Judging a judge...

I'm holding back on all the blogs and news stories about Kavanaugh. There isn't anything I could say or do that would influence another persons opinion, nor is there anything I can say or do that would affect his nomination to the Supreme Court.
I will say there must be (at least a) someone else to step up to the position in the event Kavanaugh doesn't get the nomination. So bring the other choices forward...

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Would you be able to have millions JUDGE you like millions judge him from hearsay dunno . The media has alot influence confused
I'm not in line for the position... he is.

This is one of the highest positions in government. I saw 10 minutes of him answering questions and felt someone as seasoned as he claims to be would be able to act maturely where he didn't. Maybe he should be called the 'squirming judge'.

I would have expected him prepared and respond to questioning better. The Media had nothing to do with that.
Chat you should consider the wisdom offered in Matthew 7 verses 1&2

Judge not, that ye be not judged.
For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
I saw Trump said Kavanaugh graduated 1st in his class at Yale the other day and I was momentarily impressed. professor

However Trump got his facts wrong again or he was just lying. Kavanaugh graduated c*m laude. That's lower than magna c*m laude and lower still from summa c*m laude.

I guess you can't use the word c*m here. frustrated

Trump says a lot of untruths...but one thing is certain...Kavanaugh will pardon him and his rant about the left tells us how partisan Kavanaugh is...the opposite of what is expected...sigh
You're right loulou and I'm sure that's why Trump selected him over so many others that may have been better qualified.

If the political right feel outraged...it is because Kavanaugh is their poster boy for controiling women's reproductive rights as well...

Women should decide what is best for them...not a group of old white men...I think they are holding on to a past that will not be around in the future...no longer a white man's majority...
He makes a living judging others. Who better to judge ?
The lies he told, his threat of vindication, and his evasion of the questions speak volumes.

I worked in government for years, it is all slimy, dirty business, "you grease my hand I grease yours". The average citizen has no idea how slimy it really is.
Lets make it short and concise. We old white men could care less about Roe vs Wade. You fight it out, but remember, we old white men control you old white women, so bleat to the sky, #metoo your a** off, march around until you drop, but its all for naught. It's our money.cool
Sadly...this is how the USA is being represented here on blogkand...freaked out old white men...losing their privelage...the best is yet to come...grin

Not in all cases LL. scold grin
Justice Kavanaugh, delivering the eulogy at Ginsburg's burrial. Maybe he'll tap the old keg first.

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