Fighting for your man...worth killing???

on our 10th year as a married couple..roughly 3 years was the most that were together.
Married life, not just happy and sweet . But there were lots of trials . Both could be attracted to anyone, and would lead to lost of trust between each other. But, either a wife or a husband should fight to keep the love and marriage.
My husband once had an affair as alleged by my elder sister and wanted to proved it. She brought me to a restaurant where she saw my husband with other woman and a couple sharing a table. Well, I wanted to confront face to face, but I had that 2nd thought. Giving him a chance, so as if I did not saw them. My husband disappear so quick, guilty???
When he's gone I talked to the woman as alleged by my elder sister, his other woman. I approached politely and professionally but I was straight forward, no beating around the bush. I asked her, if they have something intimate. But she remained speechless. If there is nothing, I did asked an apology as the proof was not that strong. Anyhow I asked her, if there is...i told her, "just make sure to make him happy more than I did, if not,...I will kill you, for destroying my family".
Well, I got busy with my business, but in as much as I could, I keep my most to have time for both of us. When I went home that day, everything at home was well organized, my husband did everything to catched my attention. I felt so home , so wholesome. He was expecting me to at least say something, but I expressed my appreciation on what he did at home. Then he asked me to say something. About what??my replied to him.
He said, I was torturing him, for being silent.
Well, I just told him, "just don't do it again".

Since then, I saw how dedicated my husband was , in our family.

Is it really worth killing, keeping a man????

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Is this the same affair that you blogged about before?

I know couples who have stayed together after affairs , but something important is irrevocably damaged
your some operator so your happy with him now
You have a rotten husband and thats it.
Molly, good day to you.
Yeah, the same man, the one and only, and thought there is forever..

Thanks thumbs up
I know couples who have stayed together after affairs , but something important is irrevocably damaged

For a husband to have an affair, seems considerable to the society??? It adds to their being a man???yeah Molly, damaged is there, but could be fix. But for a woman to have an affair, it sounds yuck!!!::conversing:
John, good day to you..

Well, in life ...we have to enjoy whatever we have on hand. Not only, the good things that happens in us, but even the worst thing, knowing we were able to cope with it...

Thanks john handshake
Bluesky...hope you have a Blessed day .

Well, if I believed , he was a rotten man, he was.
But, I looked at things as, am just right, he was really that good looking that any woman could be attracted to I might further say...he was just kind enough not want to disappoint any woman....ha ha ha
cheering The only thing, He was just mine ..applause
Most of us reading your story a true one I should say will somehow think differently.I just salute you for sticking up with your man for better or worst for the sake of family esp for your child.
As one that I have gone thru for a different reason I did tried to save it but things were not good anymore becsuse kids were affected already roll eyes
Well this is your story .Be strong .Life is what we make it as they say.Take carehug
I'd much rather be totally miserable alone then totally miserable with someone.
I'm with Bear on that, I would much rather be alone than miserable with someone.
Thanks Ysabel for sharing your comments.
You are right..for the kids sake...and truly, I just loved him because I knew, he loved me at the start of our relationship. I had shortcomings too, as I focused on business, which I thought he did understand.
Whatever may happen for as long as we did what we're supposed to do, we will be at peace
You've done your part, so let's just be happy, what we have on hand.
Again thanks Ysabel..hug
Be thanks for your thoughts ..
I maybe did cried, once,twice,or many times.
That was because, I am just a normal human.
But believed me, I never took things as I was that miserable.
Everytime he felt I had a bad day, he tried to pleased me.
Marriage life is a continuous struggle, I am a kind of adventurous, so I took it as an adventure too...conversing
The woman is not destroying your family or marriage though. It is your husband he is the one who made commitments to you, not her. I was in a relationship for years where i was cheated on, not once did i blame the other women, for they did not even know me.
The woman is not destroying your family or marriage though. It is your husband he is the one who made commitments to you, not her. I was in a relationship for years where i was cheated on, not once did i blame the other women, for they did not even know me.

Thanks Marlin to dropped a comment.
I appreciate it very much.
Sometimes in order to win, a shocked is needed . And I did..Anyhow, I tried to talked politely, and letting her know a little about me. And even gave her a choice .or a deal..If she could make my man happy , am willing to give way. But if she kept on, and would not succeed ...a deal is a deal...::sigh::teddybear:
14 october 2010, happy me cause my wife came finally from Morocco to Belgium
We spoke for one year on internet. During the first three weeks I allready was the bad man.
I was allways honest in everything but constantly critisized that she could marry another man
in switserland more rich than I and that I drove a utility car whom everybody laughed at.
After beïng lost somewhere in a trainstation accidently went out a the false one ( she took allready the same
tour since two week regulary without mistake) I doubted allready.
Nevertheless I gave eight years to stay with her to learn her the Dutch language, our culture and she never had to wear her vowl she came late from work, from walking with the dog and everything. This is only one of three stories abouth marriage what I write. The two others I wont even mention. I was to blame to close myself off for these words which are very hard to bare. I wish I had not closed myself after three weeks time.
that is the mistake I have made and I still regret it.
My opinion is that to much and often people chose on what is on the outside and less on the inside and to quickly jumping in bed with eachother after 2-3 meetings. I had a classic and severe education and proud of it. I think men and women should think more in communicating and caring and discovering mutual intrests than thinking with their pants and what is inside it. In a marriage if it stuck both are to blame and then is time to put your hands on your head in a mirror and look whom is under it.
That is my sincerest opinion … and a broken relationship like this ...or anything els which is personnal I never would write to take revenge...for me someone whom does this is the most guilty one.
In a relationship, we have to remember that, temptations are just around.
So before it totally destroy a relationship, necessary move should be done... Success for the first time, makes us ready for the next challenge..with the belief...Yes, I can do it. Again and again. Just enjoy the challenge ...::hug
Mr. Stringguitar, hope everything is well with you.
Thanks so much for sharing your experience in my blog.
Well, all of us has different stories to tell. In your case, at the start, I could say, there was lack of love and respect already. Online communication is far different when we met personally and for a considerable period of time.
Anyhow, dissolve that regrets...just take things as lessons that you could do better in the future. Besides you did your part. You were able to stay with her , that's quite long time.
I guess you are on the process of moving forward. Leave those heartaches and live on the present.
Good luck man...handshake

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