Why Does America Celebrate The Columbus Day ?

Didn't the psychopath murderer led the torture, rape and genocide of the natives and took everything from them ?

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Instinct, who are you talking to?
And what civilisation are you talking about?
Anyone who wants to believe that we are the only people who would of taken over "free land"
I have considered your question in the OP, Crazy.


After extensive research of newspapers & broadcast media prior to the Great Day, I'm confident I can answer your question...

So mattress companies can offer sales on mattresses.
Just like Presidents Day.

Really quite simple, once I thought 'bout it.

instinct....that's hardly an argument...does that mean I can come over and slap you because if I didn't...somebody else would?.....dunno

by the way it wasn't free land it was occupied.....wave
I think you're missing the point. , had a crew of any other settlement from another country were to hit shore, and notice they throwing rocks. That crew that was Able To sail the sea's, would prolly take it over , I mean.--You still see fight for domains in the UK and such, so a fight for land has Always been an issue.
Yea when i said free land, it is a tarnish , cause i mean. . compared to fighting the russians, or china.-- ..- it was free?
Ah, yes, the NOBLE savage. One of the many myths of the self loathing-white guilt-PC crowd. A bit rich coming from a Filipina----no brutal history of racist genocide ever there. But sorry, hate speech aimed at more successful groups, while an understandable dynamic, won't magically expunge any of our own conflicted emotions, much less change history. Which does show cruelty on the part of both explorers and first people's (also a term of questionable historical validity), and was consistent with mores and practices, however loathsome today, in the 14th and 15th centuries. This story of dominating cultures is very old and widespread. A little talk with the members of less dominant tribes often shows a different story. Frequent bloody conflicts, regular awarding to ruthless-violent Warriors the fruits of conquest---killing the men, and enslaving the women and young (usually) females. Much more to discuss here, but those who rant PC as in this video, often overlook their own privilege and part in the ongoing repression. I have to laugh whenever I hear these moon bats complain about fossil fuels, while themselves using any conveyance more mechanical than their feet or a bike. Lastly, the vast difference in technology between cultures certainly gave the explorers advantages. But such is the story of history. Our country is largely great due to many European immigrants, many of whom made their decisions to leave their lands of feudal practices, starvation and conscription based on myths such as that of (the Jew), Cristobal Columbus.

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