider Diary

You always come across the occasional spider in any building and I get my fair share of them. I don’t dislike spiders, even though I have a mild aversion to them, as do a lot of people. I usually try to catch them in something and release them outside. A couple of weeks ago I kept coming across shed spider skins (or exoskeletons if I wanted to sound like a know it all pillock) on the floor. Since then I have evicted two quite alarmingly large specimens from my premises. I’m wondering if it is anything to do with the unusually long spell of very warm weather we had this summer, and a sign of things to come.

For the benefit of non UK residents, a monster spider is about two inches across and is absolutely no danger to human beings.

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Fried spiders/tarantulas are yummy!! thumbs up
The nutritional value in one of our spiders is probably, at best, equivalent to that of a small peanut, MiMi. It hardly seems worth getting a pan out for.
Hi Harbal, there is a lot of people that are scared to death of spiders, myself I don't worry over them. Here in Florida we have 5 type of poisonous spiders, the brown spider is the most I have heard of. Got a freind who was bit and almost died from what I understand.

Oh yell we got GATORS also.

You don’t eat just one!! scold

You eat a handful grin

They make great snacks

applause applause applause

The last trip I was in Bangkok with Art, he didn’t even wanna go anywhere near the street where they were selling all these snacks...bugs, crickets, grasshoppers, spiders, scorpions and what have you not.

I’ve never had scorpions before and thought of trying but Art warned me he’d refuse to kiss me! mumbling He’s such a spoilsport! very mad
Wen. applause

Crocodile meat is very good for curing asthma thumbs up
Hi MiMi wave , we have the alligator here, I have never tried it but I hear the meat is real good.

When we were living in Macau and we’d go shopping in Zhuhai ( China ) every other week.

The people there are big on crocodile meat! We see them everywhere. In the wet market, supermarket and restaurants.

When I was working in Singapore during the early 90’s, there’s this one Chinese restaurant in the heart of downtown Singapore that served crocodile herbal soup thumbs up
Mimi, crocodile herbal soup sounds interesting. Is the soup for asthma, my son could sure use it.
If the day ever comes when I can collect enough spiders to make a proper meal of, they can have the place to themselves, cause I'll be moving out.

I'd give most of those delicacies a try, MiMi.
Wen, many recipes on the internet. Try Googling them?

Here’s one but I doubt if you can get the Chinese herbs easily where you’re at.

You’d definitely love Asia then, Harbal cheering
We don't really have dangerous wildlife here, wen. I once tripped over a hedgehog in the dark, that's about the biggest danger I've ever been in.
When I was a baby I was dragged out my cot by a huge female baboon spider, She took me into the middle of a mango tree where I lived with my spider brothers and sisters for a short while until I was found by the humans.
I still miss my spider mommy and her regurgitated crickets and small rodents, they were some very happy days.
I envy you, map, I'd love to live in a mango tree.
Map applause

You could’ve had your very own version of ‘Jungle Book’ yay
Map, oh the webs we weave. rolling on the floor laughing
Yes indeed, cant beat a spiderweb hammock in a mango tree, spectacular lifestyle and a ready supply of sweet fruit that mommy spider could lick off my chin (do spiders have tongues? well feck it Im saying they do, adds a certain quality to my comment)...oh there's mommy below........hi mommy spider

I’ve climbed on mango trees when I was a wee lass, most times to escape the wrath of my grandma who’d be having the ‘rotan’

Har, I call them September spiders.
They are about 4 times the size of regular spiders, and strut around the house like bodybuilders on steroids.
They last about a month normally and then disappear for another year.

When I moved into my house first, I made a deal with spiders. I told them they could live in the house as long as they stayed out of sight, and never appear in my bedroom or bath. That way, they can live in my house free of charge They have tended to keep to their of the bargain.

The ones that don't keep to the bargain... well they have never been seen again.
I try to avoid any kind of tree since I backed up to the back side of a tree and a tick attack me. laugh
It doesn't sound like there would be much point in turning up at your house, Molly, if those are the terms and conditions. moping
Har, you could always clean the kitchen and put a shine on the fridge if you turned up tongue
Before you invite me to come and do your housework, Molly, I think you ought to know that, contrary to popular belief, the camera does sometimes lie.
Sorry Har, that shine is etched in my mind daydream

As is your dancing of course
Molly, it’s ok for the spiders to hang around your kitchen? help
I never see spiders but I do see their webs

My spiders are rubbish spinners, there is never a fly caught in them but I live in hope and leave the webs in place.
Legs, I rarely see insects caught in a spider web...maybe because when some poor thing gets caught the big bad spider makes short work of it? Lol...Well, not really sigh sad flower

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