You call that an investigation ?

Brand new offering from Andy Borowitz thumbs up

Seriously, what a sham of an investigation. They didn't even interview Dr. Ford, or another accuser.
They never interviewed Kavanaugh's college roommate.
It seems 5 days was not nearly enough of an investigation, not that I guessed it would be.

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The best defence of free society is to drop this case and respect the rule of law. All Americans lust for power and are completely opportunistic, but this should not refute playing the long game. You have to do the right thing even if the only reason to do that is wise rather than good-hearted, be less ruthless and fixated on getting the result because this is all building to an Enabling Act.
Just goes to prove that We've become a woman hating country and obviously our political figures couldn't really give a rats behind about the people.
2 days was long enough to investigate 950,000 of Clinton's emails during the election campaign ha bloody ha , some time you just have to suck it up .
This has NOTHING to do with Clinton, nor with emails.
Stop using it as a lame excuse for other people.
one day the FBI suits you another it does not get over it .
I did not like the way Comey handled that whole situation.
But, this blog and Kavanaugh's situation has nothing to do with that. I won't use it as an excuse.
He now has the votes.

The Democrats will win the mid term because the woman will see to it.
JN. Maybe I don't call that an investigation either, but I sure will call that a vote tomorrow. Welcome, Justice Kavanaugh. And speaking of investigations, My senator's vote confirming speech really set the stage for lots of felony squirming on the parts of Wacko Ford, Her ex FBI best buddy (the current FBI has his emails), and a few other scummy Dems. But that;s not the worst of it. November beckons.
M - he has the PRELIMINARY votes to move forward. The actual confirmation (or not) votes will take place this weekend.

V - It does look possible that the Republicans lacking a conscience may vote Kavanaugh in.
But don't count votes before they take place.
There will be repercussions in November, and those whose seats are up, and are running to repeat, should realize this. Kavanaugh should not be confirmed without a thorough investigation of ALL the accusers & witnesses.
Sad that women lose out despite the investigation but hopefully women will be more vigorous in voting...there is still hope...

CS friends. Please spend 43 minutes listening to our Senator Collin's speech on her vote confirmation. She mentions how the new Justice actually countered challenges to Rowe v. Wade on procedural grounds. And opposed policy favored by the Bush admin. In similar ways. Can't wait now for a red November. The Dems' true character is clear to all with eyes and ears. Now there are tingles down both legs.
What V said - listen to Sen. Collins's speech on the Senate floor... is 43 minutes well spent.

Dear sweet Jim..I know all that but watch and see..That d*ck nose has the votes and if things go iffy then Pence is on standby.
Call that an investigation? conversing

Took me a bloody month to investigate for school assignments. giggle
Kavanaugh's confirmation is considered to be an advantage for Dems leading up the Nov. 6 mid-terms.
That could flip to s Repub advantage should they get an issue with which to energize their voters.
This might do it...

uh oh

What do I know for sure?
It promises to be an interesting 30 days.

Strap in & stay tuned to your favorite blogs, y'all; this could be a wild ride.
REMEMBER - Y'all heard it here first.


@mic , I think its too late for the DNC to recover supporters over this . All I can point to is thousands of posts to U-Tube clips . There are some fecked off people .
It was Bush who phoned Collins guaranteeing her of Kavanaughs supposedly wonderful character.

Bush was the one who cemented Collins vote for that repulsive beast.

The confirmation process is essentially a job interview.
Judge Kavanaugh had worked in the Bush administration.

A prospective 'employer' confered with a former 'employer'.

Isn't that a usual thing to do dunno

He wasn't being interviewed for bloody Burger King
"The Democrats will win the mid term because the woman will see to it"

One would hope so, but what escaped their notice in the last election?
Right you are, Korn cheers

Since then, I take what polls say with a grain of salt the size of a beach ball.
They weren't merely wrong - they were inconceivably wrong.
And not just with the Prez race - Senate seats were also miscalled.

They would've been better off reading the entrails of an owl confused


Note the poll numbers -
79 - 20? Hildy
Hildy by double digits.
Some backed their numbers with '98% Certainty'.

And not just the popular vote.
They were talking a massive Electoral Vote for her.
Note the guy circling states...'I could go on and on...'

The late night comic/pundits (or more correctly, their writers) were among the tea leaf readers foot in mouth

Hildy hadn't prepared a concession speech.
Some claim The Don's election night speech appeared to be 'off the cuff' - suggesting he may not have prepared an ACCEPTANCE speech.


The call was to seat Kavanaugh no matter what the pushback was, it will be interesting to see what comes out next...……...people will not stop talking. Those who are blind to the truth don't care. Just think if the whole country operated this way. YES, what investigation? I was a Fraud Investigator by profession and this was a complete forest if I ever saw one.
I have a feeling, that little will be done until late November.
In the meantime attorneys will be collecting statements and witnesses.
And eventually criminal charges will be placed against Kavanaugh.
The Don pardons Brett.
Brett (and the new makeup of SCOTUS) covers The Don.

It's claimed The Don enticed Justice Kennedy to retire, partly by allowing Kennedy to provide input on naming his successor; Kennedy suggested his former clerk - Judge Kavanaugh.

I was curious why The Don might've felt it desirable to entice Kennedy into retirement.

The New Republic might explain this...
Given events of the past nearly two years, The Don may have deemed it necessary to reinforce the power the Executive Branch (Presidency) in order to maintain the checks and balances between the branches of the Federal government.

Some claim he's bound by his oath to the Constitution to do so.
Others (as is brought out in the article) are concerned this may be a step toward an Imperial Presidency.

This may be brought up as a mid-term election issue - Repubs assert unnecessary (undesirable? dangerous?) tampering with our Constitution will be averted if they maintain control of House and Senate.

In short - a vote for Repubs is a vote to avoid Constitutional confrontation/crisis - a vote for the Constitution, if you will.

It'd be an interesting twist on the mid-terms.
It could get traction and be an effect campaign strategy.
We'll know more in four weeks and a day.


Yeah, it's clear, that Dirty Don nominated Kavanaugh because he feels that a sitting president can't be indicted, nor even subpoenaed. The Republicans approved him, because it means they get a relatively young man in the Senate for what they believe will be a long lifetime. The vote for his appointment should have awaited a complete investigation of the several allegations.
there won't be any charges brought against Kavanaugh , thats just silly . More and more is showing up about "I don't remember Ford

What was any bodies guess how either the GOP or DNC would do in the midterms has changed , voters are sickened by the DEM's , you can take it or leave it , I don't care as you or I make no difference . But don't bother pretending that nothing has changed since Ford arrived on the scene .
Yeah, we've already seen that slanted video posted on here before.
I wonder how much they paid the Ford look-alike to read that.
She sold her soul to do so.

I think you have been misled about who has been angered & motivated.
Lets see how the midterms play out. You may be singing a much different off key tune after Nov.

By the way, the word you intended was anybody's not "any bodies". laugh
About a month Jim , we shall see . You dismiss whats said on my clip , thats alright I don't mind . You won't change any bodies mind here as we are all hardened in a soft poggy way so you might as well come down of you political campaign . Try listening to Liberman , you know the old guy who said Kavanaugh would be confirmed , he also said the GOP will retain the house . Of course he said it on FOX so he can't be right laugh
These videos have been demonetized because they are re-posts of Russian propaganda and conspiracy originally posted by bots and trolls followed by thick, idiot Americans. The shameful, despicable behavior that follows doesn't help Democrats or Republicans, but works for Russia, North Korea and China.. wink

wink indeed, jack!

You actually had me goin' for awhile.
rolling on the floor laughing

Read by a Ford look-alike.

I noticed that too, nastics.

I was like - They got Ford's sister to do this vid?
What the hell...?! confused

Ford couldn't remember if she has a sister . tongue
It's called -"no factual evidence other than hearsay" and you cannot convict on hearsay. Period
I'll bet my left nut that if the s*xual misconduct allegations that are pending against Muller will be treated very differently by the fake media than the allegations Kavanaugh .
0 - Hearsay is - if I say, that you said something.
It being inadmissible in court, is the only part of your comment, that is correct.
However, Ford's testimony, is not hearsay. It is what she experienced.

Interestingly, if I say, that I heard you say something, that is not hearsay.
I would be testifying what I heard and observed you saying, and that IS admissible.
It's a nuance, most people don't realize.
e - What allegations from who ?

What I found is this from the Daily News;

More credible than Ford , this woman new him , was at the same place etc tongue

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