Lady in red

Sent my girlfriend to the shop to buy some tractor parts

Came back with that hungry look in her eye

Gushing about a great price and lucky to get the last one

And it being in red

Got to love her


Comments (20)

Very fetching bit of lacey fashion, Methinks this is a romantic overture towards someone who may appreciate a wink.
Map I'm glad you have an eye for beautiful things

But I'm just as guilty she sent me out for a new hairdryer and ...

I said put the roof down and it can blow at any speed

That is a top of the range hair dryer, Im sure it will do more than required, perhaps a nose hair trimmer when used on a dirt road?
laugh rolling on the floor laughing cheering
In my area at work, when I see something red,
I felt like...Ghosh
That mean I have to prepare a garbage bag..
peace teddybear

Have a great day...your name is just difficult.
I like your girlfriend very much......and that hair dryer love
I bet she is hardly waiting to give a good blow to her hair wink
You two are made for each other! Enjoy

Damn that she got the last one, I want one.
I can be your side chick.
As this blog didn't get the comments and views I think it should have generated I have bumped it to the top again for a review

rolling on the floor laughing
While you were on hiatus all of your blogs disappeared.
I'm sorry I missed this post the first time through!

Always liked this song, and the video wasn't too shabby, either...
Chatillion it was more of a 7 year itch/sabbatical

cool thumbs up
I kept my promise.
Now unblock me.
a**hole.rolling on the floor laughing
Arsehole ???

I think you prolly have Me confused with someone who gives a f*ck
Impossible to confuse the two of you.rolling on the floor laughing

I promised you would know first when i got out.
Where did all your blogs go.?moping
hug yes.a**hole.cheers
Was it because i clicked like on them from jail.laugh
BB wave devil
Just an important update

So gather around everyone

??? as of December 25th 2018 ???

I will be picking up the lady in red from Auckland airport in my silver BMW And we will be spending the following month on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world...

Enjoying each others company and making love under the stars...

Any one can find whatever and whoever you want here, it is up you you to make the effort ans the commitment.

First step is to decide to get up from your keyboard and step outside your comfort zone...

Squier: "Giallo Film Quiz"(meet us in the quizzes)

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