Why Does America Celebrate The Columbus Day ?

Didn't the psychopath murderer led the torture, rape and genocide of the natives and took everything from them ?

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Yes it's about time.Yes I'm Native American.

Just this year, at least a dozen US cities -- including San Francisco and Cincinnati -- decided to stop observing Columbus Day and will instead celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day on Monday.


yes. it's good to know that many have come to their senses and trying to right the history. Instead of celebrating the evil deeds of Culumbos, it should be a day to acknowledge the sufferings of the natives and make amends to them, to remember those dark days and learn from them.
It´s celebrated here toodanceline
Why do people celebrate war?

why do you celebrate it there ? or is it just another BBQ day for people there?laugh
All it does is stop the mail. very mad

I don't think war should be celebrated.

Columbus didn't led war, he did a lot of evil things but for centuries American honor him for it, lucky bastardlaugh
Hi Texas,

stop the mail...? as in delay the delivery of the mails and parcels ? sorry, you lost me at the "mail"laugh
It´s another excuse for a holidaybuddies
But that's my point.

Some people celebrate anything where they are perceived to be the winners. The losers, and their pain, is forgotten about.
The State of South Dakota recognizes it as Native Americans Day.

It's Thanksgiving Day in Canada.
Doing Thanksgiving on Columbus Day. confused
Crazy Canucks roll eyes

I knew a Lakota guy in Minnesota.
Every Columbus Day he wore a T-shirt showing Indians looking at three Spanish ships and the caption, 'Native Americans Discover Columbus'.



yes, would have to have a long weekend toolaugh
It's a Federal Holiday, Crazy - No mail delivery on Federal Holidays.


yes, it's a shame. Columbus turned out to be a very bad guy, just wondering why USA does not complete scrap the holiday.

We have many celebrations that we are not really sure why we are celebrating, good to do some research from time to time and move away from traditions that do not make sense
Hi MIc,

So no deliveries...I was wondering why I'm having a quiet Monday here at work,

Thanksgiving Day in Canada ? What exactly are they being thankful for ? confused
Thanksgiving was celebrating being thankful for a good harvest.

Yes, they said it was to celebrate good harvest, makes one wonder who were doing the harvesting and all the hard work and who rightfully owned them. Natives were invited and they celebrated for 3 days, somehow that should had made them feel betterlaugh
That means that I didn't get any junk mail in my mailbox.
I'm sure different people had different stories, Crazy
As with everything.
"Thanksgiving Day in Canada ? What exactly are they being thankful for ? confused "
Beats hell outta me, Crazy dunno
I mean - Winter's coming on & they're in Canada, for Pete's sake sad
Poor devils snowed in


I think it's just the government post office mails, delivery trucks, shipping transportation companies are still delivering ...I think UPS and Fedex too . Anyway it's only a day delay, you'll get your mails tomorrowlaugh

yes, each to their own. I do like holidays myself, I work hard enough, would be great to have Monday off from time to time...I won't mind calling it "Thanksgiving" toolaugh

Canadian winter...that cold?

almost 2am here and I'm thankful that I could log off and go home in few minuteslaugh
Gee Thanks Crazy.rolling on the floor laughing
We'll have a public holiday at the end of October again. Last one before Christmas
To answer your question.......no, that's just silly.

Once again I would like to say it's just politics, but when the Liberal left is involved you know it's just good ole Good vs evil.

The other video played garbeled
Ms. Wheeler is absolutely correct about disease devastating indigenous populations.
Search - Guns, Germs And Steel.

I was in the Arctic aboard USCG icebreakers.
Especially in remote parts of Greenland, we were instructed to avoid contact with native populations.
Even incidental contact could endanger the existence of entire communities.

Europeans didn't HAVE biological weapons - they WERE biological weapons.
sad flower

Why don't Filipinos celebrate your own country????

Are you a native from the Philippines? rolling on the floor laughing

Learn a little bit of your own history before sucking d*ck.

Here's a simple question, are you a native Filipino??? angel
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you're not really as pretty as you think you are and your pathetic "wannabee" sexy look does nothing.

Grow up drinking

Don't forget to work overtime. Japanese look prettier, you're not that pretty sleep

No offence but you're not all "that", to be honest......you're a slapper trying to be someone your NOT roll eyes
Answer this simple question, are you indigenous to China, Indonesia, Thailand or the Philippines?


Sorry, but you sound like a pathetic wannabee beer

Just one last question, would you consider yourself an Asian, Polynesian or an over populated wannabee, pretending to be otherwise???? Because you're not actually indigenous to the Philippines are you???


I'd suggest praying to Mecca before sucking d*ck. You're hiddious comfort and you're a WANNABEE
Because they're fans of that old series called Columbo
"Because they're fans of that old series called Columbo"

That's neither here nor there. Matlock was the champ and just for good measure, Perry Mason wasn't bad either. But let's agree to dissagree, the Broncos suck big time cheering
Why do Filipinos travel to America, Australia, Canada, England, Ireland and New Zealand?

You're a strange one.......here's a solution, stay in your coveted land. I'm pretty sure that we'll survive. Sorry, but you talk shyte. If you don't like it then go back to your BS.

What's the population of Filipinos in your own land? How many millions? If you don't like it then go home............Reality is the best policy. You poor thing uh oh

Get real, and f*ck off sigh
Hey Yeahwave
Just stoppingby....peace
Why so harsh now?handshake confused wine
What you don't understand is that the discovery of the new world marks the end of history regarding Europe as the only habitable part of the earth. That's why they called it the new world.

The celebration commemorates man's achievement of the so called progress that brought humanity to where we are.

Had colonization didn't happen, there'd be no migration and for specific circumstance, all the natives of this country would still be savagely killing one another. More brutal than killing with guns.

Read pre American history and you'll be so amazed about how savage the natives were against kbe another.

Like the Filipino head hunters killing anyone that belonged to another tribe.

So Columbus day signifies the discovery of this country by the colonizers.
The slaughter of the North American natives was the greatest genocide to ever happen on this planet. European settlers were cruel, merciless, and unforgiving. In the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, its only in very recent years did a old law get taken off the books stating the indian scalps were worth $10 a piece.
And for it to be known, Columbus was not the first to discover North America. the vikings were in Newfoundland about 1000 years ago. The remains of the settlement is in a place called L'Anse aux Meadows at the northern tip of Newfoundland. The vikings called Newfoundland "Vinland" at the time.

Track you posted this:The slaughter of the North American natives was the greatest genocide to ever happen on this planet. European settlers were cruel, merciless, and unforgiving. In the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, its only in very recent years did a old law get taken off the books stating the indian scalps were worth $10 a piece.

I owe you and Mischief4 My gratitude for mentioning the Native Americans within some of your posts on this site.

Again Miigwech which means (Thank you in Ojibwe)
Bear. I am a advokate of learning what the TRUE history of European settlement and slaughter of natives. In my province, there is only a handful of natives left, over 99% was slaughtered over the years.

Europeans could have settled without the slaughter. As I understand, most natives where I'm to were friendly and respectful of the land and animals.

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