Kavanaugh hurray! Another monumental victory for Trump


"Republicans face a difficult 2018 midterm election in about one month’s time. But on its eve, the GOP just secured its greatest amount of political power and leverage since at least the Great Depression."

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Keeping the written words of 1776 strong, alive and intact


Hi LJ hope all is well your way
Bentlee, everything is good with my. I am very thankful that everything I have hoped for is happening. The election of President Trump mean a lot to me. I supported him as soon as he announced his candidacy and then cheered when he outdid all the seasoned politicians the likes of Bush, Cruz and Rubio.

That to me is my best hope that materialized.

Now with all the drama of the losers and demonic Democrats, justice is served by having Kavanaugh weathered it all.
Hi my friend Phyllis! hug

Very happy that BK got appointed to SCOTUS thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
This country deserve a great man to administer justice in this great land Jim. I am very pleased that these stupid democrats keep losing everything they put their dirty hands on.

Awesome sight Crolling on the floor laughing
LJ. Yep, long, long, long live SUPREME COURT ASSOCIATE JUSTICE DOCTOR (JD---Juris Doctorate) Kavenaugh. In Senator Collin's speech, we learned how he procedurally fairly voted on CLINICAL FETUS MURDER (CFM), and actually opposed policy/legislation pushed by his former boss, Bush. Waiting for Shumer, Difi, the other wacko from Californicatya and Oahu---and so many others to come even close to this level of thoroughness/fairness. Quite different animals on different sides of the aisle---and a on different sides of protests. Anyone with ears and eyes can hear and see it all.
Every bit of reason to celebrate Aa.cheering
Drinking lib'rul tears is the source of The Don's super-powers.


Mainstream media predicting Repubs will have difficulties in the mid-terms...
will energize Repub voters...
so they'll vote in larger numbers.


Suspect lib'rul mainstream drive-by media is controlled by a vast right-wing conspiracy.

uh oh

Muc they're drowning.
The Source crying is strong with The Don flex

"If The Libs Can Take The House?"

"Then Theyll Have To Take The Senate Also"

"To Make This Short?"

"The Libs Need To Get Them Both"

(And If They Get Neither?)

"Then Get Ready Folks"

"All Of The Two Year Olds"

"Will Be Back On The Streets Once More"

"Crying...In One Form Or Another"...................................detective
Mic, sorry for the typo.
That's the direction Nam.
Not an issue, linds; U for I is easy to do hug

There may be a kind of predictability to these things, eh detective

Sorry Mic, I was on my phone. Typo.
Lick the gravy while you can , November will be here shortly - then your gravy will be gone . studecar professor

Stude, of course I do. Gravy it is.
"Walkaway" movement, join wave Jenny
Stude,you ain't one of those vindictive Lefties,who want to punish the opposition,by depriving them of their Rights,just because they won the Race?
Ain't your Beloved Obama said,and I quote:"“Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won. So I think on that one I trump you.” - President Barack Obama to Congressional Republicans in early 2009. The last part of that famous quote often gets left off, especially these days.
Prophetic,wouldn't you say?
He's okay C.
Nam, It is very likely that the Republicans will take both houses. And I said the world will have to shut the hell up about this Democrats being in charge. They might but until then, it is still my moment to celebrate.
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