Father of the Bride

September 24 .This marks my dad's death Anniversarry that after all those years he's been right here in our heartheart beating

Sitting here beside our fireplace had me remembered my dad sitting here next to me that day he opened up to me .

That day when our oldest sister will march on the aisle.
A wedding is always a heart melting moment for father of the bride .

Dad: I am not different from the rest of dads out there.I have dreaded today as I walk--and literally give away my daughter Maine down the aisle like a thief in the dark it came.

As I was gazing on dad ...he continue....
The feeling is like a punch in the gut which of course does not feel good but hey we are not losing a daughter but gaining another son.

Me: ( Holding dad's hand) Don't get me wrong dad ....in the same breath we rejoice beyond words over the happiness over the new life's adventure of Maine and Chok will be embracing.

That moment I saw dad in the church fell of his tears and I got me cried too.I went near him and just hold him on his arm.

teddybear kiss

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Dad and I are partners in crimehug
As we were watching them as they march on the silver lining aisle dad continued to whisper in his lowest voice....
Time surely flew very fast and as she steps into the world of making a family for herself.I fervently hope that now.
I have no doubt she will be a good wife and amazing mother.

Not just the Fayher of the Bride but the Best there's no one I can compareteddybear sad flower
iluv and missed u dearly dadteddybear
How many years ago?
wave Chat thanks for dropping by
Third year Death Anniversar.wine handshake
That's making me sentimental gayyem.

May he rest in peace Gayyem.
I'm so sorry, I can not imagine how much you miss him still. Time ever so slowly makes it stop hurting.
Hey gayyemhug
I was in tears also when I was making this blog for himteddybear

Thank you
hug Things were not the same but life has to go onteddybear
I'm touched my friend. My parents were the same. Married forever very lovingly and passed on.
They're in heaven gayyem.

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