We Have An Ogre In Our Midst

He's bald, fat, big tummy, hairy, with big ears full of shites not wax, disgustingly rotten from the inside to the outside, has 12" toadstool but unlike Shrek who is likable and likes to keep his own space, our ogre here is very intrusive, disruptive, malicious who will stalk everyone he fancies. He desperately needs a Fiona...help! .laugh

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I'll stop . . . . moping mumbling

uh oh
Those bloody Filipinos, If I've told them once I'll tell them again......bloody cheek professor
Hey track,

you're not green, are you?grin
BTW, are you indigenous to the Philippines angel

have you seen our ogre ? have the fitchfork readylaugh

good to see you here, how are you doing in your part of the swamp there?

I'm a mixed race, we don't have that many native Filipinos nowadays, most are living in very remote areas where they can have their privacy and continue living their way of life away from modern life. You obviously hate us Filipino, I wonder why ? and you seem to be so full of hate, why is that?
I only ask because you don't look indigenous, you look sort of like an overstayer . Are you a native American, Papua New Guinean, Samoan or Irish rolling on the floor laughing

It's hard to tell, you all look the same comfort

N no no no, I absolutely love indigenous native filipinos.

DO YOU FEEL DUMB NOW cheering doh
I haven't been green since a mushroom trip gone bad when I was 16 smile

hug bouquet teddybear

you're right...but we can also say the same for the white people and same goes for black people. If I see groups of white people would be a little difficult for me to recognize who is American, who is Australian, who's Kiwi and so on...dunno

do I really look that hideous ? maybe time for a makeoverrolling on the floor laughing

who is Aries ?
it has been quite some time since the previous sighting. i think their population is dwindling
aWWWWW, my poor precious thing, perhaps you should read your last blog concerning hate. Try not to hate yourself so much, just be honest with yourself comfort

Awwwwww dunno

No, I rarely feel dumb...would take more than bad blog comments to ruffle my feathers...but you're hilariousbeer

How was the last sighting ?laugh Does he really have a 12 inches toadstool?laugh
EVERYONE 'Shhhhhhh'...... Crazyheart is about to tell us where she's indigenous to.

Shhhhhhhh boys and girls, over to you 'wannabee' cheering

Awwwww, you poor we thing crying
CH, generally speaking, in recent times, the comments have been very tame. you have been selected to be entertained rolling on the floor laughing

Keep doing that...I'm starting to love you kiss

I'm really honoredlaugh I was just reading some of his comments to others, Jeezus! where has he hiding all these times?doh
Ading, I think poooof he is gone. hug
What amazed me is to read her friend bloggers did not bother interacting decently with the prick.
I've been gone a few days and you start talking about pricks

This is a flirtation blog, nu?
54xmax: "Let's see if we are a match"(meet us in the quizzes)

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