Kavanaugh Confirmed


Now Justice Kavanaugh.

More to come.

Riots will ensue.

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I've heard it said that it will bring the Democrat leaning electorate out in force in your upcoming elections.
@ hairball they were already energized , and you have missed the little bit that alot of democratic voters won't be voting because of their leaders behavior . Gop voters have been reminded of what the DNC stands for and are scared , scared people vote , fat lazy bums do not . Have you seen the DNC win any thing in the last two years ? not likely is it , the commys are used to losing and are now a rabble , a mob . Let them riot .
@ eperve, I'm only repeating what I heard on the news, it's not like I have the slightest knowledge of or interest in the fiasco that is currently playing out in the great US of A.
the red tidal wave is coming in Nov.
I will be a good result just to maintain current margins , our liberal bloggers are missing in action .Guess they are busy

"I've heard it said that it will bring the Democrat leaning electorate out in force in your upcoming elections."
Could be, Har.

I've heard the Repubs might get a more conservative SCOTUS, but at a cost of control of the Senate.


But the well publicized speech of Sen. Collins had the advantage of making Repubs look like the adults in the room.
Makes one wonder if all the cliff hanging and speculation on her vote may have been planned & timed so she'd get maximum media exposure dunno
That could lessen the chances of a Dem Blue Wave.

Should left lunatic fringe elements engage in rioting & such, that could absolutely bring on a Repub Red Tsunami.

The first order of damage control for the Dems now is to keep the far left factions from goring their ox.
Assuming they can control the far left factions, of course.

Coming from a political family background, and being something of a political strategist, I'd say Sen. Collins's speech flipped the field & Dems are now playing mid-term election defense.
But we're still a month out from Election Day; the situation is fluid.

Long story short - If Antifa types go nuts - Dems have problems...uh oh

Pro/Anti-Trump aside - this guy lays it all out there...

thumbs up

thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up wave Jenny
I think it goes deeper than this .buy kav. winning Trump is free to arrest all the treasonist people that ran the US before his win. they were so sure Hillary was going to win so they could carry on with their corruption.
It's gonna bring the Republicans out in force too! They're pissed at how Kavanaugh has been treated!! very mad
I reckon so, Tex.

Sen. Collins's speech made Repubs look like the adults in the room.

If AntiFa types go nuts...Dems have mid-terms blues blues

blues pointing Blue Dog Dem laugh

That's great news! I was expecting it to go this way.thumbs up

Blue wave dead, BIG RED WAVE COMING IN NOV.! head banger
I hope riots don't ensue. The dems can't control their creation well enough for people's safety. I'm also tired of tax payers having to flip the bill for their damages.

On the bright side, there are a heck of a lot more people that have to be to work now thanks to Trump. That means a great possibility of the mobs rule being much smaller than they were under obozo.

Although it seems the dems hurt themselves for good this time; I'm not holding my breath that repubs will take the mid terms. There are some open spots in my state where no one is running against the demoncrap candidates. That's just an example of how some might win: by default.

Congratulations to Brett Kavanaugh!!


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