s*xual chemistry

can your relationship last ,
when there is no intense pleasure
within the first Kiss

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I don't think so
maybe im innocent?
No way.gotta have that spark.without it things would sour up real quick.
For me, gotta have the lightning bolt and thunderbolt!! applause
Try a second kiss. laugh
I have only had that one time in my life when I was about 17 or 18.....it was one kiss and I never saw him again but man that kiss.....smitten Now I count chemistry as a good thing but not the be all and end all....you cant sustain a relationship with just chemistry.....wave
If the chemistry she's not there... no deal thumbs down
Ive not had that since my first kiss, But Im studying Biochemistry in the hope of making it happen any way I can.
Hi Diovahug
Hey Map hug
My chemistry cup runneth over blushing
You have to have the chemistry
Be still my beating heart heart beating
I don't think the first kiss is the be all and end of a relationship

I have met amazing kissers I wouldn't have a relationship with, and not-so-amazing kissers who were amazing in other ways.
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good wish size s*xual chemistry
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