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RIP Montserrat Caballé, one of the great singers from my new country. She was 85

Don't imagine many opera buffs in CS but some may remember the opening ceremony of the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 - not live, as Freddie Mercury had died the year before. The video is "Barcelona" being performed in 1988. Piss off your neighbours, play it really loud.

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Hi Biff
You are bringing in the fresh ocean breeze to our beloved blogland. banana grin
My very own Freddie Mercury smitten

Biffffffffffff applause
Wow that was bravoapplause thanks I love opera and dream to watch live one day(wishful thinking)thumbs up thumbs up

RIP Montserratsad flower
She was an amazing singer alright.

"Don't imagine many opera buffs in CS" snooty Yeah, we are all Boyzone fans roll eyes

banana yep needs to be loud professor but try not to shake the plaster off your walls wow laugh
Didn't actually expect responses and I am under a kind of house arrest this morning laugh my road is being resurfaced and there are no pavements so I was told firmly there will be no dog-walking.

Pity my neighbours opposite who have 5 big dogs and walk them 3 to 4 times a day. At least I only have one - and a lot of newspaper spread around at the moment help


Molly, who on earth is Boyzone? I'm not a big opera fan myself, I have sat through a few in my time, but never with wildly-beating heart. Grew up with the stuff playing All The Time which was enough to put me off for life. Despite that, have a few pop-opera blends I do enjoy and may post

*Makes note* good point well made Z
I love operas! thumbs up

A great singer from my country just died at the age of 94 ...Charles Aznavoursigh sad flower

To kill me, just play opera and shout out a certain judges name.

However Biff, each to their own, you have the right to Opera and Molly to her boy bands, I shall stick with silence, I like silence.
And yes a chunk of plaster did jump ship. But during the night. Not while I was playing the video rolling on the floor laughing
Daniela nooooooooooooooooooooooooo I loved him sad flower

(block your ears)

Map, do you know what my first opera was? Le quattro stagioni

It is the most boring of all operas
It is the longest of all operas
You would have died. I am still not sure how I survived. Sheer bloody-mindedness, I suspect.

uh oh
Biff, there has been an opera festival running here for the last 67 years,
It is on in October, so when you start travelling again, you should put it on your to-do list
For Daniela and for me - Charles Aznavour and Yesterday

Wallowing, yes wallowing, in weltschmerz and nostalgia. Grab a stiff drink before watching this video.

Biffy, Le quattro stagioni sounds like 4 bowls of some Italian pasta, Opera people should speak in proper words like " High shrieking for 3 hours"...Then novices would know to either enjoy or run to the hills.
Thanks Molly and do Boyzone perform there? I have not listened to that link since you have a mischievous streak and I suspect I might regret it grin
Ysa, now there's a plan, go visit Molly and take her to the opera festival?
Mimi and Kal yay hug wine yes I am working backwards through comments

Those under house-arrest entertain themselves as best we can
I love The Four Seasons, I don't know an opera version though, just the music help

Biff, I have heard an ugly rumour that they were going to get back together again to further distress our ears sigh
Map not always high shrieking, there are rumbling voices as well

And of course the tenors.

What I do like is a 25 stone singer can put on a tiny mask and is instantly disguised so well none of the rest of the cast realize they are still there. It is absolutely lunatic stuff, opera. Important to have a little lunacy in life.

I will find the best clip of the 3 tenors but I know full well you won't trust me long enough to listen to it, which is a great shame sigh
Molly, how do they compare to those twins, wossnames, JedWard? Are we talking better? Worse? On a par?
The Three Tenors at play with O Sole Mio - yeah, the one where they tease and jostle each other like schoolboys.

Ah Biff, please don't make me compare laugh

Jedward are pretty terrible, but I like their personalities

I looooove the 3 tenors

Or just Pavarotti singing Nessum Dorma is just perfection
All opera singers are fat.

The sound must come from their guts.
Nessum Dorma - did you ever hear Harry Secombe (sp?) sing it? Away from the Goon Show he was actually a humdinger of a singer! There have been some incredible versions but yes I have a sneaking admiration for Pavarotti.

As I am a pleb, though, this remains my favourite performance of his. I tried to play it to Z but he ran away he and Map would have huddled in a corner as they tried to climb the wall to escape. But just listen to his bits of this joint performance - chills. Crank it up, loud enough to drown the roadworks.

Your neighbours will now officially hate you. Blame me.
Merc, they just look fat, they have gigantic chests. Well, not actually all of them, but the ones that are huge have fantastic built-in echo chambers applause
I can't see James Brown without thinking 'wife-beater' sigh

I do like duets between opera singers and non-opera singers though
Not to mention Brown has a very fashionable and modern view towards men and women in the song, but I did say it was the Pavarotti bits that are shake-you-to-your-boots incredible laugh
I do like the timbre of Andrea Bocceli's voice too.

I stupidly didn't get tickets when he played here a few years ago. It was a small outdoor venue on a glorious summer's evening sigh
This is the only "opera" I will bother with, they scream and shriek too ( One of my most favorite songs ever)

I could be totally wrong here but according to the tomato sauce, wasn't Beet root tone deaf or was that Motzararrilla?

Deaf, dumb and blind was like Alister Cotzee. (spelling)

As a New Zealander, Rassie is something new.....breath of fresh air, "you vill be making our vays"lol

Molly, I had the chance to see Queen at Sun City way back when and didn't take it. Kicking yourself much?
Biff, I did travel from Cape Town to Sun city to see Queen, It was fabulous, I didn't see it all as I fell asleep after driving non stop.
Map, I didn't know that one, did like Deep Purple and opera only existed because singers didn't have pop music you know. The voices are the voices.

Please could you translate what Yeah-nah just said so I can reply? One does want to be polite blushing
I learn something new every day Elegsabiff applause

thumbs up
We have all missed things we shouldn't have missed mumbling

Live and learn though. I buy tickets early now laugh
Map, bet you had some odd dreams while you slept laugh
Merc, it's all in the chest laugh

Now must go teach, later gators
For anybody who has seen the Bruce Willis film, The Fifth Element, here is the opera singer on it. Totally amazing voice

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