Another Accuser?

Oh, please!! How obvious can their motives be?? These desperate libs know the 1st one isn't gonna fly, so they come up with another at the VERY last minute. Anything to delay this, no matter how rediculous and desparate and obvious they make themselves look. They're determined to bring him down at ANY cost.

Watch, they're gonna keep coming up with "victims" til the midterms. I hear there is already a third. And no evidence on any of them.

Of course, there are new cases coming up before the Supreme Court.

I hear Kavanaugh called "rapist" and other vile names. How so? There is NO evidence, even from so called "witnesses". They all deny it. Thats why they had to come up with another "victim"

Even libetal Geraldo Rivera doubts her!! I just watched him

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Texas, let them be clowns. We need them to make us laugh.
True, lindsy. laugh
Yes, however we look at it, that's all they can do. Big loser's ploy.

"Watch, they're gonna keep coming up with "victims" til the midterms."

Probably. The first "victim's" denunciation is obviously so leaky that there must be a Plan B, Plan C etc. What is lacking in quality must be made up in quantity. Anything to wind down the clock.

Or perhaps Sen. Feinstein really does have a solid blockbuster up her sleeve, for which these first 2 accusations are the build-up. But we don't know this yet, and all we we have are libels.
It's all bunch clowns trying to get more attention.
"Watch, they're gonna keep coming up with 'victims' til the midterms."

T'would seem so, Tex.

Remember three weeks ago?
When the ploy was unreleased documents?

The words of Sen. Cruz ring more true now than when he spoke them.

Is it not odd (or convenient - depending upon one's perspective) that these several accusers are traipsed out just in time to delay the hearings...
after keeping mum on being violated for decades?


These proceedings have become clownish.

I suggest that to prevent such ridiculous antics in the future, the Senate establish a firm deadline for submitting information/hurling accusations/slinging slime at the start of the proceedings.
Once that deadline has passed, the pertinent committee would accept NO more input, but discuss what had been presented prior to the deadline - a 'Statute Of Limitations On Bullshit', one might say.

Once the deadline had passed, NO more information/accusations/slime or whatever - however lurid or salacious it may be - would be allowed. Period.
Double period.

Had such a policy been adopted at the beginning of these proceedings, the esteemed aged drama queen from the People's Republic Of Commiefornia would've been unable gum up the works and reduce the 'Advice and Consent' clause of the Constitution to a laughing stock

Adopting said policy will restore a bare minimum of dignity to future proceedings.

Makes sense to me dunno

Yes, all of a sudden, these women are making these claims.

They might as well wear signs on their foreheads that say "You're really stupid. This is a delaying tactic."
I agree with you Mic. These people are really bunch of clowns for doing what they're doing. Have they really reduce themselves into silly, ridiculous clowns looking so stupid because there is no sense in whatsoever they're doing at the moment.
This resembles a case some years back where some adult males came forward to say that while they had been alter boys that they had been molested by a priest.There were some doubts of whether or not that particular priest had done what he was accused then it was found out to be true.

It's obvious that the Kavanaugh case is political but I'll suppose hopefully the truth will come out whatever the real truth is when ford and Kavanaugh testify on Thursday.

By the way Texas or whomever I've been accused of leaning to the left whenever I post comments to political Blogs or Forums.

Just for some clarity I don't support any political figure cause I don't trust them.

Texas I also posted to you in Jim Nastics blog topic.
Should the accusations leveled by the alleged victims be taken seriously?
Yes. Of course.

But the victims should make their accusations to relevant law enforcement bodies to determine if any laws have been broken and charges should be filed.

But hauling out their alleged victimhood at a Senate Judicial Hearing - to be tried in the media and court of public opinion - does nothing to get them justice.
It only makes them appear to be political tools and useful idiots.

Should they ever actually seek justice in an actual court of law, they've discredited their own cause by allowing the defense to make the case that their accusations were politically motivated rather than having any basis in fact.

There's dumb & dumber.
And then there's just plain freaking STUPID.

Lj they are not clowns, but evil and immoral on all levels…this is not a game it is a man’s life and reputation they are trying to smear and the republics are standing aside to let it happen? Why should republicans budge an inch and why can’t they just dismiss the claims as false and political sabotage? Weinstein seems to have got away with his crimes, the Clintons have and obama, so why should the demomorons get a day court for something, that may have happened 36 yrs ago? They show zero respect to republicans and I just can’t see why republicans should bow down to fake news
What is this mentality that all female accusers of rape are gospel truth tellers and all men accused are evil rapists…This is total crap and many evil corrupted women exist….the democrat party is full of them
Will brett be forced to give evidence, before his accusers? What kind of kangaroo court would try a case I this why? Democrat run court maybe? I’m disgusted by all this nonsense and this os not good at all for me, cause metoo is a political weapon used by women to destroy men and provide no evidence
Anyone try to tell me, that feminism is not a man hating ideology, when you see many women from the left already claiming brett is guilty…without any evidence to prove anything...the left are living on another planet and on that planet evidence is not needed to convict crazy and destructive to society are the left...they are toxic and need to be put down

First of all this is not like the Catholic case. CKavanaugh's accusation is not continuously happening. The molestation committed by the Catholic church is against the system not for an individual case, Statutory of limitations as have been explained by Mick should prevail.
Amen Mic.
Lee, the Republicans know this is a political ploy. But they have to walk a fine line because of gullible libs and the 3 Republican votes they need.
You couldn't have said it any better Lee.
LeeCharming you are the one last night within your Forum Thread accused me of leaning to the left in the way that I choose to post within the political topics.I posted to your thread topic last night but you never replied back to my answers to your questions.Are you going to go over to the Forums side and read my answers to you?
The thing is bretts reputation has already been damaged and will the accusers be sent to prison for a long time...if it turns out they are lying? Cause if not, then women in society will freely accuse men to destroy them and thousands of fake accusation will be made...fake accusers must be punished heavily and the republicans can set the standard by making an example of these women it turns out, that all these accusers have lied...they need to and justice needs to be served
"Anyone try to tell me, that feminism is not a man hating ideology..."

Man hating ideology.
The proper term is 'misandry', Lee...

dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men (i.e., the male sex).
"her brand of feminism is just poorly disguised misandry"

It's s useful word to know, y'all.
Whenever a rabid libtard/feminist starts slinging the misogyny term, just sling misandry right back at 'em.

If nothing else, it'll shut 'em up for while they try to remember if they know the word.
Which they probably don't.
Especially the feminist bimbos... they're especially stoopid - even for libtards.

*Aside* - 'Stoopid libtard feminist bimbos'. That oughta ruffle the feathers of those ol' hens eh?

Political incorrectness is fun.

Lee, women have been doing this for years as a power play. And yes, they should go to prison if they are lying.

The stoopid libtard feminist bimbos picked up on my comment describing them as such!
They've instigated a flash mob and are even now plotting how to retaliate against me!

uh oh

This is SERIOUS, yall!


wonder how much that last one cost the Dems?
But Georgie Porgies Soros' Coffers are big!
Seems they are lined up like Airplanes at an Airport now!
Dems sure playing the Limbo to perfection,"How Low Can You Go"?
Amen Texas.

Agree with you Mic.
They've created s new fad, con...


How lowww can you goooo?

This shit won't cost Soros a dime scold
The victims' agent(s) are working out the the book deal(s).

I dont know who he is, but he may have touched me 30 years ago, If Soros sends me a big check I will come forward.

Its just too easy, Surely you lot have a statute of limitations?
uh oh

@ Tex & linds...
My comments regarding stoopid libtard feminist bimbos should in no wsy be construed to pertain to confident, intelligent, non-misandric thinking women scold
Such as yourselves.

And bear.
The description doesn't pertain to bear, either scold

Mic abviously you [email protected] Tex & linds...
My comments regarding stoopid libtard feminist bimbos should in no wsy be construed to pertain to confident, intelligent, non-misandric thinking women scold
Such as yourselves.

And bear.
The description doesn't pertain to bear, either

but the bottom of your comment you mentioned me too.
Of course there are statutes of limitations, map.

But they don't count in the media/court of public opinion as regards allegations hurled by the esteemed aged drama queen from the People's Republic Of Commiefornia.

Or victims whose agents are working on book deals.
The statutes of limitations doesn't apply to book deals either.

No offense intended, bear.

I initially addressed the comment @ Tex & linds.

Before posting it, I reviewed comments on the blog and found yours which - though fewer in number than those of the previously addressed intelligent women - I found to be equally pithy and well-reasoned.

I wanted to be sure not to omit ANY confident, intelligent, non-misandric thinking women.
Such as yourself.

Mic No offense taken on my part.handshake

Can't understand a word they're saying, Willy.
Must be talking Bimbese

Not that I much care what they're saying love

Dem's following a tried and trusted template , I have been waiting for this . Proxy media battle going on to "Why I never reported abuse " . Said before if the GOP can't manage this they should not be in charge , they need to man and woman up and challenge the Dems , if it can be proved these are false complaints there should be jail time dished out for those making them including Feinstein . Hardball time has come , a loss to the filth now will have longterm effects .
I b'lieve they're coming 'round to your way of thinking, ep...

thumbs up

Ronan Farrow, son of Mia Farrow, who Woody Allen claims is his son, but looks a lot like Frank Sinatra, says Congressional Democrats were digging up dirt on Kavanaugh.


"Show me the man; I'll show you the crime."
- Attributed to Lavrentiy Beria, Chief of Stalin's NKVD (Secret Police)

Dems (pressed by far-left constituencies) are taking a page from Beria's playbook, eh Willy.
That and using Federal Prisons as dungeons in which to throw people 'til they tell 'em what they want to hear in order to overturn a duly conducted election, of course.

And these moral bankrupts feign outrage that The Don is under Russian influence?!

#Walkaway Movement

BTW - Upon Stalin's death Krushchev had him tried & shot.
Ol' Spud Nik couldn't stand him (or trust him uh oh )

Beria would fare better with the DNC, I should imagine handshake

he may have , jezzz maybe I should apply for a job at the KGB , I have a mallet ready to drive a stage into McCain if he's dug up .
It is well that you're considering employment with the KGB rather than the DNC, ep.

There some depths of depravity, derangement and moral bankruptcy to which NO ONE should sink.


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