Drama Kings...

Not sure if you've met, lived with , dated a drama king but I certainly have. Aren't they adorable?laugh

one I know is falling apart at the moment, he's in a very emotional mood for many days now , complaining about everything else and worried that he might not be able to deliver the best eulogy ever. I keep assuring him he's not the one who's going to get buried, just have to say great thing things about his beloved friend. Every time he hears someone he knows passed away, he feels like he's next and even worries who's going to push his wheel chair when he can no longer move around, and he's fit and still goes out there hunting animalslaugh

Another one just sent me messages that he's mega stressed and depressed, homework due, work travels coming up in few weeks, bad weather, he misses his gym time , his hectic schedule , he just had a week's off and spent it fixing his toilets, gardening and cleaning walls that do not really belong to him. He's living alone and always complain about things he missed in life and all the bad choices he made . He calls his life a chaos...but hopes to have kids and raise a family someday!laugh

If you think women are the only ones who love dramas, you're wrong, men can be drama kings too...and I love it every time I encounter one ! laugh

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bit of a one yourself I thinks
Hi Crazy I know to what You are referring to. I some time ago disowned some of my older siblings and two of their offspring cause I had become burnt out from all the childish and petty drama that they would cause.
I´ve never dated a drama Kingscold
Yeah, been there, done that.

I think as many men are drama kings as women are drama queens.

I don't have a high tolerance for either.
One need look no further than these blogs to find a Drama King; two spring to mind instantly, but I wouldn't dream of mentioning names. innocent
Drama kings? I want to slap them hard across the face with my.....

am I ?laugh I whine sometimes but don't really last for many days you know. I forget the drama after I let it out of my system and I don't go on and one to things that has nothing to do with itlaugh

we have that in the family too, they do that from time to time, we would recognize the signs the moment they start, give us warning so we can run away toolaugh
TR, how far can they be standing from you at the time? writing

what about a drama queen?

I dated a drama king, till now he keeps dramatizing how bad his marriage was, like a broken recordlaugh

I do tolerate them, I find them funny and could get hilariouslaugh

drama kings here in the blogland? that's weird...laugh

with your...?laugh
I love a little drama. :)
Moll, a flaccid slap would be more satisfying due to head momentum and the "thwack" effect, so I guess they'd be no more than a foot or two away.
TR, I 'heard' that slap laugh
Drama? ....naaah, chill out, stay cool.....have some ganja...hahacool
It has quite a distinct sound, doesn't it? wink
Very distinctive laugh
Sounds like it could leave someone with a cocked head, molly.
As long as it's still intact and in good working order, Har
Weird how woman find it okay for woman but up the shit for a man to be emotional.

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