Somewhere in 2014, I befriended someone here on the blogs.

She was quite active on the blogs and we hit it off right away! I soon discovered that we could talk about just anything! We confided in each other a lot too.

She invited me to her birthday celebrations over them years but I never gotten around to attend any of them until this year, mid-September to be exact.

Was super excited to see someone whom I had been Skype-ing for years! Things slowed down between us when I got really serious with Art and her being in a new workplace didn't exactly help either.

Anyway, when I finally saw her face-to-face, she was much smaller in stature than I expected giggle It was really nice to be able to give her a hug finally...hug

I got to know more about her the 8 days I stayed with her. I followed her to her workplace one day and saw how she interacted with her boss and her subordinates! Was very impressed with her negotiating skills and all that. She clearly knows her stuff and her job well!

During my stay with her, I also found out that she's a doting mom to her 19 year-old daughter. We talked a lot about our kids coz they are almost of the same age. The fear, the worries, hope, the expectations...I think moms are the same everywhere! laugh

We celebrated her birthday at her hometown, Bandung, a large city set amid volcanoes and tea plantations

I did some retail therapy while in Jakarta. In my opinion, the Indonesians have far more better batik selections than us Malaysians. Not surprisingly since the cultural point of origin being in Java, batik has had more time to develop in Indonesia.

MiMi went crazy shopping in this mall where everywhere MiMi looked was just 'Batiks', 'Batiks' and more 'Batiks'!!!

I had the pleasure of meeting another blogger for the second time around. I first met her in Kuala Lumpur when she came for a holiday 2 years ago. I bet you can guess by them slender fingers in the pic who this mysterious blogger is wink

MiMi also had the fortune to catch up with some old friends who were on their way to Bali! I befriended this couple way back in 2009 in Macau when they first started dating. They went through a lot of hurdles before she could finally joined him in Swansea, Wales cheering One of the loveliest couple and he's a very lucky man coz she's a great cook! grin
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Went back to my hometown to celebrate the Mooncake Festival a.k.a Mid-autumn Festival.

When we were children, all the neighbourhood Chinese kids would bring out with their prized possession, the cellophane lantern! We’d normally get to choose any lantern our heart desired. I’ve had a butterfly, a fish, a rooster, a dragon ( an all-time Chinese favourite! ) a bouquet of flower and many more, over them years.

We’d also get few boxes of mini candles to light up the lanterns.

We’d form a big group, help each other to light up the lanterns and then walk around the neighbourhood singing some Chinese folklore songs. There’d always someone somewhere who’d throw a party. As a wee kid, that’d be the highlight coz we’d get to devour all the goodies! It was a happy time!

I bought my kids lanterns too and my very ‘active’ son had burnt a few lanterns in his lifetime! doh

My girlfriends and I had a feast last night. Too many varieties of mooncakes to choose from. I remember when I was a kid, the mooncakes were sickeningly sweet but the people back then ( including my late grandparents) liked them that way. Nowadays, we very much prefer our mooncakes less sweet and less oily.

This is my personal favourite, ‘Taro/Yam mooncake. I can ravish two at one go! uh oh

One of our girlfriends made these yummy jelly mooncakes. The variety of flavours is simply astounding. We can never pin-point our favourite flavour coz each and every one of them is so yummy! laugh

Traditional baked mooncakes. MiMi loves them with Chinese tea.

We got a big paper lantern and wrote all our wishes on it. We then lit it up and release it up into the air....bringing our wishes along with it applause

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