Do you like it when people correct you?

Ladies and Gentlemen

Just an open forum to share what is your opinion or idea on the subject matter.
Being one who asked Please refrain from Personal Attacking .Let's just be Civil .Thank you.cheers

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I Do.... unless it is done politely [email protected] times those corrections would make me a better personcheers teddybear
Don't think anyone LIKES it laugh

Only truly grates my carrot when the person correcting me is in fact wrong mumbling
wave biff
@ times some will just correct to show they are superior ....when in fact they are wrongsigh handshake
Yes I do, and I will politely without malice correct you, space after full stop not before, I hope I was civilsad flower
wave Thank you Map
u were indeed .Its just letting us know that we are not perfect to be someone who knows better than we arecheers handshake
Yes, and now we can live in peace and harmony!
Map It has been a harmonious day for me wine weekend to celebrate my son's 23rd bdaybanana grin teddybear
ysabeljhen, Happy birthday to your son, I dont remember anything from when I turned 23.
Map thank you againgrin
Preparing for bithdays is always my way to cope up with my boys since I wasnt with them all the timecheers
I don’t mind people correcting me especially when there’s so much to learn still!

I’d rather they correct me than I’m oblivious to my errors and keep on doing/saying the incorrect things uh oh

Heck! I get corrected by my mom all the time when it comes to the English language! help
hey Mi2 dearesthug
Yep there is no harm in it ....every time we stamble down we learn from it.Correcting to be this and that well
just tone down and say it in a nice way...thumbs up thumbs down
Moms used to do it laugh like me to my boys.hug
Oh! Happy 23rd Birthday to you Boy! cheering

Save a piece ( or two ) of cake for MiMi yay
I don't take any notice if they are well they be barking up the wrong tree on CS
Mercedes, I like to learn, which tree would be the correct one to bark at?
wave Merce let themm just bark
it will stop ...but if they will bite that would be another issue.teddybear
Mi2 dear its good u told me earlier got last piece here of my specialty "banana oreo cake" ok leave it here banana white time u are cming?hug teddybear
Please excuse ne just go on
have some VIP's to attendcheers
Thanky Mi2 dear hug
That completes my day ...tidying nowdoh cheers
It is not possible to know everything and to always be right...
Yes, it isn't very nice to be corrected but it mostly depends on how it's done...
If I am doing or saying something wrong I'd like to know...
It's more embarrassing to keep doing it or saying it the wrong way...
I have no problem in being corrected if someone has absolute proof that I'm wrong about something.If they don't then they need to keep their trap shut.giggle
wave pkrema

Nobody ‘likes’ being corrected, but sensible people accept that it will happen sometimes, and as long as the correction is made politely and with good humour, we’ll accept it gracefully.hug thumbs up
Yes of course there is a difference between being corrected and being convincedcheers hug
Hello Ysabel,
I always loved people who corrects me. That only mean, there is concern. But of course we are grown people, we know who to deal seriously.
It all depends on how we welcome correction.
For me, I always take it as self improvement.
Hey there ayoneq nice of u to droppedbywave

What makes us better is from the corrected mistakes we had.Allowing ourselves to be corrected is fine unless it is done politely.cheers handshake
I'm pretty sure I'm okay with getting corrected. Sometimes I think I'm right though but it is not a big deal to me to have to prove it either way.

I think it annoys me when my brother corrects me and it annoys me even more when he is right, but I love him either way, we are very competitive.
Reminds me of my 2 year old grandaughter.trying to talk and make sentances.i just encourage her and listen.
wave Fay

I like that way of approach I think for me it is effective if done gracefullythumbs up hug
wave Bluethumbs up
A good listener makes it easiercheers teddybear
Absolutely. How else can we learn.

I would be upset if they are wrong and insist they are right. hug
gayyem as easy as thathug
No need to get upset coz u proved that u are rightthumbs up @ times one can just do it because they want to prove they are superiorcheers teddybear
Of course gayyem.

I'm just passing by.

Very busy gayyem. hug
Friends do it sometimes. Outwardly I resist, "please don't preach" but take it as a word from Geeta if he/she is right.. laugh But for the last two years my 18 years daughter is the self proclaimed commander-in-chief. And there is no relaxation. She is such a menace that if you don't follow the rules, you shall be punished. Say your cigarette quota will be cut, if you didn't switch off the lights. Hahahaha Here there is no question whether you like it or not.laugh
The intent behind the correction matters. One can tell if it is intended to embarrass or hurt. On the other hand, a friend gently bringing something to your attention is not offensive, and if they are a friend it is done in private. One does not always need to correct, but can simply suggest a better way, other options, alternatives etc. so you can correct yourself. That is real tact and an art.
Hi Jhen, well if I am wrong I guess it's alright after a long long argument. laugh

I also think it's rude of them to correct me. yay

i don't mind being corrected if it's by a manager or supervisor, also known as coaching. for most other situations, i find something to correct about them. i strive for balance in life
nobody likes a bad coRRECTION rolling on the floor laughing
Don't mind if they do when their correct to do so conversing
When chatting with friends we cannot avoid like one will give sermon in where leads to correcting mescold I would just say "please I don't need your sermon again" some just feel they are right all the timehandshake
You are a dad of a teenage lady thumbs up showing u are just being one to be correctedcheers
Wenwave Hola

Yup thumbs up I would end up corrected too after heated argument a way of compromising that both parties has to change for the better...I don't mind that as long as one accept to be corrected too kindly and politelyhandshake cheers
Palm wave

Agree in some ways
With my experience not all Supervisors and Managers are right as of position is concerned because some just tell u this and that but they are not good examples of the company which shows not balance to me......sigh
But I like the idea of being balancethumbs up thumbs up handshake

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