Filling out a profile here is a waste of time

It appears time spent creating and filling out a profile here at CS is a complete and utter waste of our time, it would appear that the numbers of people who actually read them are very very small, I get requests from women all the time to give them my details so that they can contact me off-site and the odd times that I am so bored with life that I concur, the first questions asked of me are; how old are you, where do you live, are you single, are you looking for a wife, when I tell them that all those questions are answered if they actually read my profile, I am called an arsehole.

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hey playwave
Believe me almost mails I have everyday.
The same question I am too is fed up of those qiestions.Politely replying them "pls go back to my profile and read " that way they should know at least before contacting u....handshake cheers
playnice If some of the women who contact you want to get you to move off CS then they are scammers.
Unfortunately there will always be scammers on these sites...sounds like you have encountered a few of them :)
Don't give up...the right lady will read your profile fully...and you will find the connection you seek.

I feel similar...when guys hit the like button...without actually looking at my profile it makes me laugh doh laugh
I just hit delete lol
There are plenty of time wasters, I'm still hopeful I'll find the right one thumbs up

Take care
Cosmicthumbs up
Just now got one blocked ...handshake cheers
Those are SCAMMERS! Anyone who wants you to contact them off site either on Google hangouts, texting, or email are fake azz scammers! All of them are.
I hate it when the Nigerian princess don't put that 12 mill in my account too.......very mad
Hello... I can understand your frustration as the same happens with my profile.

Most just write a "Hello, tell me more" and can´t really be bothered to read the profile.
When I tell them they should read some of my blogs if they want to know more about me, well... I am also called names! doh

As for those giving me private mail etc.. on first communication, I don´t reply and just delete.
Blogging about it is a waste of time too.
"Blogging about it is a waste of time too."

You go girl! laugh
"Blogging about it is a waste of time too."

Sure is. Scamming should be common knowledge by now.
When i get messages or likes from guys who haven't filled out their profile, i pass them by. How am I to know anything about them if they don't do this???

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