Bill Cosby's new apartment...

On Tuesday, actor Bill Cosby had moved to a new apartment at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility. He was found guilty of 3 counts of aggravated indecent assault and sentenced to 3-10 years in prison. Some say his stay will be a short one. Some say his sentence should have been greater.

I read a fellow inmate greeted Cosby with a stale hotdog bun to the face. Reading comments to the news story, I believe someone said 'bun today... hotdog tomorrow...'

Well Bill, payback is a bit*ch.

Free cable TV so you can catch up on reruns of The Cosby Show.

Comments (8)

I heard he fell down the stairs due to that thrown hot dog.
For his sake, hopefully none of the inmates are named Fat Albert.
He deserved a lot longer.
Some end up with jail time, others get nominated and backed by Trump for a lifetime position to the Supreme Court.
he's in his 80's so I predict it will be a life sentence for him and how fitting the bastard......wave
Cosby got what he deserved...lots of time to think about what he done to all those women...
He'd have been free to go under Judge Kavanaugh - maybe he'll be able to appeal.
Jim Nasty, you are an -ss!thumbs down

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