What Is The Essence of Being a Woman?

I was watching Ms Universe and one question from the judges that made me thought of this blog...

***Just being a woman is God's gift that all of us must appreciate. The origin of a child is a mother, and is a woman.

She shows a man what sharing, caring and loving is all about. That is the essence of a womanEvery woman needs to know to discover the amazing, powerful woman she is. Filled with insightful wisdom and love, The Essence of Being a Woman will take you on your own inner journey to discover the power you possess at your core essence, to live an amazing life full of everything your heart desires!

And I am proud of being a woman!

Thanks for readingcheers teddybear

*** Let's here from you **(

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Jhen bouquet

I don’t need to be the smartest or the most beautiful....I just need to find a man who thinks I’m all that! giggle

And I found him wink

P.S When we first chatted, Art had terrible vision on both eyes. Now, he got them operated on, cataract removed on both sides and his vision is almost perfect!
This is worrying MiMi.....a lot!! uh oh mumbling
"I don’t need to be the smartest or the most beautiful....I just need to find a man who thinks I’m all that! giggle"

Mimi has taken the words of my mouth! Hi Mimi hug

Hi Ysa wave
Daniela applause bouquet
awww Mi2 dear I am sorry to know about Arthug

How many days post cataract now Mi2?hug
He’s fit as a fiddle now, Jhen.

He had them done before he visited MiMi in April this year wink
Ok then Art is doing wellthumbs up
Being you by his side and give the best u can to support your better half psychologically would make Mi2 greatapplause
I love being a woman especially since I realized my own potential. Now all I need is to find my passion I seemed to have misplaced it.
The essence of a woman is just being a person. Nothing to do with sex type. We are a people. Man or woman. We are all homospians. Living breathing people. head banger cool
Hey there Fay thumbs up Isn't it nice that @time we reflect to our own being and realised our potential and importance?
Let me help find u grin where did u misplaced it?hug teddybear
Daears you are such as brilliant as u are
you know what a woman really ischeers teddybear
Nice blog.would like to think of my grandaughters learning from me.their independence strength and their worthyness.
Thank you Bluehandshake

I love how you reflect yourself to your daughter ....true essence of a woman lies in your attributes as a person, what you have to offer to the people around you This makes for the true beauty of a woman. For many women it can be hard to truly appreciate who they are but you can see in your daughter.teddybear
I enjoy being a woman, only because I am

If I were a man, I would probably enjoy that too laugh

What I am saying is, I don't know anything else but being a woman. I don't know if I am amazing, powerful, or full of wisdom and love, a goddess or any other words for describing women
I am human, and come with all the negatives as well as positives that comes with.
But, I am not the worst of them either.
Molly its always my pleasure if you comment coz the way u look at things
made you unique from the others coz
each of us has a different beauty sense of style identity personality and ways of how we carry our selves making up all of those gives us our essense as a woman ...just my opinion

cheers wave
"The Vegetarian Dinner Date"(meet us in the articles)

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